Saturday, December 23, 2017

To Get The Technology Requirements Right In Your Commercial/Corporate Real Estate Development Projects...Let Someone Else Do It

Getting The Technology Backbone Right For A Commercial/Corporate Real Estate New Construction Development Or Renovation Project Can Be Frustrating, Time Consuming, And Expensive...But It Doesn't Need To Be.
There's a free resource available to help you with all the design, planning, and installation decisions for any technology requirements you face in your new construction development or renovation projects . The smart play is to use it!
You can have a dedicated technical staff search and negotiate "best rate" for all of your dedicated voice/data/internet requirements....saving you time, effort, and money. They'll do all the work FOR you....FREE.
Whatever that application need is...voice/video communications (business office phones, call center, video security, video conferencing, etc.) and data/internet (work stations, conference rooms, multi-media, wireless connectivity, data network management, data security, disaster recovery, supply chain management, IoT applications, smart building networks, etc.). 
Covers fractional and full T1, DS3, SONET (OC3 thru OC192), all flavors of ethernet and fiber...voice, data, and integrated circuits. Also includes dedicated bandwidth, frame relay, MPLS, SIP, point-to-point, VPN, private line, co-located servers, business VoIP, wireless networks, SDN/SDWAN, cloud applications, independent circuit monitoring, network management, and MUCH more.
Leverage their time and effort to maximize NO cost to you.
NOTE: This is ALSO a value added service you can provide your no cost to you or them. Definitely a selling point to set your agency apart from other corporate/commercial real estate agents.
Given the highly competitive environment of corporate/commercial real estate...and the potential high return to the agent for a successful project...anything that raises your worth in the eye of your client(s) is a business enhancer. All the more if it doesn't cost you a penny.
They'll provide this free consulting service to you and/or your clients for you...and YOU get the credit.
It's as simple as just asking for help at the link below. Easy as 1, 2, 3.
One of the really attractive components of this no cost resource is the FREE independent circuit monitoring provided. The following article does a great job of explaining the benefits of that... 

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