Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Your IoT Applications Need The Right Managed Connectivity Solution

When companies partner with Sierra Wireless, they’re able to move past the confusion and complexity of deploying IoT applications and effectively tap into new revenue streams, new services and new business models, enabling more choices for customers and additional value for businesses.

Bring your innovations to market faster and at a lower cost. Sierra Wireless provides a fully integrated solution comprised of embedded solutions, gateway solutions and cloud and connectivity services that empowers organizations.


Sierra Wireless offers the broadest array of services to connect to the mobile network, manage devices and power IoT services. Their AirVantage® IoT platform combined with their unique ability to provide an end-to-end IoT platform that integrates with our eUICC-based Smart SIM and connectivity service provide all of the IoT infrastructure to create, deploy and manage IoT solutions. 

Their eUICC solution is one of the first to market that conforms to the latest GSMA specification, ensuring global interoperability across hardware vendors, SIM vendors and operators. eUICC is a game-changer for cellular IoT connectivity, because it allows customers to select and change service provider profiles over the air based on the criteria or business rules of their choosing—without physically accessing the SIM card.

Your connectivity deserves:

  • The most ubiquitous wireless coverage throughout North America
  • Managed connectivity for mission critical applications on a temporary, permanent or backup basis
  • High speed connectivity for locations beyond the reach of cable, DSL and other wires
Solutions To Accelerate, Streamline, And Manage Your IoT Services

                    AirVantage IoT Platform

AirVantage is a cloud-based IoT platform that uniquely provides all of the services you need to create, deploy and manage wireless IoT solutions. It provides all of the building blocks including wireless connectivity management, wireless device management and application enablement services for you to connect your machines to the mobile network, and to build innovative solutions.

Smart SIMs And Connectivity

IoT deployments are fundamentally different than roaming smartphones, so why continue to use SIMs and connectivity services that leave your service disconnected with expensive resolution costs?

Learn how the multi-operator Sierra Wireless Smart SIM and Connectivity Service can deliver a superior connectivity service for your IoT application.

Managed Connectivity Solutions

Enterprises requiring mission critical connectivity choose our fully managed connectivity solution to keep their businesses connected and IoT devices online 24/7.

Our managed connectivity solution bundles the best hardware, multi-operator connectivity and a 99.9% uptime and performance SLA guarantee into a single monthly service. Standardized deployments, continuous monitoring, and 24/7 live support enable distributed enterprises to focus on their customer experience not their IoT infrastructure.


AirVantage protects your data from the connected devices to the cloud. 

 Secure device-to-cloud communication

AirVantage is the first commercial IoT platform to have implemented the Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) protocol. This standard protocol offers a secure solution by allowing the encryption of data end-to-end between the device in the field and and the application hosted in the network. 
The IoT platform also secures data in transit with additional measures including mutual authentication, secure download and device-initiated communication to prevent unauthorized control or access from an external source. For applications with sensitive data, users can add an optional VPN tunnel to extend their private operator network security to AirVantage.
 Security in the Cloud
To protect data at rest, Sierra Wireless has assigned a dedicated team to continuously monitor our data storage operation. Our storage infrastructure is highly available in each region, and is constantly upgraded to guarantee optimum security. 

 Secure cloud-to-enterprise communication

To protect data in transit on the server side, AirVantage applies HTTPS secure browser access only. All software attempting to access data in AirVantage will have to be authenticated using the secure OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol, using one of the 3 authentication flows proposed. Account administrator can review and revoke the API clients any time on the AirVantage operations console, and keep the account access control up-to-date.
To tighten the user access control, account administrators can enable the security options any time including the 2-factor authentication with a one-time SMS password and IP address filtering.

To learn more about all the options available to you for managing your IoT deployment, applications, and network from Sierra Wireless...simply ask us at the following link.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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