Saturday, July 30, 2016

Technology's Impact On The Hospitality Industry

Michael Bull and his panel of hospitality experts discuss how technology has changed the way hotels do business. Learn how technology may impact the industry in the future, and what the industry is doing to keep up with their customers needs.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Building All The New Technology You Can Into A Hotel

Mark Golan, vice president of connected real estate for Ciscos Internet business solutions group, discusses how to more fully integrate a variety of technology into lodging properties.

In order to power all of the technology discussed in the is absolutely critical to have a bandwidth network backbone up to the task. Design and sourcing of such a network can be very complicated and frustrating....but it doesn't need to be. No worries....there's a FREE resource available that will do it FOR you. All you have to do is ask at the link below....easy as 1, 2, 3.

Network Solutions

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Hotel Of The Future

Citizen-M Hotels are providing guests with innovative and exciting experiences with new technology: Automated Check-in, Smart Door Unlock and your own Personalised Control are seamlessly integrated into your stay through IReckon Software Solutions powered through an Intel® Xeon® Server.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Evolving Travel Journey - New Technologies In The Hotel Industry

This video focuses on the evolving travel journey and how the experience is changing for both hoteliers and guests - largely based around new technologies in the hotel industry.

Split into short case studies from senior thought-leaders in the industry, discover how particular technologies are revolutionizing the guest experience and the way hotels do business, smarter.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bandwidth In Hospitality's Back Office

Large, complex back-office operations can be a major cause of headache for a hotel's senior IT management. A wealth of back-office logistics is required for the smooth and efficient running of a property, or a group of properties spread across a region, a continent or the world. Many strategic business operations can be optimized with timely access to real-time data. Often, a variety of financial and accounting reports must be gathered from a disparate group of hotel properties, sometimes across a large geographical region.

Access to high-speed bandwidth enables hotel companies to cost-effectively build such interfaces using a variety of protocols, formats and methods. The key, of course, is access to a high-bandwidth Internet connection. While high-speed broadband connections have become readily available for hotel guests, the same cannot be said for those working within the hotel's back office.

There is a variety of reasons for this, with cost the most obvious. However, the cost of high-speed bandwidth continues to lower while the back-office benefits are growing rapidly - mostly from a new generation of hosted applications delivered via the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. These applications leverage the Internet to dramatically lower implementation and ongoing maintenance costs. The hotel industry is ideally positioned to take advantage of this delivery method due to the geographic dispersion of hotel properties. To capitalize on this opportunity, several SaaS offerings have emerged specifically to serve the hotel sector. Now is a good time for hotels and lodging facilities to re-evaluate the return on investment (ROI) associated with back-office bandwidth.

The procurement and accounts-payable processing for a major lodging operation, if not automated, can be a costly, time-consuming, manually intensive process with a high rate of error and minimal reporting options. In the past, the cost of deploying on-premise automation solutions was often prohibitive. Today, SaaS-based solutions tailored to lodging can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of yesterday's on-premise solutions. E-procurement and accounts payable auto-matching solutions are available that integrate suppliers and simplify the back-office scenario. These systems can dramatically enhance collective buying power, improve operations and lower costs.

With a high-speed Internet connection, an e-procurement and AP automation solution tailored to the needs of the hotel industry can be accessed. Then, with a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, hotel properties can streamline purchasing, inventory, food-cost management and accounts-payable functions across a host of geographic regions and properties.

AP functions no longer need be tied to individual properties. With global workflow solutions and hosted SaaS applications, the AP functions for an entire portfolio of hotels can be efficiently and cost-effectively processed in a central location taking advantage of economies of scale - or even off-shore, to take advantage of lower labor costs. With back-office bandwidth in place, the right SaaS solutions can strip a lot of the cost from the system.

Doug Sanborn

Birch Street Systems

By Doug Sanborn


Based on everything discussed above you should definitely access the capabilities and shortfalls of your current bandwidth network backbone. If you have any doubt that your network backbone is not up to standards you'll need to address that quickly .... before it affects your bottom line.

Should you decide that you need an upgrade or total replacement of your existing network the design and sourcing effort can be quite complicated and frustrating. Not to worry...there is a FREE resource available to accomplish everything FOR you. All you have to do is ask at the link below....easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Network Solutions

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Data And New Avenues For The Hospitality Industry

Big Data has been the buzzword in the technology and business space for quite some time now and is showing no signs to cease. Engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists from all over the world are being hired by big names in business to tame and leverage the tremendous potential of big data analytics. The change is so powerful that it has almost wiped out all previous methods of decision making and is going to be the prime mover of companies, government agencies and societies on a global scale.

