Friday, November 16, 2018

How On-Demand Apps Are Making Their Mark In The Mobile-First Era

The on-demand economy is one of the emerging and most money-making business concepts while outperforming all sorts of conventional business models. With the help of on-demand apps, entrepreneurs can drive customers to make use of advanced mobile technology and attain greater convenience to perform their regular yet crucial tasks.
Gone are the days, when apps were just for playing games, chatting or communication. At present, it serves as an efficient medium for growing your business as well as performing both professional and personal tasks quickly and efficiently.
The Story Behind the Upsurge of On-demand Apps
Think about a situation where you need to book a cab late at night to reach the airport? What if you are feeling quite low at home and craving for your favorite chocolate ice cream? These are the situations, where on-demand apps are the fastest to offer you the best service. These services greatly help people, especially urbanites to make their routine tasks simpler, thereby avoiding all sorts of mobility issues of densely populated locations.
Latest trends for Personalized Services
While dwelling in a densely populated place, there are many rules of traffic and parking issues. Thus, you might need to cancel out your shopping plans, especially after going through a tedious day in the office. Some of the situations that call the need of these services are:

  • From home cleaning to home decoration.

  • From food delivery to babysitting.

  • From skin care and makeup to furniture and fixtures.

  • From transportation to medical services and much more.

  • Crucial factors to know for Succeeding in the On-demand App Market
    Some of the most crucial factors that decide the future of these kinds of services are:

    • Easy and quick payment mode: Hassle-free payment mode will help in enhancing the customer experience while purchasing products and services.

    • Convenience: People prefer to avail those services which, are convenient and help them to place the order quickly.

    • Time Punctuality: Service availability within the predefined time duration.

    • Cost-efficiency: The products and services must meet budgetary needs of the common people.

    • Awareness of service: Your on-demand app must reach a wider spectrum of audience which, would increase downloads and usage.

    • Product or Service Quality: Faster and Quality-oriented services gain greater trust of people and customer connect.

    Wrapping Up
    The consumer behavior is rapidly changing and it has become important for entrepreneurs to make their service mobile-driven and more accessible to customers. Thus, these services are now the new tool for seamless business growth. They offer great opportunities to companies for personalizing customer experiences and avail the desired services easily. Furthermore, they can serve basic demands of people and this, in turn, helped them to succeed in this mobile-first world.

    Rob Stephen is an experienced professional working with Vision & Solutions, specialized on app development in Australia who has great experience in building intuitive mobile apps.

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    Monday, November 12, 2018

    Don't Leave Your App Half-Baked - Add Local Flavours

    App stores like Apple's iStore are giving developers and app-makers an unprecedented scope to catapult their apps into larger markets and newer user-bases. But irrespective of how strong, novel, well-made and smooth an app is, it is bound to suffer dead-ends if it does not encompass some basics of app localization.

    Localization, in short, is simply an attention to details that makes an app usable for a specific language, segment or culture.

    Without this fundamental plank in place, even a robust and radical app can fall on deaf ears and will pass unnoticed when it approaches a user in a particular country or dialect. For localization to be configured, an app also has to be organically amenable for internationalization. That means the developers should, from the onset, make the app adaptable to differences in formats, user-specifications and other details that will change from language to language and from country to country.

    Adequate internationalization, in itself, takes care of effective app localization to a large extent.
    Here are some suggestions that can come in handy for aspiring developers and iOS players in ensuring that the app doesn't fizzle out at the very moment of truth.

    Do not wait for the app to be completely done before you insert iOS localization. It should be done proactively, at the coding stage only, instead of an afterthought. Internalize the code and relevant strings and hand them over to professional and experienced translators for the language desired. They can take care of not just number, calendar, date, time formats but also of other local aspects that can come into play when a user is interacting with an app or when the app's visualization kicks in.

    Export the parts and strings in the desired format and give translators as much information and context as you can. Differentiate between user-facing parts and other code-parts well to accelerate the process.

    Keep working on iOS localization at your level (image, music, etc.) through the app construction process while the translators are at work. It is a mindset and once you are tuned into the differences that localization addresses, the app would be nimble enough to make sense of many languages and segments whenever needed.

    After the translated content is imported your job begins in a new way. You have to ensure that it is assimilated well and works as desired. Proper and relentless testing is a good way to check the localization effort. This should be done both at the developer level as well as by letting some users test the app for their perspective and gaps that may still exist.

    Keep revising and updating the app with iOS localization and translation as the app grows and adds new versions. Having standard APIs helps in increasing the scope and ease of this process.
    Sometimes the resources at play can be optimized, and the space taken by localization and the associated cost reduced by having region-orientation in the right order with language orientation. Markets like the US, UK, Australia, APAC; for instance; have the same language of use - English - as long as time-differences and minor details are incorporated well.

    It pays, in the long run, to give enough time and space for nuances and differences that are beyond standard time/calendar changes. Like some user segments and languages work from right-to-left instead of the left-to-right direction of text. Such material contrasts cannot be included at the last moment of an app's design.

    As we can see, localization is an important parameter for leading app stores. Further, iOS's remarkable growth and spread make it imperative that developers give this part the requisite attention from the beginning and also till much after the app is released.

    It's all about keeping the user experience smooth and without snags.

