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Unified Enterprise Security...The Comprehensive Approach To Threat Protection For Your Network

For almost two decades, Masergy has been pushing the edges of technology. Masergy’s Managed Security solutions offer comprehensive managed detection and response services on a global scale, tailored to meet every budget. Their Managed Security solutions include:  
  • Unified Enterprise Security – Their security ecosystem includes advanced analytics and patented machine learning techniques that recognize sophisticated attacks.  
  • Security Operations – Masergy's staff of certified security experts provide 24/7 network monitoring. They employ well-defined processes customized to work with your incident response requirements.  
  • Professional Services – Work with a trusted partner to assess risks and ensure compliance with comprehensive security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.  
You might be wondering why some of the most well-resourced organizations get continually breached. The truth is that it isn't because the technologies they have don't work, it is often because the IT staff is overwhelmed with too many alarms, logs and disconnected solutions not working together. This translates into something going unnoticed or missed. At the end of the day even if you have every possible security solution in place it only takes one unpatched vulnerability, one misconfiguration or one user mistake for an attacker to get in. All the market analysts agree that the best technology available today to detect a compromise is MDR (Managed Detection and Response solution). So how does MDR work? Every single compromise that ever occurs goes through every piece of the "kill chain." Below you can view a representation of this kill chain:  
 The most important thing for you to remember is Dwell Time, which is the duration an attacker maintains a presence inside the environment before being detected. This is where security professionals have the most control and where and MDR solution provides the most value in reducing the Dwell Time. Being able to reduce Dwell Time from months to days, to even hours is the most important thing in any security solution. 
Masergy's managed security solution which is an MDR takes a comprehensive approach to manage detection. It's an optimized combination of technology, process, and expert analyst all working together. Masergy's MDR includes:  
  • Detection & Response Ecosystem – Rigorous coverage.  
  • Analytics & Risk Prioritization – High-quality alerts.  
  • Cohesive Security Team – Better, faster response.  
  • Security Incident Resolution – Superior security outcomes.  
Uncovering MDR Opportunities....  
Astute enterprises serious about network security should want to know if they are a candidate for MDR opportunities. There are a few probing questions you can ask your company leadership to identify MDR opportunities a little bit easier:  
  • Who do you currently use for your 24/7 security monitoring? 
  • How satisfied are you with your current security provider?  
  • How did your current security process perform through any cyber incidents your organization has experienced recently? 
  • What security solutions do you have deployed today? 
  • What is your remediation plan when a threat is found? 
  • What is your budget for managed security services? 
So, once you have uncovered that you are a good candidate for an MDR opportunity how do you know if you are a good fit for Masergy's MDR? You are a good candidate if your current situation includes....
  • Existing managed firewall. 
  • Existing contracts with Secureworks, AlertLogic, or any managed security provider.  
  • Regional banks, financial institutions, and legal firms.  
  • Overburdened IT staff. 
  • Existing security solutions (i.e., SIEM) not monitored 24/7. 
  • Need 24/7 security monitoring & considering in-house SOC. 
  • Need to fulfill compliance such as PCI, HIPPA, GDPR, etc.  
There are a lot of benefits to adopting Masergy MDR. For your enterprise it combines technology and people. Masergy can solve the compliance issue for you whether it's PCI or HIPPA. Another major benefit to adopting Masergy MDR is that they often complement existing deployments. There are also corporate cultural benefits for you and your IT staff when you adopt Masergy MDR. If you are not used to having the security conversation with company leadership, this can get you in the door a lot of the times. Also, Masergy has a quick implementation time (two to four-weeks), and they can fit in just about any type of organization. Want to get started with Masergy MDR? Here are the next steps:  
Your Next Steps:  
  • Discover and qualify your enterprise as a candidate for MDR. 
  • Request information on a Masergy MDR solution at the following link....
Masergy's Next Steps:  
  • Initiate a discovery call and open discussion of your needs. 
  • Design a customized security solution for you.  
  • Generate price estimate. 
  • Work with you to implement the customized solution.  
The customized MDR solution from Masergy provides your organization with advanced threat-management capabilities that will help you detect and defend against the growing incidence of cyber attacks. just made the best choice for your enterprise security environment.

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