Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Steps to an Effective Application Development Strategy

There are literally millions of applications available to mobile device users across a number of platforms. You mustn't assume that just because you have spent the time and money developing an application that it will be used draw high numbers of customers or offer you a good return on your investment.

Consider your website. How much time and energy did you put into the site to ensure you achieve success? Do you update it regularly? Do you keep it working smoothly? Do you promote it with every opportunity taking advantage of blogs and social media? Well the same applies when it comes to app development. You need to work on it to ensure it comes up within the top fifty apps when customers are searching the application database.

There are steps you should take to ensure your application development isn't a complete waste of time, it should generate income and increase your customer base, while helping you improve your brand visibility. Bear in mind that smart phone users spend up to eighty seven per cent of their time using applications and yours can be one of the millions that is downloaded on a daily basis.

One of the imperative steps to application development is to ensure you provide value to your customers. Customers aren't going to want to download your app if they cannot benefit from what it provides. This means that you should ensure your app helps solve a need, is relevant to your industry and the services you provide and provides easy access to your website and contact information.

Remember to ensure that you include all your contact information in your app, you want your customer to phone or email you directly from the app, hopefully make a purchase or get a quote for services. The more customers that contact you, obviously the more income you are going to generate, enabling your app to work and offer you a reward on your investment.

The next important step to consider when it comes to an effective application development strategy is to consider how you intend distributing your app. You want to ensure your audience is aware that it exists and provide them with quick and easy ways to download it to their mobile device and start using it quickly.

The most obvious place to distribute any app is on the application platforms. Ensure you have an experienced team handling your application development that can assist you with getting your app approved and listed on the platforms, available for all your customers in the shortest period of time.

Add a link on your website. Customers using your site should be advised that you have an app available. Enable them to download it directly from your site, saving them time and energy searching for it on the platforms.

Remember when it comes to marketing your application development efforts, social media can be your best friend. You can promote the app through social media, but also encourage your customers to share the app information with their friends and family. This means more people will know about it and hopefully download it.

The final step is to encourage your users to make full use of your application development. There is no point having them download it and then they don't use it. This means you must provide valuable information, update the functionality on a regular basis and make the app a worthwhile application to have on any mobile device at any time.

It is advisable to choose an application development team that have experience creating high quality apps to help you through the process, ensuring that your app is one that everyone wants on their mobile device.

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By Ben Moran

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