    By Shreya Gupta

    I am an Expert in the medium of translation and language services. I have working knowledge in documents translation, Translate from English to German, App localisation and provide Multilingual E-mail Support.I am passionate in Localizing global brands to reach the target audience in the most efficient way.

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    Wednesday, November 07, 2018

    5 Things To Consider When Buying Smartphone Accessories

    Nowadays, it's not easy to buy a smartphone. On the other hand, buying smartphone accessories is not as hard as buying a phone, but you still need to consider a few things before buying accessories. Given below is a description of 5 things that you may want to consider while making this decision.

    Read on to know more.

    1. Active and passive features

    First of all, smartphone accessories can be divided into two categories for ease of understanding: active and passive. As the name suggests, passive accessories don't perform a function. Some examples include a skin or cover for the phone. On the other hand, active ones perform a set of important functions, such as the camera lens, and Bluetooth earphones.

    Don't just count the features of the product that you have made your mind to buy. What you need to do is find out if the listed features really matter to you. So, you may want to read the features and compare each one to that of the competitors. This will help you make an informed decision. As a general rule, if you have no idea how to make the comparison, we suggest that you go for a reputable brand.

    2. Quality and features

    Some accessories won't cost much but the features are appealing so you may end up buying that thing even if the brand is not a trusted one. But what you need to do is ensure that the accessory comes from a trust worthy brand or at least it's semi-branded.

    3. Warranty And Product Return

    If a product comes with warranty, rest assured that it's a reliable one. One way to know if a product is suitable is to look at its quality and cost. However, you may also want to take into account the return policy. Each product comes with a return policy, which is set by the company.

    4. Price Drop

    There are a lot of online stores that can help you save a lot of money. Aside from this, there are tons of add-ons and tools that notify you as soon as the price of a product comes down. So, it's a good idea to use these tools to take advantage of the price drop.

    5. User Friendly

    Apart from price and quality, you may also want to check if the features of the product are important for you. The features should be user-friendly. For instance, a smart watch can't be smart if its features and design is not user friendly. As a matter of fact, a product that is user friendly can save you a lot of time and money.

    The takeaway....

    Hopefully, this guide can help you make an informed decision. You can buy a tempered glass protection or a selfie stick, but make sure that you choose the best product based on the advice given in this guide. It's also important to buy at the right time and at the right price. Just make sure that you buy from a reputable brand as an unknown brand may not be true to its words and the product may not meet your expectations.

    Have you been looking for a good online store to buy mobile phone accessories? If so, we suggest that you check out Mobile Mob.

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    Thursday, November 01, 2018

    Some Unfamiliar Ways To Boost Mobile Signal Strength

    A name flashes on the screen of your mobile phone and a smile appears on your face as the caller is someone very dear to you but suddenly you see just a single signal strength bar and all your joy disappears immediately. Has it ever happened to you? If yes, you are in dire need to know the ways which can make your cell phone receive stronger signal strength at your place. Here are some unusual but highly effective methods to boost mobile signal reception.

    1) Utilize Tesla Coils and Tape

    Take a little piece of Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit, and tie it to the external antenna of your phone with the help of some tape. It really helps boosting the signal strength received by your phone. However, this option is feasible only if you can find the external antenna on the phone.

    2) Put Paper Clips to Work

    Here comes the most hassle-free way to enhance the signal strength received by your cell phone. Paper clips are easily available anywhere. You just have to place it in the external antenna of your phone. But you must be careful while doing that, as improper use of these clips can cause scratches on the screen or body.

    3) Pick Your Discarded Radio Antenna

    No, we are not cracking a joke here, the trick really works. All you have to do is to take a copper wire and connect your mobile phone's external antenna to a radio antenna. If you still don't believe it, you can watch testimonial videos posted on YouTube that guarantee good results from the technique.

    4) Take Clue from Tin-Can Telephone

    Remember the tin-can telephone you used as a kid? Make it again by soldering two cans and attach it to your phone's external antenna using some copper wire. It will surely take some time but the results would be amazing. It can increase 2 or 3 signal bars on your phone's screen.

    5) Create an Extra Antenna

    Take a piece of insulated wire, ideally 20cm long, and wrap it around a stick to make an antenna of your own. When placed on the mobile phone's external antenna, it works as an extra antenna and brings in more signal strength to allow uninterrupted, high-quality calling and browsing experience.

    6) Never Let Signal Bars Go Below 2

    Drained batteries need more power to search for signals. That's why keeping your phone always charged can be a good way to keep connectivity issues to the minimum. Make sure the battery of your phone is charged at least to 2 bars all the time. Whenever you find it draining beyond that point, start charging it.

    I hope you will find these methods to keep battery issues at bay helpful. You can also invest in a good quality mobile signal booster to enjoy sound signal strength in your home, office, or car.
    Mobile connectivity issues are very common these days. Weak signals cause severe calling and browsing issues. Here are some tips to strengthen the mobile network coverage at your place or in your car. These ways involve using very common things and are quite easy to go for.

    By Vijay Mishra

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    Tuesday, October 30, 2018

    Protect Your iPhone The Stylish Way

    Anything close to us always needs extra care, especially when it is a costly affair. Be it a car, house or a phone, before even buying these things we make sure that we are aware of what all will it take to take care of our new purchase. if something happens to it. And it is fair to do so, after all you are making an investment for a really long period of time. So what should be your cover plan when you buy an iPhone? We have a really cool answer to this and no, we are not joking. It is a good quality, classy phone cover that will not only keep your iPhone safe but also be the topic of discussion wherever you go.

