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Edge Computing Helps In Curtailing Performance Bottlenecks

The utilization of the Internet is greatly trending towards CPU and bandwidth-intensive applications, and several other correlated things. In the meantime, businesses are making every possible effort to converge mobile and data networks into the cloud architecture. CTOs suggest introducing storage capacity and computing capability at the network edge, as it helps in decreasing the time taken by a data packet to travel, and increasing the availability of applications on the network. Herein, edge computing plays a pivotal role in bringing bandwidth-intensive data files and latency-sensitive business applications in proximity to the end-user or data source.

This article will help you in gaining better understanding of edge computing and how it helps organizations to drive business values:

Edge computing places data acquisition, control functions and storage capacity of bandwidth-intensive applications closer to the end user. This kind of computing technique is applied onto a network end-point. To put it simply, this computing platform is reliant on the Internet or private network, which is a cohesive part of bigger cloud architecture. There are multiple types of edge computing that include localized data centers, local devices, and regional data centers.

What Role Edge Computing Plays in Minimizing Latency Challenges

It goes without saying that delay in information or service retrieval also leads to dissatisfaction. Workloads that are generated from bandwidth intensive streaming video generally cause network congestion and delays. This makes users switch the service provider, and it acts as a minus point for any business. You all must have come across the word of mouth or viva voce advertising, which experts consider as one of the greatly effective ways to influence business' brand value. Companies ensuring utmost user experience in tandem to the quality of service are more successful than those keeping customer satisfaction at the bottom of their priority list. According to a global information & measurement company, around 92% of customers rely on recommendations from friends and family over all other kinds of advertising. Furthermore, approximately 64% of marketing executives consider a word of mouth as the most effective form of marketing. That is why it is immensely important to ensure that all your critical websites, applications and other forms of services load faster in a stipulated time frame.

Local devices: Pieces of equipment tailored to meet specific business needs are referred to as local devices. These devices are ready to deploy and are apt for both home and small business applications. Running a security channel for the building or keeping a local video content on a DVR are two candid examples of local devices. Moreover, cloud storage gateway technically is a local device that helps end-users to efficiently integrate storage into applications.

Localized data centers: These facilities are built in a way that they have immense processing and storage capacities to meet varying business needs. The best thing about such kind of setups is that they offer faster deployment time, which enables companies to quickly start their resumed or new processes without falling prey to complexities. Apart from this, these setups are tailor-made, integrated with all the necessary elements that can be quickly assembled on site. Well, these data centers have different forms, and prefabricated micro data centers are one of those forms. These prefabricated micro facilities are gathered in a factory and then placed on a site. This, in turn, helps in reducing capital expenses and these savings can be further utilized in core business projects. The installation process is simple; it only requires the location in proximity to the power and fiber sources. Adding to it, multiple rack forms are extremely capable and elastic, due to high scalability factor, however, it involves lengthy planning and installation time and needs its own cooling resources.

Regional Facilities: Data centers - built to accommodate more than 10 racks and located in proximity to the end-user and the data source - can be referred to the regional setups. Greater scalability is one of its key traits, which enables enterprises to gain access to required processing speed and storage capabilities when compared to the aforementioned 1-10 rack facilities. Building regional data centers take a longer period of time no matter if they are prefabricated due to the most likely occurrence of construction, sanctioning, and local compliance challenges. Moreover, dedicated power sources and cooling equipment are mandatory for building the facility. However, latency will be directly proportional to the physical proximity of the data center to the users and the workload, and the number of hops in between.

Edge data centers are the best alternatives as it brings bandwidth-intensive data nearer to the end user and latency-allied applications nearer to the data. Herein, both computing power and storage capacities are applied directly on the edge of the network that helps in trimming down the transport time and augmenting the availability of the applications.

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By Taiba Fatima


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