Essentially, big data and advanced algorithms, coupled with very high amount of computing resource, crunches numbers and churns out probabilities and correlations - the two weapons of any management team. For example, the HR and recruitment team of any company would be happy to get insights on the probability of a new recruit's attrition. The board members would be happy to know the correlation between national GDP, an executive's skill-set and his chances of sabotaging the company, before taking him on board!

On the other side are the clients and customers of any product or service, who would be interested to know the probability that the claims made by the manufacturer or the service provider would be justified by the end results. To illustrate the point, we shall take the travel and hospitality industry as a case study and build the arguments on that basis.

The travel and hospitality industry has two kinds of customers - the first category comprises of seasonal customers who plan month before taking a long vacation and the second one are the random ones. If someone belongs to the second category and needs to travel frequently, stay in hotels and do stuff on the move, there is little big data based predictive models can do to cut costs. However, the first category can be a big gainer with the help of predictive models that operates on the big data framework.

Mathematicians and computer scientists can create highly complex algorithms that give rise to artificial intelligence with unimaginably large amount of data crunching capacities. Such infrastructures are quite capable of running programs with high resource requirement and in turn, can churn out probabilities and correlations between remotely related parameters.

For example, scientists have successfully developed and tested predictive mathematical models that can show an ordinary customer the optimum time and route for travel, so that a vacation can be planned with minimum cost. Such models can suggest, for example, that a person should buy plane tickets from X airlines exactly five days later for travelling to Barcelona after exactly forty three days, during which the tariffs of hotels A, B and C is expected to be minimum, the weather is expected to be pleasant and the overall probability of enjoying a relaxing vacation is very high. If one wants to calculate the optimum itinerary for a trip to Spain, it can also be done easily.

The big data paradigm feeds on astronomical volumes of data and statistical methods suggest that greater the sample size better is the accuracy of the stochastic output. In today's age, there is no dearth of data and therefore, big data analytics is working fine for companies that are adding value to people's lives by application appropriate techniques. When it comes to the hospitality industry, Hotel And Ticket Booking Service providers can also apply these techniques on their own or outsource the same to experts, so that they can provide real and unique values to their customers. These can be a great strategy for them to win customer loyalty, as a customer will surely return to the booking service provider once he realize that while others have bought expensive tickets, he has been benefitted by the booking agent's advice!

Among those who are planning to leverage big data in the hospitality industry, Real Trip Finder is one of the best Hotel And Ticket Booking Service provider in the world. The author, Pritam Dalui, has written this article based on his personal experiences with the agency.

By Pritam Dalui

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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Advantages Of A Business Center In Hotel Lobbies

If you are a seasoned business traveler, there are many advantages of a Business Center in Hotel lobbies. How many times have you checked in, gotten to your room and realized that your wireless card won't pick up a signal? This is mostly because the construction of newer hotels are such that the steel used to build the property blocks the signal. This is really frustrating, especially when you need to check emails or check into some information about an account.

As rough as having to fly to your destination, and with additional charges for extra baggage, bringing your portable printer may not be logical or cost effective. So, after you close your big sale and need to fax the order in for processing, you are now forced to wait until you get home. Or are you?

Over the past five or so years, almost every hotel has added a business center in the lobby. You will usually find several computers, a fax machine, a copy machine and obviously, Internet access. Fortunately, the cost of using these facilities is still inexpensive, but they are as functional as being in your office, or your home office.

Early on, many were poorly equipped and often getting online was next to impossible. Now, everything is right at your beck and call. Even if you can access the Internet remotely, with your laptop, the additional office equipment is very handy and there is seldom any wait.

They are also very easy to use. All that is necessary is the cash to put into a machine and out pops a debit card for the center. As you use your time, a clock will show how much time you have left, so you can't get overcharged for additional time. And it's likely that you will not waste time. They are truly designed to get you to work and finish as quickly as possible. When traveling, you may wrap up your day in a much shorter time than if you were stuck in your office or sitting at your desk at home.

Some of the more upscale hotels will have the newest technology available. It allows you to try some software or printer that you may not have access to anywhere else. There have been many travelers whom have requested where they can buy some of the stuff that is loaded on the computers, that in some cases, has not hit the market yet. Some software companies donate these products to get a feel of how people will respond to them, before they are sold at retail. In fact, you may be asked to review some new products before you leave the hotel. The usual reward is a prepaid card to use on your next trip.

It is all about convenience. With the breadth of available help in these centers, unless you use your laptop while in the field, you may be able to travel a bit lighter and still be totally functional. The more you use a business center in hotel lobbies, the more you will like them.