    Since you can easily buy iPhone covers online, you are always spoilt for choices. Hence making the final decision can be a little overwhelming. The process can be made simpler once we know what type of covers are made, what all categories are generally included.

    Patterns that Catch your Attention

    We learn and seek new patterns because it helps us to break the monotony of the regular patterns of our lives. Those beautiful designs give us the much-needed imagination and motivation to add in our life. Without going into the philosophical details, we know that we all like new patterns because of their freshness and vividness. So the next time you like a pattern for your iPhone 6, you know the reason why you want to buy it. There is an insane amount of sites available with cases like these but the ones that caught our attention and became our motivation to write this article are Baefikre, Bewakoof and Cyankart.

    Quotes from the Pop-culture

    "Where are my Dragons?" "Sherlocked" "Girl Boss" "Valar Morghulis" "I am the one who knocks"

    We are not saying these things, this is you. These are just some famous dialogues from what you like to watch and if you buy phone covers with these quotes written on it, then it acts as your reminder to have fun. There is no reason as to why this trend will ever die down, so get searching and buy iPhone 6 cases online.

    Plain and Bold

    Too much there is no reason why anyone wouldn't like a simple and plain coloured phone cover. Just like you can never go wrong with a little black dress, you can't go wrong with a plain phone cover as well. It looks elegant, classy and clean. Period!

    Truth Bombs

    Truth hurts but when you write it down with a stylish font on the back of your phone cover, it becomes 'that' thing which makes you laugh every time you look at it. A funny statement on your phone cover will add humour to your otherwise sad life.

    Story without words

    Who would not like the eyes of Homer Simpsons on their t-shirt? Quotes definitely connect with us but a visual without any words takes that connection to another level altogether. You can again get designer iPhone 7 cases online on various e-commerce portals and also you will get variety.

    Trends like these are born from within the people, by the people, for the people. So, one of these trends is bound to make a connection with each one of you.

    By Abhilash Tyagi

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    Friday, October 26, 2018

    What Is The Internet Of Things (Iot)

    Smart connected devices, ubiquitous wireless connectivity and scalable cloud-based computing have created the platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). These IoT platforms are enabling organizations to monitor, control, optimize and automate their operations in ways that were previously unimaginable. In many industries, IoT is disrupting traditional business models causing companies to ask the fundamental.

    This is leading to many private and public sector organizations asking how they can use IoT to create new sources of value. Some are using it to deliver new operational efficiencies. Remote asset management allows organizations to track assets in real-time and make much more efficient use of their field teams. Predictive maintenance reduces downtime by replacing parts before they fail. Real-time analytics help employees make better decisions. And smart IoT systems can automate repetitive and predictable processes.

    IoT Systems

    The Internet of Things extends internet connectivity beyond traditional devices like desktop and laptop computers, smart phones and tablets to a diverse range of devices and everyday things that utilize embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment, all via the Internet.

    But, for the moment, there's a vast array of technology out there that can accurately be described as enabling IoT. Just at the networking level, there's Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, RFID, Wi-Fi, cellular, Z-Wave, 6LowPAN, Thread, NFC, Sigfox, Neul, LoRaWAN, Alljoyn, IoTivity, Weave, Homekit, MQTT, CoAP, JSON-LD, and plenty more that can and do play a part in IoT implementations.

    IoT Applications

    IoT systems have application development across industries through their unique flexibility and ability to be suitable in any environment. They enhance data collection, automation, operations, and much more through smart devices and powerful enabling technology.

    IoT is everywhere, but there are certainly a few verticals where it's more prevalent. Heavy industry is arguably the sector that's been working with IoT concepts for the longest, thanks to SCADA and robotics, and it's got its own sub-type of IoT - industrial IoT, or frequently just IIoT. Sharing data for maintenance and operational purposes make industrial equipment a lot more responsive and useful and create a much safer working environment, as well.

    IoT Security

    IoT security is the area of endeavor concerned with safeguarding connected devices and networks in the Internet of things (IoT). The first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think of IoT security is encryption. If you are one of those people, then don't worry, you are not totally incorrect. Encryption is an important component of security, but it is just one part of the whole story. However, by itself, encryption does not provide security in the way that most people tend to think.

    Security, like most things, has a curve of diminishing returns versus cost. What IoT requires is a good balance of reasonably strong security measures that are economical and massively scalable. first major issue is that a compromised IoT device can, in some cases, offer a way onto a company's network for a malicious actor. A badly secured smart TV, a security camera - anything that accesses the network is a potential vector for an attack.

    IoT Interoperability

    The full benefits of the Internet of Things are only realized when large enough numbers of devices are able to interact with each other - and therein lies a big problem. The number of different players in the market covers a wide range, both horizontally, in terms of functionality, and vertically, among different industries.

    With a huge number of companies "doing IoT," - most big-name tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Intel, and IBM have various types of IoT play - all working to bring as many users as possible into their respective ecosystems, motivation to make sure IoT systems and devices from different companies all work with each other is sometimes lacking.

