Tuesday, July 10, 2018

5 Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

One of the most misunderstood terms in technology is artificial intelligence. There have been several arguments of how this could result into a very disturbing concept for the human race. However, without knowing, the cognitive system is already in use and even appreciated by all who fear its effect. Some argue that it will cause several distortion especially unemployment. However, artificial intelligence are managed, maintained and even coded by humans. This is an employment means, instead of unemployment.

What this simply means is that artificial intelligence can help to improve human life and reduce stress. Here are the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Insight in Marketing and Business

Data is probably the most important raw material for the transformation of an economy to a digital economy. However, this raw data are hovering in the air untapped, unprocessed, and useless. It can be deployed for data mining, and processing of big data in a few minutes to provide information on business insights.

Fraud Detection

One of the movies that displayed to a high extent what Artificial Intelligence can really do is the 2012 BattleShip. Artificial intelligence can be deployed in the detection of fraud by data analysis of several fraudulent behaviors. The system can trace out links and possible direction, which a fraud is most likely to take through the application of artificial intelligence, which involves Data analysis of previous record deployed in a cognitive system to track, trace, and even be totally be aware of possible fraudulent action before they occur.

Speedy Input and Management of New Information

Over the years, companies are constantly seeking ways to manage date, speedily input them and also recover them when needed. This has go through different series of improvement from introduction of filing to several other storage methods. However, data can be imputed at a faster rate and also be fast in recovery, and arranging every single file accordingly without time wastage by the use of artificial intelligence.

Big Data Analysis

For every company, organization and even the government, decision-making is a very vital role to play. A single error could cost a lot or possible bring the organization to a ruin. There are possible millions of data that need to be analyzed to make sure that every single aspect have been viewed before decisions are taken. Big data analysis helps to extract, analyze and compress raw information to assist in decision-making.

Automated Systems

Since the evolution of the industrial sector, the improvement of technology has always recognized and work along side automated systems to improve works. Introductions of artificial intelligence in hotel bookings, tractors and factory machine are all speedily becoming automated with a lot of advantages as to minimizing waste, decreasing errors and improving production.

As business, begin to plan their improvement and growth; it has become paramount to introduce different measure that will assist in achieving this goal. Artificial intelligence has come to play that very pressing role that can transform the face of a business, a government and even an entire economy from just a regular way of getting things done to a more sophisticated means.

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Friday, July 06, 2018


Billions of new devices are coming online as the internet of things (IoT), and machine-to-machine (M2M) ecosystems continue to grow. No longer will the sole end points for the internet be human users, but rather more so they will be devices. Those end points will be in the billions to tens of billions -- far and away dwarfing the human users as end points for the internet.
How should you tap into the ever-expanding opportunity with IoT for your organization...and ensure you will be successful? One thing these technologies have in common is their need for connectivity.
And all of this is enabled by better-than-ever mobile broadband connections. In order for these to all function in a manner that can reliably support and not hinder the IoT, business and cities alike will have to enlist not one, but all types of connections to the internet from public broadband to private circuits. In fact, it will have to mix all of these to create a robust virtual network for the IoT's billions of end points. Your organization has a key opportunity amidst all of these changes, to become the leader and expert example of how to incorporate both wireline needs and mobility into your IoT ecosystem.
While all of the opportunities to get involved in the applications of IoT are growing, one key emerging arena is the fact that IoT is most successfully implemented when SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is the backbone for connectivity.
IoT devices need management and cybersecurity protection; SD-WAN allows companies to consolidate everything from network encryption to policy-based controls from all of an enterprise’s remote offices into one secure network and management console, over the internet. This greatly reduces operational management.
SD-WAN also allows for multiple access methods spanning wired and wireless networks—regardless of the connection, users can manage their SD-WAN in a centralized way. Some IoT devices must be wirelessly connected; in other cases, companies are looking for diversification.
The industry standard for 4G wireless downlink connections is better than ever, and 50Gbps is not unheard of. That means that 4G links are an ideal backup, disaster recovery or failover solution, and they offer true geographical diversity.


IoT has been enabled by the simplification of hardware. The open hardware movement has close parallels to the growth of cloud software in making formerly complex technologies and processes available for massive deployments.
Simplifying WAN technology is as important as the IoT sensors themselves in bringing a mass market for IoT services. Extending this sort of simplicity into the network, as other technologies before it, is critical for enabling the IoT with reliable and inexpensive connections.
Virtualization should ease the task of setting up massive IoT networks relatively simply. It would enable IoT sensors to connect to overlay entry points collocated with IoT gateways, which would also ease insertion of any new services without physical network reconfigurations.
You need all the elements of the IoT to function reliably to realize the true promise of IoT: sensors, gateways, cloud intelligence, and also the virtual network overlay that connects them. Connectivity is a key player here where IT leadership can be the game-changer for their organizations.
For free assistance in designing the right SDWAN connectivity network for your IoT ecosystem....simply ask at the below link. It's as easy as 1,2, 3.


