Monday, July 04, 2016

The Solution For High Speed Internet In Hard To Serve Locations

Have you been told by your local internet providers that they just can’t bring true high-speed service to your business? Or maybe you manage multiple locations across the state or country and are tired of having to create a patchwork of ISPs to service all of them — especially the difficult-to-service locations.

Finally, you can get high-speed internet for your business — no matter the location! If you’ve been trying to get service for your difficult locations and not getting anywhere with other providers, Exede is here to help. We know satellite internet and can get you installed in a matter of days!

Exede fills in the coverage gaps where the cable and telco providers can't - or won't- go!

Fast- Offers the 15X4 Mbps speeds you've been waiting for.

Available- Where you least expect it - today! High speed internet for those challenging, undeserved locations.

Coverage- You can get high-speed coverage and one-stop shopping to locations that need service NOW!

Redundancy- Diverse access, high speed, reliable and affordable back-up service that every business needs.

Quick Installations- Installations within 3-5 days means quick service without waiting.

To find out more about what Exede can do for you....including free rate quotes and network design assistance simply ask at the link below...easy as 1, 2, 3.

Satellite Broadband Solutions

Learn all about Exede in this short video....

How airlines are using Exede to improve in-flight internet service.

Out in the boondocks? Need a good internet service? Here's an Exede satellite internet service review.

A young princess, frustrated by poor internet service in her kingdom, is saved by Exede! Exede Internet offers fast, affordable, reliable internet available in places fiber, cable and high speed DSL have left behind. Now her kingdom is at peace with high-speed internet and a reliable connection.

Exede satellite internet customers Paul and Wendy Hadley chose to leave the city and live in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park in California. With Exede, they're able to pursue their livelihoods while living in a place they love.

Just outside the cable zone, artist Sue Lion relies on Exede Internet to keep in touch with her family, friends and clients.

An Exede satellite internet subscriber in rural Ohio discusses using Exede to run his small business.

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