Friday, July 08, 2016

Data Network Connectivity Made Easy...Wherever You Are

Wherever you are anywhere in the world...wouldn't it be nice to know you can connect ALL your global enterprise locations through ONE IP network provider? No more piece meal, cut and paste, multiple contracts, multiple bills, multiple designs, and multiple currencies. Nice, huh?

Well...this isn't a fantasy it's a real world true network connectivity solution every CIO and CTO will drool over. It'll make your CFO, COO, and CEO sit up and take notice too!

Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally. Global Capacity is dedicated to providing connectivity solutions to and from high demand destinations including the Internet, data centers, voice and Cloud service providers, and business offices over one of the largest end-to-end networks in the country.

Global Capacity provides ubiquitous network connectivity from 41 core Points of Presence (PoPs), 86 local aggregation PoPs, 2,007 Central Offices (COs) and 4,574 last mile network interconnections. The company delivers access to over 98% of the US market. Global Capacity also offers expansive international coverage for US companies building WANs to global sites, as well as for international companies connecting back to the US.


* Multi-site, multi-state, multi-country network solutions – Global Capacity’s One Marketplace network takes the headache out of sourcing and managing multiple suppliers across divergent geographies - delivering services with one MSA, SLA, and invoice no matter the location or access solution.

* Internet and Private Line Services across the U.S.

- Asymmetrical Ethernet is the preferred choice for businesses where other broadband services have fallen short. It offers true business-class uptime guarantees and application support.
- Ethernet over Copper Network provides national flat rate business-class bandwidth up to 100 Mbps to over 2.2 million business addresses across 58 metro markets in 28 states. Global Capacity gives businesses without fiber connectivity stronger, high-speed options to connect to the Internet, Over the Top VoIP, Video and Collaboration Applications, and Cloud-based business applications
- National T1 Coverage provides reliable low bandwidth solutions ideal for remote branch offices
- Broadband digital subscriber lines provide reliable low cost low bandwidth for backup, security, and monitoring systems. The service of choice for wired Internet of Things connectivity.

* International connectivity – with an experienced team and a broad range of suppliers, Global Capacity not only knows what service options are available from which international providers, they have competitive pricing to win new business. Grow your revenue in markets with more opportunity and less competition.

* MPLS – Global Capacity MPLS VPNs enable businesses to connect a single or multiple sites across the nation, keeping their WAN traffic secure and protected within the Global Capacity network, without traversing the public Internet. Global Capacity MPLS consolidates business applications onto a single private network with up to four classes of services, built-in security, and a wide selection of access technologies for maximum performance and flexibility.

* Direct connectivity to cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Equinix Cloud Exchange simplifies and shortens the time to connect to the cloud.

To take advantage of what Global Capacity can offer your enterprise simply ask for a free rate quote at the following link....

Network Solution Support

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