    IoT Platforms

    One IoT device connects to another to transmit information using Internet transfer protocols. IoT platforms serve as the bridge between the devices' sensors and the data networks.
    The following are some of the top IoT platforms on the market today:

    Amazon Web Services

    Microsoft Azure

    ThingWorx IoT Platform

    IBM's Watson

    Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

    Salesforce IoT Cloud

    Oracle Integrated Cloud

    GE Predix

    By Concilio Orbis Jaipur

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    Monday, October 22, 2018

    Traits Of A Good Broadband Supplier

    Most businesses do not have a broadband connection that they can rely on. This is why it is so hard to find the best provider and it has become a great task to choose from the ones available.
    Broadband is the lifeblood of many businesses in the world today. However, most businesses do not think thoroughly before they choose a service. This leads to very poor customer services and poor prices, leaving companies struggling with a broadband connection that is inappropriate.
    For this reason, it is very important to look out for some things when you are choosing a broadband provider and a package. There are areas that need consideration by businesses when choosing a provider and they include:

    • Customer service
    You need to find how the customer service really is. If there is something that doesn't really make sense or sometime that is not easy to understand, how easy is it to get someone to phone or even through chat with technical know how to get help? Does the person you talk to understand what you mean and understand the business? The value of a great account manager should never be underestimated. They can make a lot of difference to the quality and level of service, which is received.
    • Connecting to several locations
    If your company has branches or several offices or if you are planning to expand, find out if the provider can offer support across many locations. You may have to come up with a network between all locations to share data and files and allow workers to utilize same resources. Usually, there are lots of technical expertise needed for WAN and it helps to work with a broadband provider who knows how exactly they work.
    • VoIP understanding
    VoIP made promises to offer cheap and even free calls to all and the technology still has to catch up. The use of this can really cut those telephone bills largely. This relies on the internet connectivity and so you should find a supplier who actually knows how exactly it works and why it is a great choice.
    • Expectations
    It is important to ensure that the expectations you have match what the supplier is promising. There is a contract that is set between the broadband supplier and your own company, it sets out services that are expected, and the downtime permitted. In case this exceeds, compensation will be received. In addition, they should be clear on how long one has to wait for issues to be dealt with. This is a quality assurance that protects your company.
    • Security
    As you may already know, the internet is a place with any threats against the IT security of your company. When sending and even receiving data that is sensitive, it is essential that you have a supplier that can be trusted and one that is able to throw the hackers off balance. Regardless of how cheap or expensive the broadband is. It should have malware, denial of services and virus protection. You need a firewall to keep all hackers away. Most of the packages come with free software for security.

    Directory of broadband numbers connects you to different broadband suppliers very quickly. If there is a struggle to locate dependable and reliable numbers for different providers, there are alternative numbers that can be used to allow you to reach people who can help.

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    Wednesday, October 17, 2018

    The Myths Of Net Nuetrality And Changes In The Pipeline

    Net neutrality was a novel concept, create an open internet where all users are treated alike, from the Big cows to the little chickens. Unfortunately when the internet is more and more being molded by giant monopolies. what really drives this equality or inequality is where the buck stops and not based on any "fair" or "equality" methodology.

    The FCC has for the most part failed miserable in its attempts to enforce "Net Neutrality" concepts, and really has done more harm than good to this noble concept... Creating an Internet where All Users Are Created Equal.

    Although there is much to do about President Trump's appointment of Mr. Ajit Varadaraj as the new FCC head, and equally much panic over how Mr. Pai is going to take the internet back to the dark ages, in reality there are different factors that currently control and affect the internet world.
    Frankly, for the most part, the internet went from being an open society, when it was in its infancy, to a content ad-based network that is almost 99% influenced, controlled and dominated by 1 or 2 corporate internet giants. With 1 holding 95% of the cards on anything related to search, ad revenue, marketing and general internet content, while the other dominating its social aspect.

    Therefore if we want to discuss or proclaim our rights to have an open internet, by placing all of our hope that the FCC or any other government agencies would wave their magic wands and create free and equal access for all, we would have more of an opportunity to tap our heals together and end up in Kansas, Dorthy.

    The internet "openness" is dominated by a single defining factor, revenue. The internet model is based upon distributing content that attracts users, who then click on advertisements and thereby generate cash flow. In order for there to truly exist an open and neutral internet, then, the economic influences would have to be completely removed from the picture.

    If there existed free non ad-supported content, that is actually useful and not the sorts of the current trend of fake or very exaggerated news articles, and nonsensical ideas distributed as meaningful "blogs", could only then there exist a truly independent and neutral web.

    This boils down to the age-old concept of whose going to flip the bill?

    The existence or no existence of Net-Neutrality concepts, or if the current administration completely reverses the last administration's internet laws, in the end this will really have no meaningful impact over the actual state of net-neutrality, neither by its ISP's nor its end users.

    The internet itself, would have to under go, yet another revolution, where it returns to its initial purpose of being a free, world-wide network for the sharing of content without borders. As long as the revenue ad-based model continues to dominate the internet universe, then no net-neutrality, no net openness and no free information highway could ever exist. The current model simply couldn't support such neutrality.

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    Thursday, October 11, 2018

    The History Of VPN Creation

    The History Of VPN

    For as long as the internet has existed, there has been a need for protocols to keep data private and secure. The history of VPN (virtual private network) technology dates back to 1996, when a Microsoft employee developed the peer-to-peer tunneling protocol, or PPTP. Effectively the precursor to modern VPNs, PPTP creates a more secure and private connection between a computer and the internet.