When you or whomever makes your hotel reservations calls, the person taking the reservation should always be asked if there is a business center on premise. They can make your day a lot easier and the work that you would be stuck doing when you get home will get done sooner and in some cases better!

hotels in Toronto offering business class executive suites, meeting facilities and more. Many location across the GTA to serve you better. Visit us at airport hotels in Toronto.

By Adriana A Noton


Here's a tip on your hotel business center....all those bells and whistles are only as good as the broadband network backbone you have driving them. Make sure the network backbone is up to the task or your business center will be nothing more than glorified unused furniture. Now design and sourcing of a network backbone doesn't have to be a frustrating endeavor. In fact, there's a FREE resource that will do ALL of the work FOR you. All you have to di is ask at the link below....easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Network Solutions

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Friday, July 08, 2016

Go West Young Man...They Do Networking At The Speed Of Light

Networking at the speed of light....impressive. If you're a business in the western United States you have a HUGE advantage over your competitors in the rest of the country. That is....if you have been smart enough to take advantage of it.

What is "it"? Read on...than hitch up your britches, saddle up, and get some for yourself!

Electric Lightwave is one of the largest facilities-based providers of communication and networking services in the western United States. We connect businesses of all sizes with advanced technology solutions in 35 metropolitan markets. EL owns and operates an enterprise-class network consisting of a 5,000-mile long-haul fiber-optic network, 3,000-miles of metropolitan fiber and a nationwide IP/MPLS network. Our fiber connects directly to more than 2,000 commercial buildings and data centers. Through our expansive Ethernet footprint, we can deliver high-bandwidth services to more than 400,000 businesses. At EL, we understand our customers need reliable, secure and flexible solutions delivered with unmatched expertise and quality of service.

Unlike communication companies that just resell services from the Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC), In contrast to companies that simply resell services from the monopoly Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC), EL owns and operates its own network offering local dial tone, domestic and international long distance, high-speed Internet and data services (including digital subscriber line or DSL), voice messaging, and numerous ancillary services designed to support the communication needs of businesses including business phone systems.

EL also provides managed services and converged Internet Protocol (IP) network services that combine voice, Internet access, and private data networking for small and medium sized companies, enterprises, national and government accounts.

If you're a business anywhere in the western United States you need to jump on this NOW. You can get free rate quotes, network design assistance, and personal support with contact details by simply asking at the following link.

Free Network Solution Support

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Data Network Connectivity Made Easy...Wherever You Are

Wherever you are anywhere in the world...wouldn't it be nice to know you can connect ALL your global enterprise locations through ONE IP network provider? No more piece meal, cut and paste, multiple contracts, multiple bills, multiple designs, and multiple currencies. Nice, huh?

Well...this isn't a fantasy it's a real world true network connectivity solution every CIO and CTO will drool over. It'll make your CFO, COO, and CEO sit up and take notice too!

Global Capacity is the leading connectivity as a service company that improves the efficiency and reduces the cost of data network services globally. Global Capacity is dedicated to providing connectivity solutions to and from high demand destinations including the Internet, data centers, voice and Cloud service providers, and business offices over one of the largest end-to-end networks in the country.

Global Capacity provides ubiquitous network connectivity from 41 core Points of Presence (PoPs), 86 local aggregation PoPs, 2,007 Central Offices (COs) and 4,574 last mile network interconnections. The company delivers access to over 98% of the US market. Global Capacity also offers expansive international coverage for US companies building WANs to global sites, as well as for international companies connecting back to the US.


* Multi-site, multi-state, multi-country network solutions – Global Capacity’s One Marketplace network takes the headache out of sourcing and managing multiple suppliers across divergent geographies - delivering services with one MSA, SLA, and invoice no matter the location or access solution.

* Internet and Private Line Services across the U.S.

- Asymmetrical Ethernet is the preferred choice for businesses where other broadband services have fallen short. It offers true business-class uptime guarantees and application support.
- Ethernet over Copper Network provides national flat rate business-class bandwidth up to 100 Mbps to over 2.2 million business addresses across 58 metro markets in 28 states. Global Capacity gives businesses without fiber connectivity stronger, high-speed options to connect to the Internet, Over the Top VoIP, Video and Collaboration Applications, and Cloud-based business applications
- National T1 Coverage provides reliable low bandwidth solutions ideal for remote branch offices
- Broadband digital subscriber lines provide reliable low cost low bandwidth for backup, security, and monitoring systems. The service of choice for wired Internet of Things connectivity.

* International connectivity – with an experienced team and a broad range of suppliers, Global Capacity not only knows what service options are available from which international providers, they have competitive pricing to win new business. Grow your revenue in markets with more opportunity and less competition.

