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Network Performance Management Is Crucial To Business Success Today....Shame On You If You Aren't

We believe every company needs to become a technology company to compete in the future. Everyone from hotels, gas stations, and restaurants, to law firms, hospitals, and truckers will need technology to grow their businesses and take market share from their competitors. In short...EVERY business no matter their product line, service provided OR size...will need to optimize and monitor their voice and data networks for optimal efficency and cost effectiveness. If you don' likely won't survive for long and your competitors who did will flourish.

That said...there is a solution. One that works for EVERY TYPE AND SIZE's called VXSuite.

For more details and free quotes specific to YOUR needs simply click here and ask....easy as 1, 2, 3 - Network Monitoring And Analytics

There's nothing like real live success stories to see how VXSuite could work for YOUR business. Check out the postive impact VXSuite had on the Boston Celtics, MemorialCare HealthSystem, ST. Joseph Health System, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, University of Utah, Footlocker, and MORE.


VXSuite is a complete UC Management Platform that helps you to understand your communications ecosystem, optimize its performance and deliver on the promise of Unified Communications. The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that makeup your ecosystem as well as monitor and support YOUR unique configuration. VXSuite's modular approach allows you to address whichever areas are most important to you or have the highest risk, and it allows you to move toward true live voice management one step at a time or at whatever pace budgets, training, discipline, needs and understanding allow. With VXSuite You will now be enabled to quickly identify network issues and provide complete pictures of your network with it's strengths and areas of needed improvement.

Unified Communications is often the first mission-critical, real-time streaming application to touch the enterprise network in any true and proper deployment. A recurring theme that tends to come up when talking to IT executives, is that end users have high expectations and they are quick to complain about quality issues.

The other major issue regarding Unified Communications is that it crosses many IT silos, including PC, Data Network, Voice/Telephony and help-desk teams. Each of these groups has individual tools, but in order to have end-to-end visibility of all threats to end-user quality, IT teams are looking for a unified management package to perform these tasks.

The secret to success is simple:

4 modules that track and report on calls, productivity reports, network monitoring, call recording and mobile usage. Hosted on site or in the cloud. And serious ease of use - just point, click, and build your report.

VXSuite also diagnoses bandwidth issues, which cause delay, jitter and loss -- aka bad call quality.

Combine that with in-depth call monitoring and reporting and your business is top notch. And with active reporting and alerts, you and your IT team can get analytics and solve problems before anyone else knows there's something going on.

Why Choose VXSuite?

There are many network monitoring products on the market. VXSuite is different. The other tools ask “is the network performing?” VXSuite asks, “How is network performance affecting the end-user quality experience?.” While VXSuite matches feature-for-feature with the other network monitoring tools, the network monitoring and call analytics is always filtered through the lens of quality. A network can perform as specified and still result in a poor user experience.

To protect the end-user experience, you need network monitoring, call analytics, and mobility tools specifically designed to set benchmarks for network performance. These tools should alert, alarm, and report if the network performance is not meeting those thresholds. Proactive monitoring of network routers, switches, firewalls, servers, WiFi routers, PBXs, and carrier circuits helps ensure a great user quality of experience and helps identify problems before they become systemic failures.

* Technology Agnostic
* Lightweight
* Pre-assessment
* Call Analytics
* Network Analytics
* Manage Endpoints

Technology Agnostic

Many of the tools on the market are specific to a single manufacturer or technology. VXSuite is designed to be a vendor neutral-solution, reading network data from any device regardless of the brand, any PBX both legacy and VoIP, any hosted platform, any bandwidth provider, and any connected wireless device. Almost every business is a heterogenous soup of multiple technologies and platforms, and VXSuite thrives in the chaos.

For example, if your phone system is a hybrid of Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft Lync, your servers are HP and Dell running Windows and Linux, your network gear is from Juniper and Brocade, your WiFi is Meru and Ruckus, your bandwidth is a combination of MPLS and cable Internet, and your users like Windows PCs and Macs, and your mobile devices are iPhone and Android, VXSuite can provide the network diagnostics and voice quality reporting on all of it in the same platform. No other competitor can match the VXSuite true vendor agnostic value proposition.


VXSuite is extremely lightweight from a network deployment and a cost perspective. Being lightweight allows a CIO, IT manager, or UC director to deploy VXSuite everywhere in his/her entire voice and data ecosystem. Other products require heavy infrastructure and are so cost prohibitive that those tools become a triage and diagnostics point solution, only fully used when there is a known problem.

VXSuite has been designed and priced to be an interconnected mesh of constant network diagnostics, performance tracking, and reporting. It gives near real-time feedback to proactively monitor the network status and the end-user quality of experience for a company’s entire voice and data network.


Because VXSuite is lightweight and nimble, it is ideally suited to help ask the question, “Is my network infrastructure ready for this new voice or video technology?”

VXSuite partners and customers use the tools to pre-assess the ecosystem first by sending test voice and video calls. They also monitor routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and PBXs for issues. Scoring the end-user expected quality of experience ensures success before a new technology is deployed.

VXSuite partners and customers who do pre-assessments find issues with their voice and data networks before they deploy. This avoids costly emergency network and bandwidth upgrades, ensuring a better user adoption and experience and protecting the project return-on-investment by eliminating expensive “on the fly” changes to the ecosystem.

Call Analytics + Network Analytics = The Real Story

VXSuite was created more than a decade ago as a call analytics solution and has evolved into a robust suite of tools. By combining the insights of the call analytics engine with actual network performance data, VXSuite partners and customers understand how call flow, call volume, and network performance are interconnected.

Other network performance tools do not bring this holistic approach and cannot paint the true picture of how the network performance is affecting end-users.

And what about mobile call records? VXSuite is the only tool on the market that combines network performance, phone system analytics, and mobile call records to tell the whole story of what is happening in your UC ecosystem.

Manage Endpoints

One of the real keys in understanding the user-experience is the ability to manage the UC system endpoint experience. With BYOD and the dizzying array of PC, tablet, and smartphone devices in most ecosystems, it is extremely difficult to diagnose and remediate end-user quality issues. VXSuite can send a URL to any device with a browser and test a user’s specific real-time voice quality and diagnose what is happening right now with any endpoint. It is the only network diagnostic and reporting tool that can reach from the network operations center, through the carrier/Internet, to the premise network equipment, to the end-user device; a complete end-to-end solution to ensure the best possible user experience.

There are a lot of network monitoring, call analytics, and mobility solutions on the market, but there isn’t any other tool that combines all of these silos into one easy-to-deploy and manage suite of products.

VXSuite is unique because it combines robust, but lightweight network monitoring, world-class call analytics, mobility and end-point diagnostics into a single diagnostic, testing, analytics, alerting, alarming, and reporting engine.

How sweet is that? VXSuite!

For more details and free quotes specific to YOUR needs simply click here and ask....easy as 1, 2, 3 - Network Monitoring And Analytics

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