Saturday, May 19, 2018

Finally....A Global SDWAN Solution That Really Makes Business Sense

To see what Aryaka can do for your global network management needs, as well as other options for SDWAN based solutions, simply ask at the link below.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Aryaka is a global SD-WAN provider that replaces MPLS and can connect global locations with speed and agility. Aryaka provides network connectivity (MPLS displacement) + WAN Op + SD-WAN technology/functionality under a single, integrated and managed solution. Aryaka can deploy a customer or new site in a matter of days, versus months. 


Unlike other SD-WAN solutions that only provide regional connectivity, Aryaka’s solution is the only platform that not just solves the issue of global connectivity, but also delivers a holistic solution to an organization’s core network. Aryaka’s key differentiator is its global private network that includes 26 Points of Presence within 98% of the world’s enterprise locations with built in SD-WAN and WANOp.

  • Aryaka replaces MPLS and piece-meal networks
  • Aryaka provides the entire middle mile, connecting via the Internet to the customer location at the first and last mile only
  • Aryaka uses proprietary, highly improved TCP proxies to provide customers with MAXIMUM performance.
  • Better/consistent throughput, especially for bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Aryaka can deploy any site in a few days around the world 
  • Aryaka can help with fewer router hops, router convergences, less loss, FLAT latencies and a much more stable service
  • Built-in cloud and SaaS connectivity to every application and cloud platform


Replace MPLS fully or partially, starting from sites suffering from high network complexity and costs.


Deploy Aryaka at all global locations, instead of MPLS, especially sites suffering from application performance issues.


Use Aryaka in place of your MPLS backup link in case of multi-provider link redundancy at branch offices.
Use Aryaka in place of your
MPLS backup link in case of
multi-provider link redundancy
at branch offices.

Aryaka Global PoP map

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