Saturday, April 09, 2016

Independent Circuit Monitoring Is Crucial For Carrier Success

Should the carriers really do their own circuit monitoring?

“I’m not sure why your cloud-based phone system isn’t working. What I do know is that it’s not our fault!”

All of us who call ourselves telecom and cloud brokers have heard it a million times: The customer has a bad cloud (hosted voice, remote application, etc.) experience and calls us to complain. We call the underlying service providers, all of whom claim they aren’t the guilty party. The customer doesn’t care. We look like schmucks. And so it goes.

How do we fix the cloud? We can’t control it, we don’t own it, and yet our customers still expect us to stand behind the products we sell.

As the communication world moves to a distributed model, otherwise called the “Cloud,” the overall user experience is affected by multiple provider environments. The carriers play a critical role in connecting Cloud users with their applications, which are hosted in a data center. Many times user traffic traverses many different carriers en route, creating further confusion and finger-pointed when things take a turn for the worse.

Independent Circuit Monitoring is the Answer

Given that the carriers are such a critical cog in the Cloud world, being able to monitor their services, collect data, and analyze their performance is equally important. Circuit monitoring with real-life data takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting.

Carriers that have made continued investments in their properly designed infrastructure have nothing to fear with independent, third-party circuit monitoring. It’s the carriers who are on the threshold of having a major outage who should be worried.

Much like a major earthquake, networks often give warning signs when they are on the cusp of failure. Ping times become longer. Traceroutes show a growing number of hops to reach the end destination. Often these warning signs happen right underneath the nose of the customer and the carrier, especially if the customer isn’t spending a fortune on the service. Knowing when the network is showing signs of weakness is critical to avoiding a Cloud disaster.

And when disaster does strike, time converts into money. Quickly solving the problem is the name of the game, and having analytics that point directly to the culprit becomes invaluable. With historical performance reports, we have the ability to point the carrier’s technical support group directly to the problem, promoting us from the ranks of the outside observer to the ranks of the super-hero fix-it man/woman.

The age of the Cloud is here. The age of “it’s not our fault” has passed with the rise of the third-party circuit monitoring package, via FreedomFire Communications, powered by VXPulse. This service is included for free in all our bandwidth sales regardless of carrier. Bad broadband quality, lack of stability, and service outages have nowhere to hide.

Buh-bye dark carriers! Hello, transparency.

To take advantage of the independent circuit monitoring we offer with all our bandwidth circuits (FREE) simply ask here....easy as 1, 2, 3: Business Bandwidth With Free Circuit Monitoring

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