    As the internet took off, demand for more sophisticated security systems arose. Anti-virus and related software could be effective at preventing damage at the end-user level, but what was really needed was to improve the security of the connection itself. That's where VPNs came in.

    A VPN is a private connection over the internet. It's a broad term that encompasses several different protocols, which will be explained in detail later. What they all have in common is the ability to connect remotely to a private network over a public connection.

    Initially, VPNs were used almost exclusively in business. However, the rash of high-profile security breaches occurring in the early 2000s was a key moment in the history of VPN technology. With this, everyday internet users became aware of the true risks of working online, and began to look for more secure ways of doing so.

    Today, VPNs are used to secure internet connections, prevent malware and hacking, ensure digital privacy, unlock geo-restricted content and hide users' physical locations. Easier to use and more affordable than ever, a VPN is an essential tool for staying safe and secure online.

    What is the Purpose of VPN?

    The VPN purpose is to create a private connection between multiple people and devices across the Internet. In effect it is an Internet within an Internet, secure private and encrypted from prying eyes, malware, hackers and anyone else who may wish to know where you surf, or where you are surfing from.

    VPN Technology has been around for decades. Originally created for big business it was never intended for the many purposes to which it is used today. The need at the time was great. Businesses, organizations, governments and many others with sensitive information were at risk of hacking or other loss of data when using open Internet connections. They needed to make connections that were far more secure than the average so that remote users, satellite offices and field operatives could access and use company files without allowing their secrets to escape. The solution they derived is VPN.

    VPN is like having a local network, a network in which devices are directly connected to each with no need for the internet, except using the internet to make the connections. Aside from tunneling protocols which set up secure connections hiding the originating source high level encryption standards ensure that even if data is lost, it will never be used by anyone not intended to have it. The benefits of VPN for individual internet users became clear right from the start and that spawned the modern rush to provide the best VPN technology. Over the years VPN advancement has been spurred by the encroachment of censors around the globe, and the never ending appeal for hackers to break into whatever devices and connections they can.

    Censorship and geo-restriction is one of several issues plaguing the Internet and driving innovation in VPN technology. The history of censorship varies from case to case but includes things like blockages of social media, incomplete access to online media catalogs (note Netflix US catalog versus what is available to the rest of the world), tracking user activity, monitoring emails or outright denial of access to the Internet. The history of VPN has progressed right along side it, overcoming each issue as it arises and generating demand from the web-surfing public.

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    Tuesday, October 09, 2018

    Things You Must Remember When Choosing An Internet Provider

    There are so many businesses and individuals today who rely on the internet fully for their day to day running. Without fast and reliable internet it can become very frustrating to get things done on time. Technology has taken over and with the right connectivity, everything works in harmony seamlessly. But then to enjoy this kind of running you must ensure that you have the best internet provider by your side. The providers increase by the day, but when you know what aspects matter most when it comes to internet connectivity, then you will be able to choose a provider who will never let you down or compromise your business for that matter.

    Data caps - There are internet providers out there who may have caps when it comes to how much data you are allowed to download say on a monthly basis. They may not be the best, especially if you rely largely on internet because then there are things you may not be able to achieve. Be careful when choosing a provider so you do not end up with limits that do not work in your favor.

    Speed - Downloading is inevitable and you want to make sure that you can do this fast. Find out what speeds the company offers and compare that to your immediate connection needs. The speeds can be over DSL or cable and each has its advantages and disadvantages; know your options so you can make the right decision you find most reliant on any given day and time.

    Internet plans - Different internet users have different needs and a good internet provider will offer varying plans to match the needs of every kind of user. Of course the plan you choose can determine bandwidth size, hence it is important that you clearly know what your company or individual needs are so you can select a plan that serves you need effectively. Ensure also that you can easily upgrade to another plan as soon as the need arises without trouble.

    The fees - Apart from prices per MBPS, find out what is required for you to have the internet installed because there are providers who give you the necessary equipment and other might require you to rent or buy a router or modem. Some have late payment fees and relocation fees while others don't. It is important that you find out everything there is to the fees before signing your contract with the internet provider. It is better to pay with full knowledge than come to find out about hidden charges later which can be frustrating.

    Add-ons - Add-ons like antivirus software can prove to be very helpful, but remember that some providers may end up charging you for them as well. Consider how important it is to have them and then check whether they are offered free with your plan or you have to pay for them. There is really no reason why you should pay for add-ons that you can find and enjoy free of charge.

    NBN plans are designed to match the needs of different internet users. Find a good provider with best NBN plans and best internet deals that will add value to your business or other internet user needs.

    By Shalini Madhav

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    Friday, October 05, 2018

    How To Secure Your Internet And Wi-Fi

    I have touched on this in past articles. Now there are Smart speakers with Alexa, Siri and Google built in I thought I would give you some suggestions on how you can protect and secure yourself.
    It is important to recognize that all your smart appliances must go through some type of router before getting to your device. The router will then allow you to connect either through hard wire or Wi-Fi. Hard wire would be faster and more secure; however, Wi-Fi is easier and found in more devices. In either case make sure that your router has a strong password that you created. Make sure that you have the highest-level security for your Wi-Fi such as WPA/WPA2. Also, if your router is more than 5 years old you should consider replacing it with a new modern router. This will ensure that you are using the latest hardware and software security.

