Saturday, December 03, 2016

Hilarious New Video Series Mocks Those Who Say "Girls Can't Code"

Why can’t girls code? Maybe because they’re girls.

Obviously that's ridiculous. But girls are excluded from male-dominated fields like tech all the time. We're reclaiming ludicrous stereotypes and making it clear GIRLS DO CODE!

When it comes to entering a male-dominated field like tech, there's a lot standing in a girl's way. Girls, after all, are just too beautiful and emotional to truly succeed at something as intense as coding, right?

If that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is — and Girls Who Code is starting a conversation about these bogus stereotypes.

The nonprofit, which works to close the gender gap in tech, launched a new three-part video series this week called Girls Do Code. Using satire and deadpan humor, the series sheds light on offensive stereotypes surrounding girls in tech, all while highlighting the need to change them.
You can also read an article on the 3 part series at the link below...
Yes, Girls CAN Code

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