Saturday, July 08, 2017

Why MPLS Networks Are Very Cost Effective For Your Business

Are you familiar with MPLS networks? If not, perhaps you should be, because MPLS networks can provide a much greater level of cost effectiveness for your inter-office communications than the old-school and expensive point-to-point networks, or even the very old frame relay networks.

MPLS stands for Multi Protocol Label Switching, and the technology has combined the best features of point to point networks and frame relay network into a single technology, which provides many advantages and none of the inherent drawbacks of those older technologies. MPLS networks are commonly used in high performance networks for the purpose of communication and for the same level of bandwidth, can provide the same throughput as an equivalent point to point network.

Designing the optimal network for connecting multiple offices together can be a complex task. If you only have two nodes that you want to interconnect, unless they are very geographically dispersed such as one in Los Angeles and the other in London, MPLS may not be as cost effective as a point to point network, but when you have three or more nodes that you want to connect into a common network, then the power and cost effectiveness of MPLS networks becomes evident.

Many carriers (though not all) allow you to use an Enhanced Port with your MPLS network such that you can use the MPLS internode communications capabilities as well as connect to the Internet on the same circuit. This could raise concerns about security, since MPLS is a private network which does not touch the public Internet and therefore is protected from the viruses and malware that exist on the public Internet, and allowing the same circuit to be connected to the public Internet might compromise that security. The vendors that provide this capability claim that this is not a problem at all and go to great lengths to protect your secure data, but this is something to be aware of and consider when you are configuring your MPLS network setup.

Another thing to note is that MPLS technology is not a defined standard, such as standardized by the IEEE organization. What that fact means to you is that you need to plan to use the same carrier at each MPLS node in your network because each carrier has implemented MPLS technology differently. While in theory you should be able to have AT&T MPLS talk to Sprint MPLS and talk to Verizon MPLS, the reality of trying to make that happen is generally an exercise in overall futility.

Finally, when you are deciding on which carrier to use for your MPLS network, you of course want to use a carrier that can and will support the network 24x7. Following that obvious goal, we would encourage you to visit our web site to get your MPLS quotes. We represent about 35 of the nation's top tier and first tier carriers, and based on the volume of business that we do with them each month, they allow us to guarantee in writing that you cannot get better pricing even if you go to the []MPLS provider directly or to another agency representing that carrier. Even though your contract is directly with the carrier that we have chosen together, we continue to support you though the life of the circuits. If you ever have a problem with the circuits that the carrier is not resolving, please let us know because we have a direct line into vice presidents at each of our carriers and we are more than willing to make heads roll on your behalf to get issues resolved as quickly as possible.

In summary, if you need to connect multiple offices into a single network, especially if they are geographically dispersed, you owe it to yourself and your company to check out MPLS networks and determine how much money could be saved compared to what you are doing today to accomplish your communications needs.

Communications technology changes quickly these days, and you need to keep up with those changes and technological advances so that you can take advantage of them and start saving money for your company by putting that technology to work for you. Find out more about MPLS Networks and where you can save telecom costs by using the latest technology. For more information, please visit our web site at []

By Jon Arnold

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