* MPLS – Global Capacity MPLS VPNs enable businesses to connect a single or multiple sites across the nation, keeping their WAN traffic secure and protected within the Global Capacity network, without traversing the public Internet. Global Capacity MPLS consolidates business applications onto a single private network with up to four classes of services, built-in security, and a wide selection of access technologies for maximum performance and flexibility.

* Direct connectivity to cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Equinix Cloud Exchange simplifies and shortens the time to connect to the cloud.

To take advantage of what Global Capacity can offer your enterprise simply ask for a free rate quote at the following link....

Network Solution Support

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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Does Your Data Center Do This?

How well does your data center support your cloud computing efforts? How about having rapid, secure, reliable access to 200+ cloud service providers, connected directly across 24 strategic North American markets. Cologix Cloud Connect provides a streamlined source for enterprises in Tier II markets to access the widest selection of cloud services to securely satisfy their current needs while retaining adaptability to the changing technology landscape. Cologix customers have technology choice between public, private and hybrid cloud models as well as vendor choice within each model.

Cologix’s Cloud Connect was developed as a neutral platform to enable enterprises to leverage cloud technology within their IT strategy with maximum impact and flexibility, all from a single physical location in Cologix data centers.

Enterprises leverage Cloud Connect in four simple ways:

1.Secure dedicated connections to leading Public Clouds Unrivaled choice for dedicated, secure on-ramps to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Softlayer and other public clouds across Cologix markets.

• Broadest choice of certified network partners for dedicated on-ramps
• In market, low latency Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner in Toronto and Montreal (coming soon).
• In market, low latency Softlayer Cloud Exchange Provider in Toronto and Montreal (coming soon).

2.Secure, physical, low latency connections to 200+ Cloud Service Providers

• Find the providers that meet your specialized needs
• Low switching costs (a cross connect away) provide flexibility to future proof provider mix
• See Cloud MMR

3.International technology providers and system integrators that manage entire hybrid environment

• Unitas Global
• CompuCom

4.Cologix provides FLEXInfrastructureSolutions in select markets to provide a bridge for clients transitioning from in-sourced models to hybrid models.

“Adoption of a more holistic strategy for both business processes and IT enablement will eventually give rise to a model of service creation in which enterprises are dynamically matching and placing workloads at the best execution venue for a job based on cost, performance, legal and other requirements.” – Meet Me, Meet Me Not, 451 Research, August 2015

To take advantage of everything Cologix can offer your business simply ask for a free rate quote at the link below.

Cloud Network Support

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

What To Look For In A Cloud Computing Solution Provider...Don't Compromise On This

When you're looking for the best fit cloud computing solution for your enterprise consider this....

- Who is the Microsoft 2015 Partner Of The Year? You deserve Fanatical Support® for Microsoft Azure...Getting the most from Azure with management, monitoring and support.

- Who is an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner? You deserve Fanatical Support® for AWS...with the abilty to migrate, design and maintain, secure, and operate your AWS for you.

- Who is VMWare Hybrid Cloud Powered? You deserve VMware vCenter® and vCloud® expertise and application support. VMware technology is probably already powering your data centers. With this cloud solution, you can leverage the tools and expertise you already have, while extending into the cloud and augmenting your staff with their own VMware experts.

- Who is recognized as a Leader by Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrants for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting in North America and Europe?

- Who provides a 100% Network Uptime Guarantee? This cloud provider guarantees that their data center will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance. Otherwise, they apply a 5% credit of your monthly fee for each 30 minutes of network downtime, up to 100% of your monthly fee for the affected server.

If you haven't guessed yet who we're talking's Rackspace...the undisputed top dog in cloud computing solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

To learn more about what Rackspace can do for you....including free rate quotes and assistance designing a custom cloud solution from Rackspace...simply ask at the below link.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Public Cloud

Get high performance SSD servers ready to use in under a minute, we make it easy to start deploying your applications. They are easily scalable and with expert engineers available 24X7X365, you'll get the help you need when you need it.

Private Cloud

Key Advantages of Rackspace Private Cloud include:

- Specialists proactively monitoring and maintaining the health of your private cloud
- Hybrid cloud for additional scalability
- They are one of the largest hosting partners of VMware and Microsoft, and one of the founders of the OpenStack open-source cloud initiative
- Enhanced security of a single-tenant environment with physically isolated network, compute, and storage layers

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes the best infrastructure for a site or app requires both cloud and dedicated environments. Rackspace offers a true hybrid cloud environment—so you can connect public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware, to create the best fit for your specific needs.

The public cloud changed computing history. The Rackspace Hybrid Cloud changes history once again because it does what no public cloud alone can ever do—it combines public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated bare metal computing and makes them work as one, all based on open standards and backed by Fanatical Support.

