Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why Businesses Should NOT Choose Cable

Cable is basically a one way street, most of the bandwidth goes TO the customer, uploads are slow. That includes outbound email, web servers, VPN to home users, VoIP to home users or other business sites, backup files, DFS replications, and so on.

A more problematic thing with cable though, is it's a consumer business. From the way it bills to the way it's supported; its roots and operating procedures are for home users. They sell to business because most of the users are at work during the day and they have reserve capacity. They view business customers as pure gravy; they can use contracts and get additional markup for providing the same service.

They often bill by location, not by account (a home user billing system). Cable companies shut off service if they THINK the bill hasn't been paid, and then it is the customer's responsibility to figure out what happened (home user mentality). There isn't a LEC on the face of the earth that will shut off service on a billing error, there isn't a cable company on the face of the earth that doesn't. LEC's have a more experienced workforce, and more available solutions.

If a business calls their support team or the repair center for their LEC operator, a truck is rolling when they hang up the phone - cable is next business day at best. When you call the services center, you are talking to someone in Brazil - or worse - Houston, and their first job is to tell you to fix your stuff because theirs never breaks.

Remember too that cable is usually shared bandwidth. That means if you have a 1 Gbps connection, that is the most you can achieve. Other traffic on the network will cause your effective throughput to be lower. However, fiber is dedicated bandwidth, meaning you have that bandwidth available all of the time. One of the other keys with fiber is scalability. For those who manage a network, in an emergency you may need to quickly scale your bandwidth... a more difficult feat with cable obviously.

I use cable for home, it has a place because it's cheap - but I'd never recommend cable to any business as a primary service without backup.

For any business needing bandwidth solutions for their network I always recommend dedicated bandwidth. Your choices usually start with T1 bandwidth but may better fit DS3 bandwidth, business ethernet, or fiber solutions depending on your applications.

For no cost help finding the right dedicated bandwidth solution for your business, including free rate quote comparisons from multiple providers, simply request assistance via the resources at Broadband Nation.

By Michael Lemm

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications... including DS3 Bandwidth. Michael also authors Broadband Nation where you're always welcome to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, insights, and ramblings for the masses.

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