Thursday, July 07, 2016

Does Your Data Center Do This?

How well does your data center support your cloud computing efforts? How about having rapid, secure, reliable access to 200+ cloud service providers, connected directly across 24 strategic North American markets. Cologix Cloud Connect provides a streamlined source for enterprises in Tier II markets to access the widest selection of cloud services to securely satisfy their current needs while retaining adaptability to the changing technology landscape. Cologix customers have technology choice between public, private and hybrid cloud models as well as vendor choice within each model.

Cologix’s Cloud Connect was developed as a neutral platform to enable enterprises to leverage cloud technology within their IT strategy with maximum impact and flexibility, all from a single physical location in Cologix data centers.

Enterprises leverage Cloud Connect in four simple ways:

1.Secure dedicated connections to leading Public Clouds Unrivaled choice for dedicated, secure on-ramps to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Softlayer and other public clouds across Cologix markets.

• Broadest choice of certified network partners for dedicated on-ramps
• In market, low latency Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner in Toronto and Montreal (coming soon).
• In market, low latency Softlayer Cloud Exchange Provider in Toronto and Montreal (coming soon).

2.Secure, physical, low latency connections to 200+ Cloud Service Providers

• Find the providers that meet your specialized needs
• Low switching costs (a cross connect away) provide flexibility to future proof provider mix
• See Cloud MMR

3.International technology providers and system integrators that manage entire hybrid environment

• Unitas Global
• CompuCom

4.Cologix provides FLEXInfrastructureSolutions in select markets to provide a bridge for clients transitioning from in-sourced models to hybrid models.

“Adoption of a more holistic strategy for both business processes and IT enablement will eventually give rise to a model of service creation in which enterprises are dynamically matching and placing workloads at the best execution venue for a job based on cost, performance, legal and other requirements.” – Meet Me, Meet Me Not, 451 Research, August 2015

To take advantage of everything Cologix can offer your business simply ask for a free rate quote at the link below.

Cloud Network Support

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