Every cloud has to be managed by someone—the difference is at Rackspace we offer you the power of the cloud without the pain and expense of managing it yourself. In this video, Rackspace President Taylor Rhodes and some of our customers explain the power of managed cloud and Fanatical Support. Focus on your business and let the #1 managed cloud company take care of your cloud hosting.

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HOTEL IPTV - True Unified Communications For Hotels

IPTV is the new buzz word in the hospitality sector and with good reason as it opens up a whole new world of interactivity and endless possibilities, which ultimately increases guest satisfaction and if designed correctly, will increase hotel revenue. However IP unified communications systems can provide much more than just TV to hotels. In this article we shall explore some critical elements that can dramatically benefit hotel operators by implementing an IP unified communications system.

Lets take a look at some of the key points regarding the current conventional technology used in vast majority of hotels today. Conventional TV systems (Hotel MATV) consist of 2 main features:

- A limited number of Live TV channels due to the coaxial cable networks installed
- NVOD or Near Video On Demand

RF technology falls short of providing any additional information and interactive services that may provide any real benefit to the guest and hotel at the same time. NVOD in itself is quite limited and is more than an inconvenience to guests as it requires them to wait for the movie to start, rather than immediately viewing the movie once the movie purchase has been made.

Standard MATV Technology

The overwhelming majority of hotels currently use standard MATV systems to provide TV to their guests via RF (radio frequency) equipment and cable called 'coaxial cable' which was invented by Oliver Heaviside way back in 1929. Although the cable is widely used in most hotels and is a legacy technology, it is utilized to provide TV channels, NVOD movies and some promotional media. However MATV systems fall short of giving any real interactivity or depth to the hotel's communications network. What most people don't realise with current hotel MATV systems is that even though the channels come from a digital source, in 99% of cases the channels are actually converted and broadcast in analogue, thus greatly reducing picture quality, adding probability of interference which most of the time results in 'snow', thus, amongst so many other factors, basically resulting in a sub-standard service compared to today's high standards. Whereas IP Unified communications systems work on full digital IP technology.

Conventional TV system shortcomings:

- Channels are broadcast in Analogue and in standard definition
- No High Definition Channels are possible using analogue
- Poor picture quality TV channels
- Susceptibility to Interference
- Lack of personalization for guests
- Limitation of the number of TV channels offered
- Incapacity to provide interactive features to guests
- No capacity to provide interactive e-commerce or marketing

Why use IPTV over the current analogue Hotel MATV Systems?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system which Television Channels and Movie content is converted into data and transported through an IP network (a LAN) using either the hotel's existing standard copper telephone cables thus eliminating the need for re-cabling or with Fibre Optic or Category 6 cables in new hotels. The digital data is then transported through the IP infrastructure, directly to each room via an IP Set Top Box or IP Television Set and guests can simply access the TV channels and other content using a standard TV remote control. For more advanced usage such as writing documents, emails etc... a wireless keyboard can be used.

What this means is that not only can the hotel now provide 1080p high definition Television and real Video On Demand (VOD), but other technologies such as IP Telephony, Internet and fully interactive promotional services can now be provided to each guest using the same single I.P. network infrastructure thus resulting in reduced cabling and labour costs whilst significantly adding value to the hotel's communications system.

What are the highlights of a good IP Unified Communications System?

- No limitations on the number of TV channels that can be provided to guests
- Provide a comprehensive local and international TV and radio channel line up
- True Video On Demand (VOD) with full Play/Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward capabilities
- On Demand free movie trailers to encourage movie purchase
- Additional local and international Radio Channels (Via satellite and Internet)
- Music On Demand (Inc. Music Video) with literally thousands of music titles
- Fully customized guest interface and Middleware
- Private messaging from front desk to guest
- E-commerce and in-house shopping from TV screen
- Targeted Direct marketing and Promotions
- Full Interactive capability
- Personalization services
- Online bookings via the TV screen/remote control
- Real time weather reports, flight information and other information services
- Guests can view their bill before checkout
- Full PMS integration for single billing solutions on guest checkout

What are some other services that can be added to IP Unified communications systems?

- Real time automated IP Security and Monitoring
- Hacker detection, Anti-Hacker response and guest protection
- 24/7 Quality control
- IP Telephony and VoIP Communications (including Skype Connectivity)
- IP CCTV Security Video Cameras (Including PTZ)
- IP Public Address (for security and mood creation requirements)
- IP Access Control
- IP Intercom
- Secure and Encrypted Remote Access
- Business applications and Video Games

What are the main benefits for Hotels?

