Saturday, May 28, 2016

You Can Have Your Organization's Entire Worldwide Internet Access Ecosystem On One Global Network...It's Now Possible

In today's global economy internet access for every location of your international business enterprise is the most basic of requirements. It is the critical backbone to all your communications, data management, digital media, conferencing, and other technology requirements worldwide.....including cloud based applications Without a high performance, connected, reliable, scalable, secure, agile, and cost effective global network your business can't...and won't...compete globally.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in....hospitality (hotels, resorts, restaurants), retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, oil and gas, technology, fashion, transportation, automotive, shipping, or whatever. Internet access for every location is the glue to worldwide commerce, communication, and connectivity for your company.

Gone are the days when your global network was thrown together with a hodge podge of multiple disparate providers, contracts, billing, maintenance agreements, and engineering designs for each location. In short, the worst nightmare of every CIO and CTO for network monitoring and maintenance.

But we have come a long way since those dark days. Now you can have your entire worldwide Internet access ecosystem managed on one global network. Yep.....only ONE.

It doesn't matter where your locations are around the world either. From New York to Paris, London to Tokyo, From Honk Kong to Rome, from Riyadh to Mumbai, from Sao Palo to Cape Town, from Cairo to Mexico City, from Bangkok to Los Angeles, from Dallas to Dubai, and're covered.

Available around the world in over 200+ countries....with this ultimate solution you don’t have to worry about multiple contracts, bills, currency, support, providers to manage, just one Expereo.

Expereo manages over 2500+ providers across 200+ countries to provide fully managed internet services with standard Ethernet handoff, static IPs, feet on the street, SDWAN, in a single partner to help your business efforts in the US or globally.

Every global carrier and system integrator uses Expereo on the backend to help provide internet to their global customers, and now YOU have opportunity to work with Expereo directly .... and take out the margin stacking to provide your organization great value and cost savings globally. Expereo does everything from sourcing, implementations, project management, to 24/7 post support with 4 NOCs around the world so you can ensure your organization will be taken care of globally.

Expereo for the past 10 years has serviced the majority of the fortune 1000 clients around the world across 200+ countries and is funded by the Carlyle Group whom is one of the largest venture capitalists in the world. So, you're getting the global business community's solution of choice ... backed by the strong support of the Carlyle Group.

Using Expereo to establish a single global network for your enterprise is what's called the very definition of no continuity at it's absolute best.

To take advantage of all the benefits having your entire international business on one global network .... all you have to do is ask at the link below. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Be sure and state in the comments that you want the Expereo global network solution. We'll take it from there.

One Global Network Solution

You can also learn a bit more about what one global network can do for your business by watching the videos below. Enjoy.

Here's a sampling of what Expereo provides.....

Internet -

Managed high-speed business-grade Dedicated and Broadband Internet Access services based on Fiber, Copper, Wireless or Satellite in 180+ countries.

iVPN -

Global portfolio of cost-efficient Internet based VPN services with local Internet breakout to access any public cloud application.


Local sourcing, installation and maintenance of Cisco, Accedian, Aruba Networks and Ruckus Wireless equipment in 200+ countries.

Professional Services -

On-site technical support services such as On-site Survey Service, On-site Installation, On-site Cabling and On-site Professional Services in any country.

Here's how Expereo does it......

- Managing 2,500+ suppliers and 17,500+ services in 200+ countries
- Multi-lingual implementation team in all key regions
- Multi-lingual 24×7 Network Operations Centers in all key regions
- Multi-lingual finance team to handle each month 2,000+ supplier invoices in 50+ currencies and 10+ languages

Here's the bottom line - If you are a global business NEED Expereo.

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Why Monitoring Is Needed For IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure refers to the collection of virtual or physical resources which support the complete IT environment - storage, server and network. It provides the basic platform for transfer of data from one place to another. A suitable platform must be provided by the infrastructure, for all necessary IT applications as well as functions for an individual or the concerned organization.

Monitoring infrastructure becomes a need to mitigate risks, reduce costs and support the optimal performance of business. Monitoring systems are fast becoming a necessity to avoid any adverse situations that ensure that preventive measures could have been deployed before the crash of the network, leading to business loss in a direct manner.

Why is IT Infrastructure Monitoring Essential?

