Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Future Of Wearable Technology

As computing moves from our desktops to our phones, we look into the future to see how technology will become increasingly ingrained in our movements and our active lives. From the Nike Fuelband to Google Glass, consumers are already seeing hints of the future of wearable devices. They have the possibility to make us more knowledgeable about ourselves and our surroundings, and connect us with each other in an uninterrupted, more intimate way. From DIY wearables to high-tech sensors and smart fabrics, the years ahead will show how integrated technology can impact our lives for the better.

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Wearable Technology is the big revolution which will transform the way we live. Wearable Technology is one of the most watched sector for consumer technology, it is an evidence of how wearable smart device has become the new social standard. Earlier, wearable technology was still in its beginnings phase where exactly no one knows about wearable device and is addressed around fitness or health or often connectivity with a mobile application. But now wearable device are emerging and there is no sets of definition for wearable technology. The main benefits of wearable technology is to track its steps along with tracking many people would like to monitor their heart rate and improves personal safety, encouraging self-monitoring & personal responsibility and creating awareness about your operating levels. Wearable device are used in various industries such as fitness, sports, defense, lifestyle and amongst others.

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