Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming

VR's gaming leaders discuss what the future holds for the promising platform.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Top 5 Virtual Reality Gadgets Of The Future

These gadgets will push VR onto the next level......

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Benefits Of SDWAN With Case Studies

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) solutions are highly appealing for their efficiency, flexibility, and security benefits. Although still emerging, SDWAN solutions are integral in shaping the future of WAN management.  Below are 3 case studies which help illustrate the current and future benefits of SDWAN to enterprise network management.


Bigleaf Cloud-first SD-WAN is the next generation of internet optimization – based on the natural redundancy found in leaf veins. They connect you through our plug-and-play router in your office, to their gateway clusters in the Cloud, providing end-to-end visibility and control. Their Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology ensures that your business-critical applications are prioritized across your internet connections and that all traffic flows are routed over the best connection in real-time

New Seasons Market is a high-end grocer similar to Whole Foods, with locations up and down the west coast. The reason BigLeaf likes to talk about New Seasons Market is they are not unique relative to a lot of your customers. They are a mid-market business who is going through rapid growth; they have a lean and somewhat overworked IT organization. What they are looking to do is leverage the cloud to continue to scale and gain a competitive advantage in their given market.
Each store got its internet from a local ISP and had a dial up connection designated as the backup system. Sean Teisher, VP of IT for New Seasons Market, explains that as the company began to scale the number of stores, they started to notice slower internet speeds and overall network congestion. The IT team was also looking to move critical applications to the cloud. Looking for a better alternative, New Seasons Market reached out to Bigleaf for help. For the initial deployment, New Seasons Market installed Bigleaf Networks’ plug-and-play SD-WAN routers at 10 of the company’s grocery store outlets with the plan to roll out additional routers over several months. The routers came pre-configured and sat outside the firewall, so installation was extremely simple and fast. The New Seasons Market IT team was also pleased that they got to keep their preferred firewall solution which includes, anti-virus, content filtering, intrusion detection, and VPNs for private networking, while Bigleaf was able to provide support and traffic shaping capabilities all in complete solution. Unlike other multi-WAN solutions that monitor only a tiny subset of internet paths, Bigleaf measures each internet connection from the store’s location, all the way across the internet path, to Bigleaf’s network. This provides a complete picture of the performance of each circuit and helps insulate internet experience from common ISP issues such as peering disputes, unplanned maintenance, traffic congestion, and more.
Bigleaf provides 100% uptime and reliability from their internet connections. This is the cloud migration story that a lot of mid-market customers are facing today, and where Bigleaf excels. As the SD-WAN market continues to evolve, you will continue to see more and more differentiation in the market. 


SimpleWAN is a provider of cloud-based networking solutions for branch offices, service centers, stores, and franchises. They believe networking should be simple, efficient, and innovative, and they created an all-in-one solution to make IT secure, smart, and smooth.

One of the case studies SimpleWan likes to highlight is a nationwide deployment which they started about a year and a half ago for a nationwide pizza chain. This pizza chain was relying on a slow network of MPLS and VPN; they were utilizing commodity broadband for those VPN deployments and T1s on all their sites. They had absolutely no visibility into the network for each location and very little to no IT support at each of the sites. Bringing new locations required either one lengthy MPLS install or expensive equipment because of this it took them way longer to open a new restaurant than corporate would have preferred. They also wanted to standardize the technology for all of the franchisees and make sure their security vulnerabilities were locked down. Also, their disaster recovery solution was extremely expensive and lacked flexibility. This pizza chain was trying to tie multiple providers together while having a secure WAN and ensuring that all locations had access to inventory management, online ordering applications, and point of sale. This company has made a huge transition to online ordering so much that they incentivize customers with free pizzas after so many online orders. They found running those applications over their tired MPLS network was problematic.
Being able to optimize certain applications is the highlight of going with an SD-WAN deployment. This company wanted something more holistic where they could look at the entire view of every single location, see what sites were online, and be able to communicate with unified communications between all the locations. If the calls are not able to come into the locations they will not be able to receive the order. This customer wanted one provider who could meet all of their demands, and the solutions had to be simple. When SimpleWan rolls out customers, they make sure that the store manager or somebody who has very little to no IT experience can understand the environment. In this case, the customer was able to displace not only their sole MPLS network and aging firewalls but also multiple boxes that were stacking up at every single location like caller ID boxes and Wi-Fi controllers. The customer had roughly a 37 percent reduction in MRC, and they now have the ability to manage all of their sites with a single pane of glass.
Why SimpleWAN? 
  • One way to manage all their locations
  • One magic box that takes care of all their networking
  • Flexibility to change and add to their networks
  • A trusted partner that keeps their networks running and secure