IT monitoring is crucial for the virtual, physical and cloud systems alike, to ensure the availability and for providing service which is efficient. It is highly recommended to conduct consistent monitoring of infrastructure, by most reputable IT consulting firms. This is emphasized so that it can be ensured that everything is working as it should.

7 Key Benefits of IT Infrastructure Monitoring

• Reliability - Infrastructure monitoring helps in keeping track of critical software as well as appliances. It helps in predetermining problems before these become problems which impact users. Due to this practice, a proactive approach towards dealing with issues is ensured. This is better, opposed to users contacting with a problem.

• Troubleshooting - With IT infrastructure monitoring, identification of problem causing devices becomes fast and easy and hence limits the downtime or the time wasted in the attempt to diagnose the problem.

• Planning for changes and upgrades - In case any device in the infrastructural system constantly runs near its limit, it may be an indicator for change. IT infrastructure monitoring helps in identifying such devices to plan upgrading required.

• Capacity - Thoroughly understanding how the devices are functioning and being used allows the proactive identification of the regions that require extra storage capacity.

• Trend Tracking - There are certain issues that arise intermittently or at specific peak time which can pose difficulty in being pin pointed immediately. On - going monitoring reports allow identify as well as understand these trends.

• Save Money - Noticeable reduction in the downtime and time spent for investigations, means lesser amount of money spent when any issue arises and greater productivity.

• Increased profits - Avoiding the financial losses which may be caused due to undetected failure of systems is the ultimate result of proactive monitoring of infrastructure. When all services run as smoothly as they should, it definitely indicates an increase in profit statements.

The meaning and extent of infrastructure had witnessed expansion over time. More devices have connected to the basic infrastructure. Hence, as a matter of fact, regarding measurement and monitoring devices as well as other point specific items as being external to the IT infrastructure is better.

Enroll for Red Hat Linux Training and Cloud computing online courses with ItSprings.

Amit Kumar is an academician with a teaching experience of over 10 years. It includes computer related technology and online Linux training. He has been blogging and writing articles with special emphasis on Linux Course Online off late.

He has a plethora of articles published online and in magazines. His blogs and articles have helped many people chose Linux Admin Online Training. His writings include his interest area of online education which he supports as the novel way of spreading knowledge. Language and honest advice in his articles will let you chose the right education online.

By Amit Kumar


To learn more indepth detail on what network monitoring can AND should do for your business read the article below.....which also includes recommendations for who can accomplish this support for you.

Network Performance Management Is Crucial To Business Success Today....Shame On You If You Aren't Doing It

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Benefits Of Managed Services

Neglected or overlooked IT maintenance tasks can lead to potentially devastating business consequences, and hence the need for proactive network maintenance should be acknowledged. Service calls to IT contractors or IT infrastructure consultants take up to three times longer to diagnose the issue when compared to networks that are under an IT Managed Services contract. This increases the costs of repairs considerably - not to mention that the repairs could have been avoided had there been a contract with a professional IT Services Partner.

Remote management services ensure that most of the maintenance tasks are performed well in time with no impact on the company's workflow. Relying on the services of an experienced IT Services Partner can help an organisation manage preventive maintenance requirements of critical technology resources. Given below are some benefits of managed services:


A professional and reliable partner can help eliminate data recovery costs and expensive repairs by addressing problems before they pose huge network blockades. Moreover, managed services cost much less when compared to hiring an in-house IT team. Most Service Providers charge a fixed monthly fee for performing regular maintenance, including but not limited to data backups, security patches, virus protection updates, firewall protection updates and network performance maintenance.

Faster support

The best part of having an IT Services partner is that the received support is very fast. An efficient partner can diagnose and repair most issues using remote management tools, saving time as well as money.

Optimal performance

A professional IT Services partner performs regular preventative maintenance, thus ensuring that the performance is optimum with fewer network issues and less downtime.

Budget predictability

Most IT services come with a fixed cost which makes it easier to estimate your IT budget for the contracted period, especially as you do not need to spend exorbitantly on addressing random IT roadblocks.

Improved data integrity

When an organisation invests in reactive maintenance and repairs, there is a huge probability of losing mission critical data. The possibility of data loss due to hardware and software failure is eliminated by a managed IT service provider.

Efficient risk management

Managed IT services can safeguard the integrity of your network and can limit and control IT risks to a great extent. Now, can you put a price on peace of mind?