Monday, July 02, 2018

Cloud Solution Provider Checklist For Choosing The Right Partner

If you're ready to start adopting one or more cloud services, you need to feel confident that the vendor you've entrusted with your business-critical applications and data will keep them safe and provide proper support. That isn't necessarily easy, though. According to a recent report by IDG2, one in three IT leaders found that the provider ultimately failed to meet expectations for support.

In this post, we will guide you through the factors that should drive your decision-making and explore some of the difficulties you might experience along the way.

Definitely, it is important to have data on the cloud which gives immense scalability and simplicity and manageability of business. And to do this you will need a very strong consultant who can be a part of your business. Unfortunately, choosing an optimal partner for that service has become a tough decision to make.

The cloud provider may have all the technological prowess that ticks all your boxes but may fall short on their business health and profile. To ensure future operations run smoothly, an increased focus should be put on the public reputation of the company, their staff adequacy, and their financial standing.

The provider should have a track record of stability and be in a healthy financial position with sufficient capital to operate successfully over the long term.

The provider should have a formal management structure, established risk management policies and a formal process for assessing third-party service providers and vendors. Check the provider's reputation and see who its partners are. Find out its level of cloud experience. Read reviews and talk to customers whose situation is similar to yours. Business knowledge and technical know-how. The provider should understand your business and what you are looking to do and be able to match it up with their technical expertise. The provider should be able to validate compliance with all of your requirements through a third-party audit.

Make sure the provider has documented and formal processes for requesting, logging, approving, testing and accepting changes. Even if you don't plan to use a hybrid cloud initially, you should make sure the provider can support this model. It has advantages that you may wish to exploit at a later time.

They should have plans and processes in place documenting how they plan to communicate with customers during times of disruption including timeliness, prioritization and severity level assessment of issues.

The right partner can help you take advantage of economies of scale, deliver a robust, dispersed platform that's reliable and innovative, and offer options so you can pick the package that works for your specific business needs. Above all, safeguard your flexibility going forward so you can adopt emerging technologies, innovate, and differentiate your business.

Future is business on cloud and those who have taken decision timely enjoying advancement and encashment of their decision. But when the entire business is on the cloud then it comes with threat on data security. Migrating data to the cloud is not only enough but managing and making it secure is very important. Right cloud partner can help and take your all the burden. You first have to have enough time understand your business and need of cloud. Many times it has been seen that organization do not provide their time in an investigation which harms their business only in future.

The partner you choose will manage one of your greatest assets- your data. Take the time to investigate a prospective cloud consultant thoroughly. Though the selection of a vendor is tedious, I hope this post may help.

For a comparison of available cloud providers, including free assistance to design a custom cloud computing network that meets your specific application requirements, simply ask at the below link.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Cloud Computing Solutions

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Overview of FCC National Broadband Map

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Understanding Broadband Technology

This class teaches students about the various types of broadband technologies available to connect homes and businesses to the Internet. We discuss the pros and cons of the different options so that students can make an informed decision about purchasing their Internet service. 

Topics Covered......

Basic Broadband Concepts 
Carrier Grade Ethernet 
Point to Point Wireless 

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Funny Look At The Unintended Consequences Of Technology

Technology should work for us, but what happens when it doesn't? Comedian Chuck Nice explores the unintended consequences of technological advancement and human interaction -- with hilarious results.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What Our Digital World Will Look Like In 2020

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Smart Move....How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Contact Center Operations

Alexa, Google Home, and other rapidly advancing digital assistants have increased customers’ willingness to engage with machines as they have come to not only expect, but appreciate their conversational nature. This attitude shift is transforming how traditional call centers should be doing business – using conversational AI bots to deliver positive user experiences and operational savings.  Identifying where and how to implement Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest challenges companies face when considering self-service.  Read on to see how SmartAction has solved this issue, and many more, to enable true integration of AI into call center operations.