SD-WAN is broad regarding terminology, and it applies to a lot of different business in very different ways. Ecessa takes a little bit of a different approach, if Bigleaf is cloud-first, then Ecessa is premise first. What this means is that a lof of the customers they work with have been on a path to cloud leveraging; they’re starting to migrate a few critical applications to the cloud, but they still have legacy applications and components that they have to host locally. Due to this, they still need some connectivity and some resiliency to their internal networks as well. Ecessa is premise-first for companies who are migrating to the cloud but are not there yet or are never going to be completely there regarding 100 percent applications to the cloud.     
Ecessa has been working with Trans States Airline for several years now, Trans States is based out of St. Louis, and they do carrier support for United and American. As you know, the airline industry has been rife with failures from an IT perspective and outages. Ecessa has been able to help them build backups and resiliency to their infrastructure across multiple locations around the world including data center and remote locations. The most important piece for them was for Ecessa to be able to integrate into their network, which is one of the benefits of an Ecessa approach. A few of the questions Ecessa likes to ask are:
  • Does the customer have multiple sites that need that never down connectivity between locations?
  • Do they need to support a mesh network?
  • Is real-time traffic important to them?
  • Do they want to leverage their existing connectivity including their IP addresses that are coming from their ISPs?
Ecessa prides itself in being agnostic to carrier and technology; they will integrate any connectivity that people need to bring along. These are some of the really important pieces when it comes to identifying a good Ecessa opportunity. Trans States Airline had multiple MPLS  they purchased that they weren’t able to use actively; they had them as emergency failover only. By integrating an Ecessa product into their different locations, they were able to help them create and active network, also helping them never lose a ping or access to their applications. They also helped them achieve a 100% uptime for the last several months.


So where does SD-WAN fit in general? Start with the concept of resiliency, be it to the cloud or be it within an organization on-premise like the type of applications Ecessa prides themselves on. This technology gives you back control, you can approach organizations that are stuck in contracts with existing connections if people want to replace MPLS you have that capability. Today you can insert and Ecessa, a Bigleaf, or a SimpleWan device and integrate additional bandwidth. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with leveraging the technology as well as building out that resiliency. When you think Ecessa, think flexibility. They can integrate into those existing customers, they don’t require large architectural changes, and they can fit into any network.

Free SDWAN Design Help

To take advantage of free assistance to engineer and design a SDWAN solution for your network...including a comparison of available providers with rate quotes...simply ask us at the following link:

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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10 Funniest Virtual Reality Fails And Reactions!

Before you watch this hilarious video of VR fails and reactions, grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage....then be prepared to laugh yourself silly!

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

5 Futuristic Toys Every Kid Must Have

They sure didn't have anything like this when I was growing up!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

5 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

Our world is changing at an extremely fast rate from our technological advancements. Here are 5 technologies that are right around the corner to change our lives as we know them.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Smart IT Strategy That Saves Every CIO Time, Money, And A Whole Lot Of Frustration

How do you search for IT infrastructure and telecommunications services when you need them? 
It can be a costly, time consuming, frustrating, and high effort experience...unless you have a secret weapon.  It's even better when that secret weapon is free.
If you are like most companies, you might go online to see which service providers can service your area, realizing that not all of them present accurate information about your specific location online at their web sites.

If you have multiple offices across the country or even across the world and want to standardize on one carrier, what are your network service provider options?

When you find one, then you play telephone tag with that carrier for several days until you find the right person there that can answer your questions about service, availability and price.

And all this assumes that you already know exactly what you’re looking for … don’t expect them to take the time to ask and fully understand your application or requirements, or in doing so, to suggest a better approach, perhaps even with a less expensive option. Then a few more days pass before you finally get a price from them for something that hopefully, maybe, with any luck, will meet your needs.
Then you repeat the process for the next carrier that can service your location while another week passes, and so on.
So say you found four service providers who could service your location with your requested service. Given about a week to get a price from each one, now a full month has passed since your first phone call to find out if this will fit into your budget. In the meantime, your competition is passing you by and business continues to be prosperous … for your competition, who found a better way of doing this mundane and arduous task. More on that in a minute.
Do you see the fundamental problems here? Let’s outline them:
Problem #1: It’s now a month later and you are still at basically the same place you were a month ago with no circuit on order.
Problem #2: Are you really comfortable that you have contacted ALL the first tier carriers that can service your location? Could there be others?
Problem #3: If you found a “super price” from a second or third tier carrier, are you comfortable they can really provide what you need; comfortable enough to not use a first tier carrier? Yes of course you search for reviews online but is what you find fact, fiction, marketing hype, or even comments from an isolated eternally-disgruntled customer?
Problem #4: How comfortable are you that the prices you were given for the circuit are as aggressive as the carrier is willing to be with them? How do you know if better pricing is possible with a first tier carrier?
Problem #5: If you order the circuit, sure they have 24×7 tech support but who’s going to go to bat for you if the carrier is not resolving the problem or the people in billing don’t understand why your invoice is wrong … again?
Problem #6: You’ve got a business to run, and taking time to deal with the problems above are not allowing you to focus on much more important tasks to make and keep your company as competitive and profitable as possible.

