Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Comparing Business Ethernet Service Providers [Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet] ....Cost And MUCH More

It seems the buzz in today's IT world is all about business ethernet....Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet in particular.

With that in mind....if your business is looking to:

* ....move into a building with existing carrier facilities.

* ....substantially upgrade your current broadband connections.

* ....establish a direct relationship with a provider without the local Bell in the equation.

* ....find a carrier who provides QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees. Since the carrier you select is in complete control of your connection, it is much easier for them to provide QoS.

* ....gather information that will be helpful in the planning stages of broadband deployment for a new real-estate development.

.....than we have an amazing resource for you.

Compare Ethernet Service Providers

The free resource web site, powered by next generation GeoQuote software and Google maps, enables the general public to search for lit buildings where carriers have a physical presence. The results are displayed on a dynamically generated map for easy viewing. There's also a ton of material explaining the background and application of ethernet technology for those who need it.

You can also use this related free resource.... Business Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet will be in five years what T1s are now - the standard for commercial broadband. Ethernet allows customers to connect DIRECTLY to the carrier's network at speed of 10 mbps to 10 gbps for under $20 per meg. That's a huge savings over existing get more for your buck.

The problem with ethernet is it's availability. Never before have carriers ever disclosed where they have their expensive fiber that makes ethernet possible. These carriers have now entrusted this highly valuable information to us for use with the above resource tool.

Combining the database of "lit buildings" we've received from XO, Level3, MegaPath, Telnes, Time Warner Telecom, Nuvox, One Communications, TelePacific, Telx, Zayo (to name just a few of over 50+ providers included) and Google maps, we created a visual research tool that will foster interest in ethernet service..... as well as assist companies looking to relocate find office space close to an ethernet service provider.

Why is Ethernet the future?

Ethernet is, quite simply, plugging your network directly into a telecom provider's network. When you bypass the local phone company you cut out an expensive transport step. Having direct access to customers is a carrier's goal as it allows them to control the user's experience from end to end while reducing cost. These savings are passed on to you.

"The market for managed Ethernet services is expected to grow by 30 per cent a year until 2010, when it will top $25 billion (£12.3bn) worldwide." Infonetics Research - July 2007

"Over time, Ethernet will overwhelm SONET in the MAN/WAN market. Ethernet is cheaper, has better economies of scale and allows for simpler, more unified networks. Ethernet is at the gates, and it's coming in." Greg Collins - July 2007 Business Communications Review Magazine

So if you're looking for ethernet service of any owe it to yourself to save time, effort, money, and headaches by using this free resource:

Business Ethernet Support

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