Saturday, December 05, 2015

Cloud Backup {aka Remote Data Backup}....How To Make Sure Your Data Is Safe, Reliable, Protected

Cloud Backup, also known as Remote data backup, is an excellent tool used by many enterprise and small-medium size businesses to ensure data and other electronic files are backed up on a consistent basis. Many times, due to it being classified as remote it is commonly located in some type of data center or offsite facility. Remote data backup is also known through terms like Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or managed backup service as well.

These services are usually built on scheduling platform through one of the many suppliers in the FreedomFire Communications portfolio. The platform determines when and how frequently critical data is identified for backup. The software is also efficient with replicating only items that have changed and are in need of being backed up. Typically, encryption is required as many of these services use internet access to connect end users with cloud providers. Encryption allows the files to be transmitted securely.

There are many products available in this space. Some are targeted to high end enterprise customers and services while others are targeting to single end user configurations.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

* Access Everywhere
* Scalable
* Billing Metric (unlimited or metered)
* Shared
* Security
* Enterprise Class Backup
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