- Additional and Increased Revenue Generation
- Improved Customer Satisfaction
- Immediate Customer Service Response
- Interactive Advertising and Promotional Vehicles
- Better Market and Hotel Performance Intelligence
- Greatly Reduce Printing, Stationary and Operational costs.

Andrew Spence is a hotel specialist communications consultant and freelance journalist, with over 35 years experience providing sound advice to the global hospitality / lodging industry.

Andrew's blog [] a website that provides free and realistic consulting services to the hospitality / lodging industry. Each page has easy to understand advice that specifically target the communications and entertainment areas.

About Wowtel

Wowtel [] are a manufacturer and provider of full turn-key unified IP communications to hotels, resorts, mining villages, hospitals, retirement villages, serviced apartments, ocean liners, housing estates, government and most major projects. Wowtel operate in the Asian, European and Oceania markets. The Wowtel Dreamwise communications system provides all the positive features mentioned in this article.

By Andrew J Spence


Remember in the discussion above that your IPTV will run over your existing LAN? Here's a tip....before jumping head first into impementing IPTV in your property, make sure that your existing LAN set-up is capable of running the system. If you have ANY doubts you should strongly consider an upgrade (especially to fiber if not already present) or possibly an entire LAN replacement. Now the design and sourcing of a LAN system can be quite complicated and frustrating....but it doesn't have to be. There's a FREE resource that will do ALL the work for you. All you have to do is ask at the link below...easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Network Solutions

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Diversity & Cloud WAN...How To Simplify A Multi-Branch Network With Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN

Freewire Diversity & Cloud WAN Service delivers flexible and secure, enterprise-grade WAN to easily connect multiple remote branches. With Freewire’s edge computing solution, IT departments can seamlessly deploy a WAN solution that:

** Superior Circuit Optimization: Optimizes and aggregates any type of internet connection(s), while intelligently routing traffic a per-packet basis over the best available path

** Transparent Network Management: Provides complete visibility and real-time management of your entire WAN ecosystem

** Instant WAN Deployment: Automatically generates VPN tunnels for secure site-to-site connectivity via a point-and-click interface

** Active/Active solution: Simultaneously utilizes both internet connections to effectively aggregate the total throughput

At A Glance....

FreeWire will provide you with an on-site edge device that allows you to instantly connect your remote locations and also optimizes multiple internet connections from different providers. Freewire utilizes dynamic-path optimization that ensures optimal performance for critical applications by choosing the best path and proactively steering traffic to a different link when there is a performance disruption. When traffic is moved to a new path, you won't experience a service disruption - even for real-time applications like VoIP and video. Freewire also provides 24/7 monitoring and management of your network.

To take advantage of everything FreeWire can do for your enterprise network simply ask for more information and a free quote at the below link....easy as 1, 2, 3.

Network Solution Support

* Simplify WAN deployment with Cloud

- Fast provisioning of remote branches in minutes with zero IT touch and cloud activation.

- Enterprise-grade WAN with dynamic multi-path steering an on-demand Link remediation for performance and reliability.

- Automatic selection of cloud gateways for best direct path eliminates back hauling of WAN traffic for SaaS applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Office, etc.

- Subscription based Network-as-a-Service eliminates upfront CAPEX costs.

* Meet PCI 3.0 Compliance with Advanced Security

- Stateful and context aware firewall (application, user, device) for advanced security.

- Automatic, single click Cloud VPN for branch-to-data center(and direct branch-to-branch traffic. Monitor real-time status and health from the central cloud console.

A future-proof SD-WAN solution. Optimizes/aggregates any internet link(s), intelligently routes traffic on a per-packet basis utilizing an ‘active-active’ system, automatically connects locations through VPN tunnels and provides unparalleled visibility into your entire network.

Freewire configures and manages an array of solutions including Wi-Fi, switching, routing and firewalling for both your enterprise and/or event. All equipment, deployment, software upgrades and 24/7 NOC monitoring are all included.

Connect your business to the internet using a truly diverse path. Our secure microwave links include a robust SLA and deliver a symmetrical, stable connection that supports VoIP, VPN, cloud computing and streaming video.

Centralized Management, Control and Policy Enforcement

- Enterprise wide monitoring and group policy setting for all sites, ISPs, applications and users.

- Smart QoS with application-aware classification for 2200+ apps for granular control based on custom business objectives.

- Business policies based on application priorities, usage, and security goals.

- Unified architecture to scale from one site to hundreds of remote offices, seamlessly. Full interoperability with other WAN vendors for remote branches of 3rd party partners.

Freewire Knows Business...