Last but not the least; IT managed services can free you up from the worry of managing your IT and can help you focus on your core business.

Allied Worldwide offers IT Outsourcing and IT Managed Services to small and medium-sized businesses through flexible engagement models. Allied specialises in high quality, cost effective IT support services and is the preferred partner of choice for many companies.

By Ramy Krish


If you're looking for what your managed services options are there's a FREE service that will help you do just that....including comparing available providers with rate quotes. Simply ask at the link below...easy as 1, 2, 3.

Managed IT Services Solutions

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Robot....You Unemployed

The jobs at highest risk are those in the transport and retail sectors. In fact the transport sector could have 1.5 million jobs, that's 74% of the current workforce, replaced with automation and 60% of retail. Not surprising when you see how popular online shopping has become - who needs a high street shop?

Almost 750,000 have been lost in manufacturing to automation just in the last 15 years alone.

Even Stephen Hawking the renowned scientist fears that AI or Artificial Intelligence could eventually spell the end of the human race.

He said while primitive forms of artificial intelligence had already proved very useful, the future consequences were very serious.

"Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it would take off on its own and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate, ".

"Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be superceded," he said.

It's ironic that he uses newly developed AI by Intel to communicate at a faster rate now than he could before.

The system, developed by Intel over three years, reduces the number of moves needed to spell out words, while giving Professor Hawking new functions such as sending email attachments.

"Hawking's typing speed is twice as fast and there is a tenfold improvement in common tasks," Intel said in a statement.

This is of course fantastic news for sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease or similar conditions of which there are millions of around the world and it shows AI in a very positive light.

Some people regard it as frightening - what are all the people whose jobs are being replaced supposed to do? Others just see it a natural progression of human ingenuity, another type of industrial revolution. Everyone will just have to adapt. After all we have unmanned aircraft ( drones) flying around our skies now but they are still controlled by humans albeit remotely.

It's not all doom and gloom though.There are areas where jobs are being created which are in the health and social work sectors, 1 million since 2000.

The Education, Communication and Information sectors are apparently where the most secure jobs are with less likelihood of automation, not surprising as people will always want to talk to people, so if you're just entering the jobs market or even in your mid- thirties looking to secure some sort of future then these areas would seem the logical choice.

Then there's sport - a real bastion of human activity and if you're good enough very lucrative. No-one's going to want to watch a man/woman vs machine are they- well apart from chess which, let's face it, is not a sport.

We may want to watch machine vs machine which is already popular with programmes like Robot Wars, but it's man/woman vs man/woman we really want to see due to the all too human desire to be the best and win!

We humans are an interactive species - after all who of us prefers to hear a human voice on the end of a phone instead of the endless automated menus we're very often subjected to? (Trouble is once you've gone past the automated menu and you finally speak to a human you're asked to repeat all the security information you've already given to get this far in the first place! but that's a different subject for another day!).

No one knows exactly how it will turn out but one thing's for sure it's going to be an interesting ride - probably in an automated self driven car.

If you're concerned at all about job security then one of the safest income opportunities around is having your own online business - either part time or full time, the choice is yours. To see how we can help you to decide what type of business visit We are here to help

By Jim Crossman

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Edge Computing Helps In Curtailing Performance Bottlenecks

The utilization of the Internet is greatly trending towards CPU and bandwidth-intensive applications, and several other correlated things. In the meantime, businesses are making every possible effort to converge mobile and data networks into the cloud architecture. CTOs suggest introducing storage capacity and computing capability at the network edge, as it helps in decreasing the time taken by a data packet to travel, and increasing the availability of applications on the network. Herein, edge computing plays a pivotal role in bringing bandwidth-intensive data files and latency-sensitive business applications in proximity to the end-user or data source.

This article will help you in gaining better understanding of edge computing and how it helps organizations to drive business values:

Edge computing places data acquisition, control functions and storage capacity of bandwidth-intensive applications closer to the end user. This kind of computing technique is applied onto a network end-point. To put it simply, this computing platform is reliant on the Internet or private network, which is a cohesive part of bigger cloud architecture. There are multiple types of edge computing that include localized data centers, local devices, and regional data centers.