    Smart speakers are appearing in homes everywhere, they were the highest selling in Amazon this past Christmas season. They are good at playing your favorite music and getting better all the time at following your commands. They can control your alarm system and lock and unlock your front door. Before you allow Alexa, Siri or Google to unlock your front door, ask yourself how secure are they. Can they differentiate your voice form the voice of a stranger? What if you left your house and a stranger came to your front door and said "Unlock the Door" would it unlock? Voice recognition is getting better every day, so test your device before trusting it.

    Are smart TV's tracking what you watch? The answer is yes, they can. I have written another article that explains how they do this and more important how you can stop it.

    Do you have cameras inside your house? Many of us do. Ask yourself are they secure and how do I prevent them from being taken over by some smart actor. That could put you into a very embarrassing situation.

    It is important to carefully investigate every new smart device that you purchase to determine how it works and what data it collects about you. Then secure that device within your home network. If you are not sure about a particular device disconnect it from your home network. Remember, most every device that you have in your home has to go through your router, secure it!

    By George Uliano

    George Uliano is a security professional with years of law enforcement and security experience. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Business graduating with honors. George holds three U.S. patents on different locking principles. This combination gives George and His Company Locking Systems International Inc the unique ability to provide its customers with the correct security at an affordable price.

    For additional information or to purchase Locks go to

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    Monday, October 01, 2018

    Shocking Ways The Internet Is Being Misused Today

    The paper and print era is finally dying out and it appears the internet is now setting the pace for global digitization. We bank on it, we study on it, we shop on it, we leisure on it, and apparently, we date on it too! But everybody today is too busy surfing to question its vicious nature and given that its leads strongly outweigh its cons, it's not surprising at all. Even then, we can't overlook the fact that the internet is, in fact, destroying the world, so slow that it's almost transparent for us to see. So without much ruckus, let's visit the top eight dangerous ways the internet is being misused today.

    1. Identity theft

    If you're reading this, I'm almost certain that you own an account on at least one social website. Basically, when you sign up for an account online, you are required to submit your personal information for identification purposes. But what happens if the platform is fake? What happens if the platform only exists to amass data from people all over the world for malicious reasons? The internet offers spammers and hackers a good opportunity to collect personal information and use it to their advantage. Those pictures you post online could be posted on porn sites, you could be a victim of blackmail, extortion for money, and the list goes on. And that's not even the scary part. Other than the fact that you might be completely unaware of how your information is being misused online, it would take you forever to follow up on the case should you ever find out.

    2. Cyber bullying

    The internet is flocking with millions of fake profiles that pose as valid users. The fact that everything is online makes it easy for insensitive internet abusers to anonymously threaten other gullible users. Cyber bullying has been a major issue for many years and many victims have ended up with psychological issues. Several cases of suicide have been reported, all owing to the cyber menace. All the teasing, insults, threats, harassment, lies, and rumors: it all never ends well.

    3. Piracy

    There was a time when artists and media owners enjoyed the fruits of their hard work. Then people got indecently 'smarter' and piracy grew into a pattern. Today, thanks to the internet, people can shamelessly copy and download copyrighted material online, without pondering on the losses the owner is set to face. Even worse, black markets have now moved online and for just a few bucks, you can get your hands on almost anything. Bootlegging is the term nowadays. And for some reason, the larger population supports this form of 'soft' victimization. It's like watching a mob snatch ice-cream from a little kid, and then joining the mob to have a taste, while the poor kid watches!

    4. Porn

    Porn is one of the most despicable uses of the internet today. Kids are being exposed to sexual thoughts too early, thanks to the internet, and Lord knows young minds are ready and willing to learn. Sure, being a strict parent could work, but the results are not always that promising. Today, we are seeing 13-year olds updating statuses online about heartbreaks and break-ups and it's all too confusing. Youngsters are unable to gauge the purity of sex and what they see in porn confuses them even further. Teenage pregnancies, abortions and emotional abuse are some of the upshots of this early exposure to the internet.

    5. Spamming

    Email spamming is probably not new to you. You signed up for an account somewhere and now the emails just keep coming and honestly, they are really annoying. Junk emails are sent in bulk to numerous recipients at once and the process is often automated. Such spam emails consume large network bandwidth and slow down your network. They are also used by hackers to inject malware into other computers. You'll get an enticing ad or file via email and once you open it, boom! You naively invite a virus into your hardware and your simple private life on the internet will never be the same again.

    6. Hacking

    Passwords are crucial when it comes to internet use. Forgot to log out your account while leaving the cyber caf�? Used an obvious password? Then you are to blame for the attack on your account. Internet use calls for extreme vigilance. The moment you expose a weakness in your system, hackers are always ready to pounce and believe me when I say, they will surely get you well. Imagine walking into the bank one morning and finding all your accounts fully drained. That's as bad as the situation gets. And with the introduction of digital currency, hackers don't even need to be robbers to siphon money from your account. They just need to access it online, via the internet.