Freewire knows that business drives IT. Since its inception in 2005, Freewire has combined the most advanced technology with business professionals to ensure that your network works according to your needs. By continually developing personalized networking solutions to fit a diverse client base, Freewire bridges the gap between network connectivity and business efficiency.

Freewire Knows Connectivity...

Freewire has always provided the most advanced technology to keep businesses connected. Utilizing a footprint that extends the I-5 corridor in Oregon and Washington, Freewire quickly became the largest Fixed Wireless provider in the Northwest. Already synonymous with unparalleled connectivity solutions, Freewire expanded into a managed services provider, and now delivers enterprise grade Managed Wi-Fi to some of the most recognizable names in the NW.

Freewire Knows Networking...

As our customers demanded more, Freewire delivered. In the spring of 2015, Freewire partnered with VeloCloud and launched Freewire Diversity and Cloud WAN Service. Through this revolutionary WAN solution, Freewire optimizes connection performance, provides unparalleled network visibility, drastically reduces cost and allows for nearly instant new branch deployment. Freewire delivers a network that utilizes the most advanced technology available that functions according to the exact specifications of your business needs.

Diverse Path Optimization (DPO) is a component of Freewire Diversity. With Freewire's DPO you can realize seamless auto-failover and load-balancing between multiple internet circuits. This low-cost service dramatically simplifies the integration of a diverse path in to your network.

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The Highest Rated Unified Communications Solution Is.....

Stop worrying about your phone system. Put your business on the map with better communications through enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications. Make the changes you want, forget about system maintenance, and focus on why you got into business in the first place.

Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP (Hosted PBX) and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. Jive’s hosted services run on Jive Cloud, a cloud-based platform built on open industry standards. The Jive Cloud architecture has been purpose-built to deliver the most reliable, powerful, and economical hosted communication services available to the enterprise market.

Jive consistently rates highest on third-party customer review sites. When world class technology meets professional implementation and dedicated support, everything jives.

It's so simple...take advantage of Jive’s simple online interfaces and quick setups. All Jive Voice phones come preconfigured for easy plug-and-play installation. Jive also has intuitive, drag-and-drop controls that allow administrators to control all aspects of their system with a single click.

It’s so affordable...Jive Voice offers a lower total cost of ownership when compared with traditional on-premises or legacy solutions. Jive eliminates the need for expensive licensing fees, annual maintenance contracts, separate service plans, costly upgrades, and proprietary premises-based equipment.

It's so reliable....Jive solutions are delivered via Jive Cloud, our hosted services platform. Born in the Cloud, Jive doesn’t have legacy or premises-based distractions. Jive Cloud has industry-leading: ** Performance. Housed in multiple SSAE16 datacenters across the world, Jive Cloud provides redundancy and high availability on a full distributed platform.

** Scalability. Jive can serve thousands of users on a single, consolidated system that has unlimited capacity for growth.

** Flexibility. Control all system configurations and make moves, adds, and changes in real-time using Jive’s online administrator portal.

** Interoperability. Based on open standards and commodity hardware, Jive provides API access and integrates seamlessly with leading CRM, ERP, and other third-party software.

For FREE assistance designing your Jive network including negotiating the best cost for your business simply ask here....

Network Solution Support

What's so great about Jive Communications?

Jive brings the secret sauce to transform your old communications equipment into something incredible: the Jive Cloud. Take the stress out of your phone system and free yourself from your old analog and legacy hardware.

Find out why using Jive is one of the easiest customer experiences you can have in the industry. In this provider spotlight, we get a glimpse at what's really happening inside Jive's HQ.

Customer Testimonial....Lucid Software

Learn how the Jive Cloud helps integrate communications services for schools and educational facilities.

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Monday, July 04, 2016

The Solution For High Speed Internet In Hard To Serve Locations

Have you been told by your local internet providers that they just can’t bring true high-speed service to your business? Or maybe you manage multiple locations across the state or country and are tired of having to create a patchwork of ISPs to service all of them — especially the difficult-to-service locations.

Finally, you can get high-speed internet for your business — no matter the location! If you’ve been trying to get service for your difficult locations and not getting anywhere with other providers, Exede is here to help. We know satellite internet and can get you installed in a matter of days!

Exede fills in the coverage gaps where the cable and telco providers can't - or won't- go!

Fast- Offers the 15X4 Mbps speeds you've been waiting for.

Available- Where you least expect it - today! High speed internet for those challenging, undeserved locations.

Coverage- You can get high-speed coverage and one-stop shopping to locations that need service NOW!

Redundancy- Diverse access, high speed, reliable and affordable back-up service that every business needs.

Quick Installations- Installations within 3-5 days means quick service without waiting.