What Role Edge Computing Plays in Minimizing Latency Challenges

It goes without saying that delay in information or service retrieval also leads to dissatisfaction. Workloads that are generated from bandwidth intensive streaming video generally cause network congestion and delays. This makes users switch the service provider, and it acts as a minus point for any business. You all must have come across the word of mouth or viva voce advertising, which experts consider as one of the greatly effective ways to influence business' brand value. Companies ensuring utmost user experience in tandem to the quality of service are more successful than those keeping customer satisfaction at the bottom of their priority list. According to a global information & measurement company, around 92% of customers rely on recommendations from friends and family over all other kinds of advertising. Furthermore, approximately 64% of marketing executives consider a word of mouth as the most effective form of marketing. That is why it is immensely important to ensure that all your critical websites, applications and other forms of services load faster in a stipulated time frame.

Local devices: Pieces of equipment tailored to meet specific business needs are referred to as local devices. These devices are ready to deploy and are apt for both home and small business applications. Running a security channel for the building or keeping a local video content on a DVR are two candid examples of local devices. Moreover, cloud storage gateway technically is a local device that helps end-users to efficiently integrate storage into applications.

Localized data centers: These facilities are built in a way that they have immense processing and storage capacities to meet varying business needs. The best thing about such kind of setups is that they offer faster deployment time, which enables companies to quickly start their resumed or new processes without falling prey to complexities. Apart from this, these setups are tailor-made, integrated with all the necessary elements that can be quickly assembled on site. Well, these data centers have different forms, and prefabricated micro data centers are one of those forms. These prefabricated micro facilities are gathered in a factory and then placed on a site. This, in turn, helps in reducing capital expenses and these savings can be further utilized in core business projects. The installation process is simple; it only requires the location in proximity to the power and fiber sources. Adding to it, multiple rack forms are extremely capable and elastic, due to high scalability factor, however, it involves lengthy planning and installation time and needs its own cooling resources.

Regional Facilities: Data centers - built to accommodate more than 10 racks and located in proximity to the end-user and the data source - can be referred to the regional setups. Greater scalability is one of its key traits, which enables enterprises to gain access to required processing speed and storage capabilities when compared to the aforementioned 1-10 rack facilities. Building regional data centers take a longer period of time no matter if they are prefabricated due to the most likely occurrence of construction, sanctioning, and local compliance challenges. Moreover, dedicated power sources and cooling equipment are mandatory for building the facility. However, latency will be directly proportional to the physical proximity of the data center to the users and the workload, and the number of hops in between.

Edge data centers are the best alternatives as it brings bandwidth-intensive data nearer to the end user and latency-allied applications nearer to the data. Herein, both computing power and storage capacities are applied directly on the edge of the network that helps in trimming down the transport time and augmenting the availability of the applications.

Are you planning to adopt a proficient technology for your critical applications that can help you deliver business value? You are fortunate enough that you are living in a techno-driven era, where every day new innovations and technologies are brought into the light. The market is overflowing with these advancements, helping businesses all across the globe to benefit with utmost ease. Be it cloud computing or VPS hosting, Go4Hosting has an expertise, spanning across all kinds of web hosting and cloud hosting solutions. Underpinned by latest technologies and requisite resources, the company offers a purpose-built solution to its clients, at the most economical prices.

By Taiba Fatima


If your looking for a cloud computing solution there's a FREE service to help you do that...including comparing available providers with rate quotes. All you have to is ask at the link below...easy as 1, 2, 3.

Cloud Computing Solutions


If your looking for what your options would be to address bandwidth intensive applications for your business....including comparing available providers with rate quotes...simply ask at the link below. It's FREE, and as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Bandwidth Solutions

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cloud Storage For Cloud Computing

Data is going to be the next big thing in the next decade and with the amount of data that will be handled increasing with an increase in its uses, we will require tremendous amounts of storage space to store such vast amounts of data. Cloud storage is one model of storing such humungous amounts of data in virtual space. It is a form of networked online storage system that are hosted by third party servers. The hosting companies themselves are depositories of large data centres and the people who require the data stored on the virtual storage either buys or lease storage capacity from these third party data centres.

Essentially the data centre operators, in the background, virtualise the resources required with the feedback from the end user who uses the servers. The uniqueness about cloud computing is that it allows users to use applications without installation on their personal computers and laptops and access their personal files at any location using the internet platform. This facility provided by the internet allows users to centralize data storage, processing and bandwidth. The humble email that we use for our daily communication uses is a good example of cloud computing.

