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Why Broadband Is So Important

Why is broadband so important to your business?

This is a valid and often overlooked question but the internet connectivity of a business, regardless of the size of this business is now possibly the most important factor. So much so that most company acquisitions of new sites or expansions to new areas are often decided on the basis of what sort of internet connectivity is available at that location.

If you are to think of your standard small company that traditionally frequent your local high street such as a butcher shop for instance, you can pretty much assume that they use their own internet connection for the following;

Ordering Stock.
Billing corporate customers they have such as local hotels.
e-mail (whether it be marketing or answering queries).

The likelihood is that even your local Butcher shop uses their Broadband connection for much more than this but to keep this point as basic as possible we will explore just the three functions above.

If the Butchers shop lost their internet connection on the Monday morning they would still continue to trade through traditional foot traffic on this high street but without being able to order new stock for their Hotel chain they supply for and send an invoice for last month not only are they not getting paid for last month but they will also not be supplying the hotel in future as they have not been able to replenish stock.

In the meantime the stock in the shop is running low and by Friday the loyal foot traffic that they were getting is not happy with the lack of pork Chops available and has started to shop at the newest supermarket chain which has popped up in the last 6 months.

In addition to disappointing the local Hotel and their loyal locals they have not been able to respond to any potential leads to supply other corporate customers in the area such as Restaurants and Hotel Chains.

All in all, just a few days without internet connectivity has really affected your local Butchers.

The above is only a very basic example and you can imagine how much more serious it can get within different industries etc.

An e-mail server alone going down can lose a customer thousands upon thousands of Pounds through lost potential sales revenues.

The answer to the original question is that in fact your broadband is essential to your business no matter what your industry or size.

There are many ways a business can connect to the internet and it is a true 'you get what you pay for' market where a company can run on a broadband connection and not pay to much but of course is more susceptible to outages and slow upload speeds. A business can spend thousands per month on installing a true private fibre Internet leased line connection direct from the exchange to their premises and have fantastic speeds and resilience levels.

The key in the matter is to ensure that you get true 'value for money' with your internet connection, accept that you will pay more for an Ethernet First Mile connection as oppose to an ADSL broadband product but don't tie yourself to a long term contract for broadband when technology changes so often.

As a guideline to purchasing your business internet connectivity try and stick to the following rules;

1) Never sign more than a 1 year Broadband or Fibre Optic Broadband product.
2) Never sign up for any internet connection which isn't truly unlimited usage.
3) Always purchase the best product you can afford for your business.

I am a Mobile and internet connectivity sales consultant working for who are a national supplier of business grade communications solutions.

Our mission statement is 'make Your Business Our Business'

By Mike Rowlands

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