Saturday, May 28, 2016

You Can Have Your Organization's Entire Worldwide Internet Access Ecosystem On One Global Network...It's Now Possible

In today's global economy internet access for every location of your international business enterprise is the most basic of requirements. It is the critical backbone to all your communications, data management, digital media, conferencing, and other technology requirements worldwide.....including cloud based applications Without a high performance, connected, reliable, scalable, secure, agile, and cost effective global network your business can't...and won't...compete globally.

It doesn't matter what industry you are in....hospitality (hotels, resorts, restaurants), retail, manufacturing, banking and finance, oil and gas, technology, fashion, transportation, automotive, shipping, or whatever. Internet access for every location is the glue to worldwide commerce, communication, and connectivity for your company.

Gone are the days when your global network was thrown together with a hodge podge of multiple disparate providers, contracts, billing, maintenance agreements, and engineering designs for each location. In short, the worst nightmare of every CIO and CTO for network monitoring and maintenance.

But we have come a long way since those dark days. Now you can have your entire worldwide Internet access ecosystem managed on one global network. Yep.....only ONE.

It doesn't matter where your locations are around the world either. From New York to Paris, London to Tokyo, From Honk Kong to Rome, from Riyadh to Mumbai, from Sao Palo to Cape Town, from Cairo to Mexico City, from Bangkok to Los Angeles, from Dallas to Dubai, and're covered.

Available around the world in over 200+ countries....with this ultimate solution you don’t have to worry about multiple contracts, bills, currency, support, providers to manage, just one Expereo.

Expereo manages over 2500+ providers across 200+ countries to provide fully managed internet services with standard Ethernet handoff, static IPs, feet on the street, SDWAN, in a single partner to help your business efforts in the US or globally.

Every global carrier and system integrator uses Expereo on the backend to help provide internet to their global customers, and now YOU have opportunity to work with Expereo directly .... and take out the margin stacking to provide your organization great value and cost savings globally. Expereo does everything from sourcing, implementations, project management, to 24/7 post support with 4 NOCs around the world so you can ensure your organization will be taken care of globally.

Expereo for the past 10 years has serviced the majority of the fortune 1000 clients around the world across 200+ countries and is funded by the Carlyle Group whom is one of the largest venture capitalists in the world. So, you're getting the global business community's solution of choice ... backed by the strong support of the Carlyle Group.

Using Expereo to establish a single global network for your enterprise is what's called the very definition of no continuity at it's absolute best.

To take advantage of all the benefits having your entire international business on one global network .... all you have to do is ask at the link below. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Be sure and state in the comments that you want the Expereo global network solution. We'll take it from there.

One Global Network Solution

You can also learn a bit more about what one global network can do for your business by watching the videos below. Enjoy.

Here's a sampling of what Expereo provides.....

Internet -

Managed high-speed business-grade Dedicated and Broadband Internet Access services based on Fiber, Copper, Wireless or Satellite in 180+ countries.

iVPN -

Global portfolio of cost-efficient Internet based VPN services with local Internet breakout to access any public cloud application.


Local sourcing, installation and maintenance of Cisco, Accedian, Aruba Networks and Ruckus Wireless equipment in 200+ countries.

Professional Services -

On-site technical support services such as On-site Survey Service, On-site Installation, On-site Cabling and On-site Professional Services in any country.

Here's how Expereo does it......

- Managing 2,500+ suppliers and 17,500+ services in 200+ countries
- Multi-lingual implementation team in all key regions
- Multi-lingual 24×7 Network Operations Centers in all key regions
- Multi-lingual finance team to handle each month 2,000+ supplier invoices in 50+ currencies and 10+ languages

Here's the bottom line - If you are a global business NEED Expereo.

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