Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Network Design And Monitoring Can Be Complicated...Why Not Have All The Hard Work Done FOR You

This Free Resource Needs To Be In The Tool Box Of Every CIO, CTO, Telecom Mgr, & IT Director...Saves Time, Money, AND Effort
*** To take advantage of FREE real time quotes and support for voice and/or data networks...simply ask at the following link...easy as 1, 2, 3.
The traditional method of pricing a dedicated solution for your network infrastructure (e.g T1, SONET, Ethernet, Fiber, Wireless, Cloud, SDN, SIP, VoIP, Managed Services) .... is to call each provider individually, play telephone tag trying to find the right person, get pricing in several days (or weeks), then compile all the information. This process can literally take WEEKS or MONTHS. Or alternatively, simply call a LEC, ISP, or MSP and get a price. But then you'll get "their" price .... not necessarily the best for YOU.
Are you seeing the 2 major problems with this frustrating approach? The first problem is that the price being quoted is most likely "sticker price". The other problem is TIME.  
Here's the solution .... get real time quotes from multiple top providers (90+) all at the same time, with a low price guarantee. Including additional in depth research and support to ensure you're getting the most cost effective solution for whatever network application requirements you're targeting (e.g. multi-media, data management, retail systems, restaurant tech, healthcare IT, hotel/resort tech, financial services, CRE, IoT, smart buildings, voice communications, wireless connectivity, network monitoring, multi-location linking, cloud computing). 
This isn't a fairy tale, it's a real NO COST service available to YOU.
So if you trade hours of non-billable manpower for a few minutes with our FREE service .... and end up with a pricing proposal that contains detailed information complete with a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE stating that this is the lowest price these carriers will offer for this circuit .... are you seeing the benefit this has for you?
In a nutshell we offer a free service which advises clients in need of a new or upgraded network system (voice, data, or both) ... as well as network expansions ... on the best options to meet their requirements. 
We also include FREE independent circuit monitoring.
We cover dedicated bandwidth circuits (e.g. T1 all the way through OCx), every flavor of ethernet and fiber, multi-site connectivity (e.g. MPLS), SDN/SDWAN, business VoIP systems (think enterprise level solutions), SIP, cloud computing, managed services, unified communications, network performance monitoring and management, etc.
This includes help in Voice/Data network design decisions, FREE independent circuit monitoring, fitting the right system to verified requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need (no more, no less), finding the lowest cost for the right solution, comparing available providers (90+) at the desired location (by cost, quality, capability, & customer service), helping with paperwork, providing ongoing consulation throughout the contract with the chosen provider (including renewal, expansion, or provider replacement when desired), & MORE.
Again, it's simple, all you have to do is ask at this link and we'll take it from there....
Want a low price guarantee with that?
We have you covered. Just go to the link above and find out.
Just What Every CIO, CTO, And COO Needs...All The Hard Work Done FOR You...FREE
One of the really attractive components of this no cost resource is the free independent circuit monitoring provided with EVERY circuit sourced through matter what type of circuit OR what provider is chosen. 
The following article does a great job of explaining the benefits of that...
* Independent Circuit Monitoring IS The Answer...Don't Leave Home Without It *
Given that the carriers are such a critical cog in the network world, being able to monitor their services, collect data, and analyze their performance is equally important. Circuit monitoring with real-life data takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting.
Carriers that have made continued investments in their properly designed infrastructure have nothing to fear with independent, third-party circuit monitoring. It’s the carriers who are on the threshold of having a major outage who should be worried.Much like a major earthquake, networks often give warning signs when they are on the cusp of failure. Ping times become longer. Traceroutes show a growing number of hops to reach the end destination. Often these warning signs happen right underneath the nose of the customer and the carrier, especially if the customer isn’t spending a fortune on the service. Knowing when the network is showing signs of weakness is critical to avoiding a network disaster.
WORTH A LISTEN...this free resource was featured on a podcast of the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network focusing on the benefits to CRE Investor/Developers, Facility/Property Mgrs and Owners, and tenants {e.g. Hotels/Resorts, corporate work sites, office buildings, industrial facilities, mall complexes, multi-family properties, WISP enterprises, etc}. Click on the link below to hear for yourself....

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