When talking about the types of cloud computing we are able to list down the following types:

Infrastructure as a service

Platform as a service

Software as a service

Storage as a service

Security as a service

Data as a service

Test environment as a service

Desktop as a service

API as a service

The business model used in-house by organizations offering cloud computing is IT as a service, which can be abbreviated as ITaas. Using this service as the primary drivers of your organizations requires a lot of commitment from your side as it is very laborious to set up but once set up can be easily leveraged to serve your business needs.

Some systems that enjoy a similar stature in the IT enabled services domain are the following:

Autonomic computing

Client-server model

Grid computing

Mainframe computer

Utility computing


Cloud gaming

When we talk of autonomic computing we mean these are computer systems which are capable of self management. In case of the client server model, it is any distributed application that helps distinguish between servers and clients. Grid computing involves a network composed of super and virtual computers forming a group and acting either in the form of distributed computing or parallel computing. Mainframe computers are large computers used by organizations used invariably for bulk data processing like censuses, etc.

Utility computing can be compared to other metered utilities such as electricity and it involves the packaging of computing resources such as computation and storage. Distributed architecture which does not need central coordination in which participants are both suppliers and consumers of resources is peer to peer computing. Cloud gaming is an application that is also called as on-demand gaming and is a good way of delivering games to computers. The gaming data is stored in the gaming service provider's computer and it can be accessed at will with the use of a user name and password.

The writer of this article is a graduate civil engineer and a freelance writer. After working for 15 years in the construction industry, he took up content writing in order to showcase case his experience. He started writing so much that he took up writing on other niches too. He can be contacted on

By Harish Desai


If your looking for a cloud storage solution...or any cloud computing solution for that can get FREE assistance to do so, including a comparison of available providers with rate quotes, at the link below.

Cloud Computing Solutions

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Top Challenges In Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Many mobile app development companies work towards building customized apps for enterprises after studying their processes and the need to introduce automation. These apps are business processes based as opposed to other general applications found in app stores.

It is quite a challenge building customized apps for enterprises. Some of the common challenges seen are:

• Security
• User Interface
• Technology used


Under security there are various aspects that need to be considered while developing apps for enterprises. The very first aspect to be considered is employee authentication. Implementing a secure login procedure is essential. Many organizations require integration with their LDAP servers such as Active Directory servers. This makes it possible to enable single sign on and makes it convenient for all employees to manage their app logins and passwords. Another aspect of security is to enable server side validation. This will ensure that the validations are done on the server and not on the client which greatly improves the application performance. The code and logic will always be consistent and up to date because it is directly updated on the server. Lastly, it is always a good idea to use encryption for storing your data.

User interface Designs

When your app users are direct customers, attractive and attention grabbing UI's make sense. When your app users are business users the functionality of the interface beats the beauty. This does not mean that ugly looking interfaces will do. Aesthetics are always important and the first look should always be appealing if not stunning! Well, for enterprise apps usability comes before beauty. The emphasis is on creating apps that are convenient to use and intuitive for the employee too. For example, use icons to explain a button's functionality.

HTML 5 or Native Apps

Selecting the right technology for developing the app is half your job done. For enterprises there are special considerations. Technology wise, there are two approaches to creating mobile apps one is web apps and the other is native apps. The apps built specifically for iOS for example, can be built with objective C. These native apps can take advantage of the device hardware. Web apps on the other hand cannot talk to the device hardware. So depending on the type of features required, you can take a call whether web technologies or native apps need to be developed.

Use of cross platform apps and hybrid apps makes this more and more easy for app developers. The key is to analyze the requirements and the employee base to decide what technology will be used for enterprise mobile application development.

Overall, enterprises are inevitably moving towards a mobile future and developers need to beat all the challenges to create apps that will create an overall impact on the efficiency and productivity of enterprises both large and small.

A native application is one which has been developed for use on a specific platform or device. is a USA based mobile app development company which provides Android & iPhone app development services using mobile application strategy. We helps you to turn your ideas into beautiful mobile applications.

By Digant B

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Saturday, May 07, 2016

4 Mobile App Strategies Enterprises Must Follow

It's not good enough for organizations to just be "mobile aware" anymore. Companies that haven't implemented BYOD policies or other forms of enterprise applications are really losing out on increased productivity rates, better workflow processes and amplified revenues.