    7. Fake advertisements

    People today, especially teenagers, are passionate about making money working online. Who wouldn't want to earn at the comfort of their home? The internet makes it easy for advertisers to hook up with potential workers and recruit them for work. But this is a perfect opportunity for fake advertisers to run ploys and get work done for free. Many online workers have had to deal with defiant clients and have ended up losing a lot of money and time. In other cases, advertisers ask for bank account details promising to directly wire advance payments. Workers who innocently give out such sensitive information often end up being victims of hacking and the cyber delinquents posing as advertisers always get away with it.

    8. Time squandering

    The internet is meant to save us time by making global information easily accessible from anywhere. But ironically, the internet is the main reason why people today are idling around, doing nothing constructive by all means. The theory that human beings are easily manipulated strongly applies here. You are surfing the internet, looking for some urgent and important information. Then suddenly, an enticing ad pops up on your screen, probably an online game ad or even a shopping ad. Forgetting what you were doing, you naively click on the ad and the inept navigation begins. Before you even realize it, two hours have passed and you have accomplished absolutely nothing. And when you settle down to continue with your work, you can't because the thrill is already gone and everything now seems too boring. Sound familiar?

    Human is to err, and if we are not perfect, then everything manmade can consequently never be perfect. But the trick lies on how we decide to use these inventions. The internet has undoubtedly revolutionized the world and with the better communication it has empowered, we can only expect greater things. We must, however, be alert for all these teething troubles that are killing us slowly, day by day. Refrain from visiting suspicious websites, keep your personal information private and passwords safe, and above all, parents and guardians need to be more careful of what their children access on the internet before we have a sexual catastrophe on our hands.

    I hope you found this article helpful and insightful. For more resourceful content, visit See you there!

    By Stacy West

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    Thursday, September 27, 2018

    How Developing A Mobile App Can Drive Revenue For Your Business

    Expert Author Prince N
    For entrepreneurs, turning their vision into a business is a big dream and it does not come easily. There are varied challenges that come from different corners and with the development of technology the chances of success have also increased. Mobile marketing is the new trend and various mobile apps can now help businesses engage their customers in a better way and also keep their employees well connected and boost the bottom line. In simple words, taking advantage of new innovations and mobile technology ensures that your company remains ahead of the market competition.
    From implementing specific features like GPS down to the fact that people are carrying computers in their pockets, today smartphones also open up a world of opportunities for businesses both large and small.
    Here is how a mobile app can help you
    Geo targeted push notifications:
    It was earlier suggested that mobile devices would present users with information all over the world in an automatic way. Today, geo targeted push notifications can be used in various ways in businesses:
    • Notify fans about events, concerts and updates about the availability of tickets
    • A national chain can send city or region based notifications about specific discounts or offers based on the user's interest.
    • Retailers can boost their loyalty by sending special offers to their customers who have been purchasing for the past few years.
    • Businesses owners can also announce sales or discounts on their products during specific seasons.
    Mobile apps offer additional sales opportunities: 
    Another biggest opportunity for businesses using mobile apps is to open up a whole new world of customers and engagement opportunities. Interactions with the customers has become geo-agnostic and mobile apps maximize the opportunity to reach the users within no time. There are push notifications that might remind the users of a nearly abandoned shopping cart and also bring them back and offer a more seamless experience for storing login information, which means an easier path to purchase and make transactions.
    Data gathering:
    Another powerful advantage of mobile apps for online business is that they can easily trace the behavior of the customer and what they actually want. Important things that can keep the users engaged or even at times turn them off can be analyzed. Tracking signals from mobile devices are opening the world of data gathering and analytics for the marketers. It is by using this data that advertisers can understand the behavior of the visitors and also use the information collected to make essential changes in the marketing strategy.
    Dynamic sale offers: 
    Once you get tied up with technology and start using push notifications, you will observe that many magical things will start to happen. Businesses can now gather essential customer data and track the ad campaigns to deliver best sales offers at the right time. Various mobile apps enable businesses to do varied things and implement dynamic sales strategies to boost revenues. For example, there are certain seasons when people do a lot of online shopping. Giving them discounts during festive seasons often increases the sales and ultimate revenues.
    Wearable devices are drawing attention:
    As per the International Data Corporation, the market for wearables is assumed to experience a composite annual growth of about 20.3%. From body sensors, wearable cameras to healthcare tracking devices, wearables are gaining popularity and are going beyond the healthcare industry and is going to be one of the most promising mobile app development trends of 2017.
    Pushing through the funnel:
    There are many customers who browse through the store, check various products and then walk out to another store without making a purchase. This is called bounce and online users bounce for various reasons and the reasons are even greater when it is on mobile. Some reasons are that the users might not have a credit card handy, or typing the information may be too tedious or there may be some other distractions and they may simply put their phone back in their pocket. One way to restrict this transaction abandonment is through automated address filling. Using the GPS of a phone, the transactional app can easily detect the user's location and automatically fill the address data. Such mobile applications make the transactions easier and reduces the bounce rates.
    Become competitive: 
    Many showroom owners complain that shoppers visit the physical store to inspect the goods in person and then after finalizing on the product, they purchase it online where the prices are usually cheaper. Price comparison tools help the retailers drive additional website traffic and sales and mobile apps are helping businesses to increase ROI by increasing their efficiency. With the apps, users can be narrowly targeted and customers can be lured back to make a purchase. All these efficiencies result in generating more revenues and enhance the overall customer's experience.
    When it is all about mobile app technologies, business owners can gain great benefits of capturing their targeted audience and reaching out to them in an effective manner. Their chances of success also increase with access to various business data and helps to make an impact through applying various mobile technologies.

