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How Your Contact Center Can Gain Competitive Advantage With Nice InContact

NICE inContact is the world's number one cloud customer experience platform. Through a powerful combination of their technology, people, and partner they help organizations transform their customer experience into a business-driving competitive advantage. They make it easy for contact centers to win every customer interaction, deliver great customer experiences, and achieve their business goals all from the flexibility and reliability of the cloud. NICE inContact is recognized as a market leader by Gartner, IDC, Frost, Ovum, and DMG. They support over six billion interactions per year for enterprise, midmarket, government organizations and business process outsourcers (BPOs) who operate multiple divisions, locations and global regions.
There are two core componentan agent needs to communicate with the consumer. One of the components is Contact Center Infrastructure which is the means to route inbound and outbound calls from consumers. The second component is Customer Relationship Management. Once an agent gets a call, they have to know who the customer is, so they use their CRM system to track the account data. Nice inContact's platform focuses on the contact center infrastructure. Below you can see a high-level view of the inContact Customer Interaction cloud.  


Nice inContact owns every component of the Customer Interaction Cloud, which gives you the most complete contact center solutions. Because they own it all, these components work together seamlessly to help you win on every front. They have put your goals at the center of their solution. Starting on the left and moving around the graphic clockwise you have Omnichannel Routing, Voice as a Service, and Workforce Optimization. With Analytics you get data-driven tracking and visibility to drive performance, and efficiency. Finally, it's all built on their global Open Cloud Platform with guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime.  


Omnichannel Routing is a contact routing and interaction management suite that empowers your agents to positively and productively interact with customers in any channel. Gain business flexibility by quickly deploying agents anytime, anywhere, for maximum operational flexibility, and by implementing routing and interactive voice response changes in hours. Seamlessly connect customers to the right agent across any channel. 

Workforce Optimization unlocks the potential of your team by inspiring employees' self-improvement, amplifying quality management efforts to enhance the customer experience, and reducing labor waste. Their patented technology provides the industry's most accurate forecasts, helps foster employee ownership & accountability, and is fully integrated with NICE inContact CXone. 

Analytics turns insights into results by making data relevant, easy to consume, and actionable to drive measurable improvements and understand the omnichannel experience customers receive. Create a data-driven culture that fosters better decision making at all levels to achieve employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and other strategic business goals. 
All of this technology puts you into what NICE inContact calls the CXone platform. CXone, the world’s number one cloud customer experience platform, helps organizations be first in their industry by powering exceptional experiences for customers and employees. CXone is the first and only platform unifying best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all built on an Open Cloud Foundation. Only CXone delivers one unified experience. 

Are You A Good Candidate For A CONTACT CENTER IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITY With nice incontact?


It's important to know what a good candidate for a contact center improvement opportunity is. The great thing about being in the customer experience industry is that there are many verticals. You'll usually find a mid-sized call center in verticals like retail, utilities, technology, financial, hospitality, healthcare, BPO, insurance, etc. When it comes to pricing, NICE inContact does have a $2,000 minimum MCR, but they can have some flexibility with that number especially if a company is planning to increase their call center staff during peak season. A thirty-seat contact center will easily hit the minimum. Average seat cost is anywhere between $100-$150 or more. This varies based on the products a potential client may need. In other words it will always be customized to fit your specific requirement....both price and performance. So how does NICE inContact perform? 
  • Average Deal Size - 12k to 15k per month (this is continuing to grow)  
  • Average Turn up Time -  60-90 days  
  • Customer Retention Rate – 95% 

For free assistance designing a custom contact center technology solution from NICE inContact, or from a host of other contact center technology providers, simply ask at the following link.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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