Saturday, April 07, 2018

How Do You Know What The RIGHT Business Internet Solution Is....FOR YOU

It goes without saying that businesses today, small and large, need to have a reliable and rock-solid Internet connection to enable them to do business effectively. Choosing the wrong business Internet service provider will do your business more harm than good, and can cost you customers that you can never get back. Even a small business today cannnot afford to try to make DSL or cable suffice; while the price may be attractive, the service from DSL or cable is more often than not exactly what you pay for — cheap, and is that the message that you want to get across to your customers? Your customers are going to think that if you cheap-out on your business Internet service, that you will also cheap-out on the quality of the products and services that you are offering. You need to understand that with DSL and cable, the only way they can achieve the price points they quote is because those circuits are designed to be over-subscribed to the hilt, and if your DSL or cable is not over-subscribed today, you can bet that your provider is trying to over-subscribe it, because they offer NO guarantees for DSL or cable servivce. A smaller business can usually get by with the reliability offered by T1 or bonded T1, but if Ethernet services are offered in your area, it is definitely something that you should look at closely and consider, as it can be an extremely cost effective solution.

Keep in mind that the Ethernet services being offered here are Carrier Ethernet offerings. The term “ethernet” is tossed about by DSL and cable providers but that is not true Ethernet. The services offered here are Carrier Ethernet offerings, meaning that the service is a dedicated service offered by the actual carrier, not a shared service being resold on someone else’s network.

When it comes time to choose and make the tough choices for your business, there will undoubtedly be lots of different options available. This is especially true when talking about telecommunications, where the market is full of things that look good on the surface. You could go with T1, Ethernet, DSL, cable, or something else. With all of these things staring your business in the face, you have to consider the costs and the weigh the benefits of each choice. This choice is one that shouldn’t really be a contest, though. Business Ethernet offers many advantages over the other choices out on the market.


SD-WAN is one of the newest technologies to come out and the efficiency and cost efectiveness of it is becoming clear to companies worldwide. SD-WAN is a revolutionary process for improving operational efficiency when accessing mission critical applications that need to always be available.  SD-WAN connects the end-users at a site to cloud services and/or colo centers and data centers by employing the use of inexpensive broadband links. This reduces costs for redundancy, failover, and load balancing and still allows a great deal of flexibility in deployment.


Providing international circuits used to be a cost and pricing nightmare but with the latest technology, we are changing that.  We can now provide various types of international circuits virtually anywhere in the world. That can include international Ethernet, or for those foreign offices where you need to share data frequently, international MPLS may be the key for you.  And combining SD-WAN with your international circuits can provide even greater cost effective productivity in a robust and flexible telecom solution.

Contact us today and talk with one of our telecom experts to find out the real cost of Business Ethernet services or other dedicated high speed Internet offerings for your business, and how that can improve your bottom line.

To learn more about what the best options are to meet your network needs....simply ask us at the link below. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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