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    Tuesday, September 25, 2018

    Learn How To Make A Mobile App In Less Than 25min

    Watch Harrison as he builds a mobile app using AppMakr with no coding. He walks through the entire mobile app development process from signing up to publishing an app into iTunes and Google Play. This is an updated version of Jay Shapiro's previous "How to make a mobile app in under 25min" video, with over 1 million views. In this version Harrison shows how AppMakr (acquired by Infinite Monkeys in 2013) can have easy to make icons and functions for his mobile web site, his blog, click-to-call and many others. If you've been wondering how to develop an Android app, but don't have the programming skills, this video will show you the free and easy way to get started with AppMakr

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    Wednesday, September 19, 2018

    Why A Mobile App Is Necessary For Your Business

    Expert Author Rakeysh Kumar
    Willing to develop a mobile app for your business but aren't aware of its exact benefits? By this post, you will come to know about the mobile apps precisely.
    Fundamentals of Mobile Application
    As we all are aware of the age of smartphones. We cannot imagine a life without a smartphone as it has become an inseparable part of our lives. They come with the pre-loaded features that you can access anytime and anywhere. These are music, games, videos, internet and so on.
    With the advancement of the technology, smartphones are also getting smarter day by day. The most important reason why all the features are accessed on a smartphone is it is portable than the PCs and laptops.
    It has become an indispensable part of human life, not only limited to define a status symbol but has become a necessity of the time. It has influenced various aspects of human life and businesses are one of them.
    As the main goal of a business is to reach to the maximum number of people for attaining a consistent growth by serving them all. Mobile applications are the latest forms to connect with the customers.
    Mobile apps are the combination of self-contained programs designed to enhance the functionality of a mobile device.
    Due to their advanced functionality and easy accessibility, they are very helpful for the businesses in their growth.
    Types of Mobile Apps
    Technically, there are two types of mobile apps, that are listed below:
    • Native apps
    • Hybrid apps
    Native apps
    These are the apps developed specifically for use on a particular platform. This is a mobile application which is coded in a specific programming language such as Java and Objective-C for android and iOS mobile operating systems respectively.
    These apps have fast performance and a high degree of reliability. These can also access the other features of the phones such as Camera, GPS, Contact list and so on. The examples of these apps are Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, etc.
    Hybrid apps
    These apps are like native apps and their programs are coded in the container of native apps. Like native apps, they also use the features of the mobile device such as Camera, Contact list and Phone storage, etc.
    They also allow cross-platform development such as the same components of a program can be reused on different mobile operating systems.
    By the following points, you will come to know how mobile app development service is beneficial for your business:
    1. Keeps your Brand Ahead in this Techno-Race
    As I have stated above that it is an age of technology and smartphones.
    It is the necessity of a business to reach to the maximum number of clients. Therefore, a mobile application will assist a business to reach to its targeted customers in a better and convenient manner.
    So, avail the mobile app development service and an assistance of technology to grow your business at its best without putting any extra potential in it.
    2. Promotes your Business Indirectly
    A mobile app is very helpful in the promotion of a business as it can be easily downloaded and operated as well. If a person finds something interesting and new then he'll also share it with others. Thus, if your mobile app is user-friendly then the user will surely suggest it to the others.
    Hence, your business is getting benefit from the users and it will be an external advertisement of your brand without any charge.
    Another reason is, people always prefer the new methods and technologies; these are the newest in the market, thus their chances of preference are more than any other conventional methods.
    3. Provides a Better Platform to Reach a Large Chunk of Customers
    The number of mobile phone users is more than PC users, therefore if you wish to target them then you must have a mobile application so that they can access your services/products on their mobiles. So, it is a better platform for your business to grow by increasing the number of
    4. Convenient for a Business and its Beneficiaries
    Mobile apps not only reduce the effort of customers but also tend them to perform smart work by saving their time as well.
    Neither the customer not the business needs to interact with each other and a customer can avail the products/services of a company by ordering it through the mobile app of the same company.
    5. Helps in the Improvement of your Business
    It is very important to add a feedback form about your services in your business mobile app. By which, the customers can provide their valuable feedback and hence you will come to know about your business drawbacks. Thus, you can improve your services by knowing them. The customers' feedbacks will help you in improving your business.
    Where can you get the quality mobile application development service from?
    For getting a quality mobile app development, you will have to hire an expert mobile application development company that can develop a mobile application as per your business requirement.
    Take the help of internet and find the top five mobile app development companies nearby you. Contact them and tell them your requirement and ask them whether they can develop a mobile application as per your requirement at an affordable cost or not? If yes, you can go with the same and get a mobile
    application for your business betterment.
    Does your business require a mobile app? If you are not sure then by going through the above post you will come to know why your business needs a mobile application these days.
    In short, a mobile application will assist you in the promotion and improvement of your business. It will also keep your brand ahead in this race of technology.
    So, if you really want to see your business growing then hire an experienced mobile app development company and develop a mobile app for your business betterment.
    The post is written by Rakeysh Kumar. He has tried to aware people about the Mobile Application and their benefits for a business by this post.

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