We Have A Solution To These Problems For You

We are telecom professionals with many years of experience in the world of telecommunications and circuits, and we work with 90+ first tier and top tier carriers every day.
Use us as your telecom go-to people when you need telcom services!
You don’t have to (and should NOT have to) wait weeks to get pricing back from all the first tier carriers that can service your location. With our patented software and technology, we can provide you with that information in a matter of minutes, showing all your reputable carrier options on one page.
And since we have taken the time to talk with you to fully understand your application and requirements, both for today as well as in the future, we can suggest alternate technologies and other possible solutions that could save you money, perhaps approaches that you weren’t even aware of or didn’t realize could be provided in your area.
Price? We have a Low Price Guarantee for you. For any quote we provide you, we guarantee that the pricing shown for each carrier is the lowest price that that carrier will offer, even if you go to that carrier directly. The reason we can do that is because of the volume of business that we provide to our partner carriers every month, which allow them to enable us to give you that lowest price, guaranteed.
Can we also resolve problem #5 above? Again we are there for you. Based on the volume of business that we do with our partner carriers, we have a direct line into senior management at each of those carriers. If you are ever having a problem with your circuit that the carrier is not resolving, please let us know, because we are happy to go to bat for you to make things happen on your behalf for the entire life of your circuit.

 Let Us Be Your Telecom Broker

You are not charged a penny for our services, so use us as your telecom broker. You’re getting the guaranteed lowest price from 90+ first tier and top tier carriers, and you are getting service after the sale for as long as that circuit is active.
It doesn’t get better than that.
Visit us today at.... NETWORK SOLUTIONS
Follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter 

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5 Futuristic Robots That You Must Have

Watch examples of how robots of the future could make your life easier.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

WARNING! This Video Will Shock You, Sophia Robot Said She Will Destroy Humans

Hanson Robotics has designed Sophia's Robot, one of the most advanced robots like Atlas.. This robot Sophia, said she wants to destroy humans. It is not a funny statement..!

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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Humanoid Robots....The Future Is Now

The dream sounds simple. Design a robot that can duplicate the complexities of human motion and genuinely help people. An easy task? Not at all. ASIMO took more than two decades of persistent study, research, and trial and error before Honda engineers achieved their dream of creating an advanced humanoid robot. The Past: In 1986, Honda engineers set out to create a walking robot. Early models (E1, E2, E3) focused on developing legs that could simulate the walk of a human. The next series of models (E4, E5, E6) were focused on walk stabilization and stair climbing. Next, a head, body and arms were added to the robot to improve balance and add functionality. Honda's first humanoid robot, P1 was rather rugged at 6' 2" tall, and 386 lbs. P2 improved with a more friendly design, improved walking, stair climbing/descending, and wireless automatic movements. The P3 model was even more compact, standing 5' 2" tall and weighing 287 lbs. The Present: ASIMO is the culmination of two decades of humanoid robotics research by Honda engineers. ASIMO can run, walk on uneven slopes and surfaces, turn smoothly, climb stairs, and reach for and grasp objects. ASIMO can also comprehend and respond to simple voice commands. ASIMO has the ability to recognize the face of a select group of individuals. Using its camera eyes, ASIMO can map its environment and register stationary objects. ASIMO can also avoid moving obstacles as it moves through its environment. The Future: As development continues on ASIMO, today Honda demonstrates ASIMO around the world to encourage and inspire young students to study the sciences. And in the future, ASIMO may serve as another set of eyes, ears, hands and legs for all kinds of people in need. Someday ASIMO might help with important tasks like assisting the elderly or a person confined to a bed or a wheelchair. ASIMO might also perform certain tasks that are dangerous to humans, such as fighting fires or cleaning up toxic spills.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Future Technology....What Our Digital World May Look Like In 2020

What are you expecting from future technologies?

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