Monday, January 04, 2016

What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing - Part 4...Colocation

What is Colocation?

To keep your Business Data secure, a large majority of companies everywhere are putting their servers and networking equipment into a data center. This service is used for disaster recovery and redundancy primarily. You don’t have to purchase multiple circuits from diverse carriers. This saves you the trouble and cost of having several outlets/paths going out of your building, trained personal, and all the software. so the benefits are substantial. A great feature is the readily available bandwidth, so you can turn up servers for a traffic spurts, and then turn it back down afterwards, all without much hassle.

Benefits of Colocation

* Disaster Recovery
* Redundancy
* Multi-Carrier Capability
* 24/7/365 Access
* Temperature Controlled
* Extremely Secure

Things to Consider in a Supplier

* Geographic Diversity: If used for Disaster Recovery, you want redundancy set up at a distant location, but not so far that its hard to get to.

* Remote hands available: That way your trained personnel don't have to fly/drive out just to reboot.

* Security levels: You might need to meet certain levels of requirements if your the IRS for example.

* Facility Operational Design: Make sure they have the cooling and power availability to support your needs.

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