To find out more about what Exede can do for you....including free rate quotes and network design assistance simply ask at the link below...easy as 1, 2, 3.

Satellite Broadband Solutions

Learn all about Exede in this short video....

How airlines are using Exede to improve in-flight internet service.

Out in the boondocks? Need a good internet service? Here's an Exede satellite internet service review.

A young princess, frustrated by poor internet service in her kingdom, is saved by Exede! Exede Internet offers fast, affordable, reliable internet available in places fiber, cable and high speed DSL have left behind. Now her kingdom is at peace with high-speed internet and a reliable connection.

Exede satellite internet customers Paul and Wendy Hadley chose to leave the city and live in the desert near Joshua Tree National Park in California. With Exede, they're able to pursue their livelihoods while living in a place they love.

Just outside the cable zone, artist Sue Lion relies on Exede Internet to keep in touch with her family, friends and clients.

An Exede satellite internet subscriber in rural Ohio discusses using Exede to run his small business.

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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Information Technology In The Hospitality Industry

Traditionally, hotels were largely dependent on cards and paperwork at the front desk to keep in touch with old and current customers. They were largely at the mercy of the desires of vacationers to arrive, and on their own efforts and staff to be ready for potential surges or long droughts of occupancy. Luckily, such inconvenience and old-fashioned methods are long since past, thanks to advances in information technology.

The first area in which information technology became important was in regards to billing. Old-fashioned paper-based book-keeping was time consuming and inefficient, and was not able to quickly tell a hotel owner what the situation of their hotel was. Luckily, advances in modern record keeping allow for a hotel owner to keep track of what they have on hand, how much of it they have, and how much it costs. Accounting is complicated, but advanced accounting software, especially that tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality industry, helps to enable hotel owners to make smart decisions. Services and products that are no longer used can be quickly cut off to save money, while those who show demand can be increased in quantity or modified so as to reduce the heavy usage.

Most hotels are familiar with booking rooms and reservations over the phone, but information technology has expanded well beyond that. Hotels can now work with various online travel companies and booking services to have their rooms booked online, with no need to employ expensive staff. This also allows a hotel to advertise their open rooms and special deals directly to persons who would be most likely to purchase them, instead of wasting lots of money advertising in an unfocused manner. High quality information technology thus allows for better arrangement and management of bookings in order to allow a hotel to better maximize occupancy, and to know in advance when large groups or lean times are approaching. This allows a hotel manager to make plans regarding temporary staff, good times to renovate or expand, or other concerns, because he/she can determine the state of their hotel currently and for the next few months with only a few clicks on the computer.

The advances in information technology extend well beyond booking, however. The internet is essential for vacationers who wish to contact those back home, and for those traveling on business to get in touch with the office. Therefore, wireless internet has become a very common and very useful service for hotels to provide. Many business minded persons even require that a hotel offer internet services so that they can keep working while on the road. Luckily, such services are easy to provide, as all that is required is a wireless router and various devices to ensure the entire hotel is filled with the network. Modern advances in wireless internet also allow for the wireless internet provided for hotel visitors to be used to network the hotel itself. Security cameras, door locks, and other devices essential to hotel security and safety can be wired into the network, so that staff are alerted whenever a door is propped open, a fire alarm goes off or suspicious activity occurs. Though the hotel guests are wholly unaware of it, this sort of added safety and security keeps them safe, and in the event of a problem they will most certainly appreciate the benefits of such a system.

As advanced as it is, information technology in the hospitality industry is still going forward. Intelligent booking systems enable rapid and efficient guest feedback, along with the ability to predict who is likely to use the hotel again and inform them via e-mail or text messages when good deals arrive. Hotels with room service or other guest services can offer their menus online, allowing for quick updates, high-quality photos, and other ways to allow guests to see and order services before they even arrive. There are also advances in terms of payroll and inventory which make information technology a valuable asset for saving money and maximizing profits. The unique nature of the hospitality industry makes it a great place for new and emerging information technology, and forward-thinking hotel owners and managers are always looking for smart equipment and software to invest in.

Nick Nikolis is working in Atlantica Hotels and Resorts as It manager in Rhodos. Atlantica Hotels and Resorts is a Europe Hotels chain currently offering lodging services in Cyprus Greece and Egypt. Check here Greece Hotels and Cyprus Hotels.

By Nick Nikolis


To power all of the technology discussed above you'll need a robust broadband network backbone installed that ensures everything works every time, all the time. That is an absolute MUST. Be aware that the network solution in itself can be somewhat complicated and stressful to design and source. Not to worry....there is a FREE resource available that will do that for you. All you have to do is ask at the link below....easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Broadband Network Solutions

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