Wednesday, December 06, 2017

How To Optimize Your Entire Wireless Telecommunications Infrastructure

Advantix offers premium mobile and fixed telecommunications lifecycle management solutions to a wide range of enterprises, from start-ups to publicly traded companies across multiple industries. Advantix Service offerings encompass the entire lifecycle of an enterprise's telecom assets and services.
Advantix Solutions Group is a global leader in Mobility Telecom Optimization and Management Services. Advantix delivers unparalleled solutions that empower customers to take control of their entire mobile telecommunications infrastructure. 
Advantix Solutions
Advantix Solutions' dedication to offering comprehensive, managed solutions is unique in our industry. As you will discover, they provide solutions, not software; solutions that are designed to eliminate the time you spend on wireless telecommunications management. Experience has shown that success in telecommunications management is determined as much by resources and expertise as tools. If you are evaluating a solution that emphasizes tools over resources, consider Advantix and see what sets them apart. 
** Mobile Optimization
With Proactive mobile optimization, we can identify areas of excess spending and guarantee savings
** Mobility Management / MMS 
We integrate control and simplify day-to-day administration for mobility
** Mobile Device Management
Secure and enable mobile devices, applications, content, and users
** Telecom Audit & Recovery
Identify and recover billing errors and overpayments for your communication services portfolio
** Telecom Expense Management / TEM
Enhanced control and improve efficiency of fixed voice and data services. 
** Strategic Consulting
Provide on-demand consulting solutions for the challenges of evaluating and managing your mobile and telecom infrastructure
** Corporate Performance Management / CPM
Making key business decisions and identifying growth opportunities begin with data
** Application Development
Expert developers of leading enterprise apps bring you the Advantix App development center
Advantix Takes Care Of Your Wireless Telecommunications Headache
Advantix Delivers 
Advantix offers services to fully manage the entire mobility telecommunications lifecycle. They focus on reducing the time and expenses associated with these programs so you can apply critical resources towards other key business objectives. 
By allowing Advantix to manage your telecommunications, you'll realize lower internal administrative costs, expedited support and trouble ticket resolution for users, decreased spend, and greater accountability and visibility across your organizations 
Advantages of Advantix’ Wireless Optimization and Mobility Management services: 
* Projected customer savings 25-40% with a risk-free, no-obligation wireless analysis 
* Reinvestment of customer savings into emerging telecom services 
* Reduced or eliminated time spent in administration of wireless accounts 
* Increase in mobility device counts 
* Customized reporting and consulting, configurable to meet your specific requirements 
* Ongoing management to maintain optimal service, support and savings 
* Identification and elimination of billing errors and wasteful spending 
* Contractually Guaranteed Savings
Advantix Products: 
* Wireless Optimization
* Enterprise Mobility Management
* Consolidated Billing
* Customized Reporting
* Help Desk
* RFP Management
* Data Strategy
* Carrier Contract Negotiation
* Assets & Inventory Management

To take advantage of any of the services offered by Advantix Solutions Group simply request a free rate quote here ....
Advantix Telecom Lifecycle Management
Understanding the majority of today's enterprise mobility challenges requires a firm grasp on the implications of "the consumerization of IT". There are 2 tempting but ultimately incomplete solutions for this phenomenon ... BYOD and MDM/MAM. However, there is also a legitimate Telecom Lifecycle Management solution that works.

To take advantage of Telecom Lifecycle Management services from Advantix simply request a free quote here ....

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