SmartAction was founded as an artificial intelligence research company and has since evolved into the leading provider of AI-powered customer self-service solutions. Their cloud-based platform is built for enterprises to satisfy growing expectations for self-service. They focus on building an environment where intelligent virtual agents are handling complex customer requests in multiple mediums such as voice, SMS text, chat, social media, and mobile. This leaves call center agents with time to focus on more meaningful, human-only conversations. SmartAction is currently working with over 85 clients today in the contact center space, they are taking conversational AI and helping those organizations create an easier and effortless customer experience. SmartAction typically comes in on the complex side of the conversations that most live agents are dealing with today. These are high-volume but low value-added conversations that most contact centers want to automate.  
So, what is IVA capable of handling 
  • Phone conversations  
  • Web Chat 
  • Skype 
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Text Message  
SmartAction lowers the customer effort in many contact centers which give customers a better customer experience. They can deploy in a matter of four to six weeks so that your clients can realize ROI quickly. Most clients see immediate ROI with 60 percent savings over live agents, the ability to handle call surges without extra staffing, and 45 percent faster handle times on calls. It is a one-build, omnichannel engine which is done at a fraction of the cost saving you about 80-90 percent. There are a few ways to tell if your customer is a good fit for SmartActtion 
  • If they are talking about customer self-service (Any channel: Voice, SMS Text, Web Chat, Social Media)  
  • Advanced IVR/ASR needs (100% Natural Language) 
  • Omnichannel Artificial Intelligence (AI)  
  •  If they want a Virtual Agent 
  • CC call deflection  
  • Intelligent Front Door Routing & Authentication  
  • Are their agents taking high volume, repetitive calls that do not add revenue or value to the customer? 
  • Are they wanting to support customers 24/7?  

For free assistance designing a custom contact center technology solution from SmartAction, or from other contact center technology providers, simply ask at the following link.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Contact Center Solutions

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Your Contact Center Can Gain Competitive Advantage With Nice InContact

NICE inContact is the world's number one cloud customer experience platform. Through a powerful combination of their technology, people, and partner they help organizations transform their customer experience into a business-driving competitive advantage. They make it easy for contact centers to win every customer interaction, deliver great customer experiences, and achieve their business goals all from the flexibility and reliability of the cloud. NICE inContact is recognized as a market leader by Gartner, IDC, Frost, Ovum, and DMG. They support over six billion interactions per year for enterprise, midmarket, government organizations and business process outsourcers (BPOs) who operate multiple divisions, locations and global regions.
There are two core componentan agent needs to communicate with the consumer. One of the components is Contact Center Infrastructure which is the means to route inbound and outbound calls from consumers. The second component is Customer Relationship Management. Once an agent gets a call, they have to know who the customer is, so they use their CRM system to track the account data. Nice inContact's platform focuses on the contact center infrastructure. Below you can see a high-level view of the inContact Customer Interaction cloud.  


Nice inContact owns every component of the Customer Interaction Cloud, which gives you the most complete contact center solutions. Because they own it all, these components work together seamlessly to help you win on every front. They have put your goals at the center of their solution. Starting on the left and moving around the graphic clockwise you have Omnichannel Routing, Voice as a Service, and Workforce Optimization. With Analytics you get data-driven tracking and visibility to drive performance, and efficiency. Finally, it's all built on their global Open Cloud Platform with guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime.  


Omnichannel Routing is a contact routing and interaction management suite that empowers your agents to positively and productively interact with customers in any channel. Gain business flexibility by quickly deploying agents anytime, anywhere, for maximum operational flexibility, and by implementing routing and interactive voice response changes in hours. Seamlessly connect customers to the right agent across any channel. 

Workforce Optimization unlocks the potential of your team by inspiring employees' self-improvement, amplifying quality management efforts to enhance the customer experience, and reducing labor waste. Their patented technology provides the industry's most accurate forecasts, helps foster employee ownership & accountability, and is fully integrated with NICE inContact CXone. 

Analytics turns insights into results by making data relevant, easy to consume, and actionable to drive measurable improvements and understand the omnichannel experience customers receive. Create a data-driven culture that fosters better decision making at all levels to achieve employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and other strategic business goals. 
All of this technology puts you into what NICE inContact calls the CXone platform. CXone, the world’s number one cloud customer experience platform, helps organizations be first in their industry by powering exceptional experiences for customers and employees. CXone is the first and only platform unifying best-in-class Omnichannel Routing, Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, all built on an Open Cloud Foundation. Only CXone delivers one unified experience. 

Are You A Good Candidate For A CONTACT CENTER IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITY With nice incontact?


It's important to know what a good candidate for a contact center improvement opportunity is. The great thing about being in the customer experience industry is that there are many verticals. You'll usually find a mid-sized call center in verticals like retail, utilities, technology, financial, hospitality, healthcare, BPO, insurance, etc. When it comes to pricing, NICE inContact does have a $2,000 minimum MCR, but they can have some flexibility with that number especially if a company is planning to increase their call center staff during peak season. A thirty-seat contact center will easily hit the minimum. Average seat cost is anywhere between $100-$150 or more. This varies based on the products a potential client may need. In other words it will always be customized to fit your specific requirement....both price and performance. So how does NICE inContact perform? 
  • Average Deal Size - 12k to 15k per month (this is continuing to grow)  
  • Average Turn up Time -  60-90 days  
  • Customer Retention Rate – 95% 

For free assistance designing a custom contact center technology solution from NICE inContact, or from a host of other contact center technology providers, simply ask at the following link.  It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Contact Center Solutions

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