It's estimated that almost 2.08 billion people will be using smartphones in this year alone. Hence, an enterprise mobile application is not just "a nice option to have". It's a necessity.

Before contacting your nearest mobile app developer, read the following important strategies for enterprise mobile applications that you must consider:

1. The App is The Plan

What do we mean by "The App is the Plan"?

Well, it's simple really.

Once you have synced all your devices with the enterprise app, you will be on one page with everything happening in all the departments of your company. With enterprise unification, linking databases and systems becomes much easier and all data stores are at one place.

2. The mobile app must be accessible

Of course, data access to workers is necessary. The app has to be accessible, at least for all the concerned enterprise systems. Mobile optimization must be done before you launch your application. Developers need to ensure that the app runs on middleware platforms as well.

3. The mobile app has to be intriguing

According to a report by eMarketer, not a single category of mobile applications in China was able to retain its users after the first week of application use.

Why do users discontinue using an app they installed on their mobile device?

There are many possibilities. One of them can be that the app might not be engaging enough to make users stay. Let's keep in mind that a normal attention span of an app user is from 8 to 10 seconds.

The app needs to have an engaging user experience. Things such as "buy one get one free" offers, discounts etc. would not only offer value but keep users coming back for more.

4. The mobile app must have secured data

Your mobile app has data and information about your daily business processes and dealings. It is easily accessible. It doesn't bore users.

What's next?


The security of your application data is crucial. You need to make sure that the data is secured across a variety of devices or cloud database etc.

Keep the above mentioned tips in mind and sit down and have a discussion with the guys at IT. They are there to help. Enterprise applications don't have to be a pain. They are there to improve processes in a significant and positive way that will not only help your employees but help your business reach new heights of success.

At TkXel, we are always ready to help you with your business, transforming your ideas into highly successful technology solutions to optimize your existing processes and boost revenues. We would love to have you in our Discovery Workshop and define the possibilities, to make a tangible difference. If you would like to know more about how we can utilize our resources and expertise to provide assistance, just drop us a line at To read more about Enterprise Mobility, please feel free to visit our website anytime.

By Ashar Samdani

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Mobile Apps Emerge As The Star Performers Of The New Economy

Industry reports indicate that mobile apps will continue to be the 'super stars' of 2016. As more e-commerce websites, taxi apps and others make a transition to exclusively app based transactions, the potential for mobile app development companies will grow at an unbelievable rate. This also means that brands, across the spectrum, will have renewed interests and investments in mobile websites as well as mobile apps.

As data drives more market decisions, mobile apps will surely be the kings of our new and improved 'n-demand' economy. There is reason to believe that the entertainment and gaming industry holds much promise as data integration will create many powerful partnerships across platforms.

In more ways than one, it is an excellent time to explore the power of mobile apps. Brands have already understood and aligned their marketing strategies with evolving digital technology. It is only a matter of time before the exception becomes the norm. Although it is clear that traditional media will not disappear, yet there is no doubt that everything will be tried and tested for mobile first.

Custom app development companies would do well to take these predictions seriously and gear up to service the demands from this explosion in 2016. There is a chance that there may be a rise in offshore software development to control costs. But, this year, the offshore app development companies may have to perform on fronts other than cost competency. This means that offshore custom app development providers should be prepared to follow standardized frameworks and establish maturity in terms of capability.

This year, we are about to witness a renewed vigour to embrace and understand all forms of time-sensitive innovation to be able to take advantage of the technological opportunities in the next quarter. It will be safe to assume that the app development companies are getting ready to employ their legacy of solution architecture with contemporary technology to amplify their areas of expertise and add new services to their existing portfolio. First-movers in this segment are likely to capture a sizeable share of the mobile app development market in 2016.

Reports also indicate that services such as Analytics and Insights, Enterprise Mobility, Social Media, Cloud Computing, Big Data Management will be the top sellers in this year. We will also see competent industry players invest time and resources to strengthen their development capabilities to make the most of this 'App-ification Revolution.'

Ava Smith is the Business Development Manager for BluEnt. BluEnt is a software and web application development company based in New York, United States.

To find out about BluEnt's software development services, visit Services also include business process automation solutions, user experience and interface design, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), legacy migration, big data management and analytics.

Write to to know how BluEnt may serve you.

By Ava S

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