Saturday, December 13, 2014

Communications Solutions For Businesses In The U.S. And Canada

Granite is one of the premier communications solutions provider for businesses across the United States and Canada. Granite is among the leading corporate communications service providers to multi-location companies through scalable solutions, customized to manage all your local, regional, and national locations.

What You Should Know About Granite

Granite works almost exclusively with multi-location enterprise businesses. They offer customers significant savings on their local, long distance, broadband and structured cabling and system needs. At Granite, there are no contracts with term commitments for POTS. When you partner with Granite, you are creating a flexible environment for your business while also saving you money.

Granite Products....

* IP Voice and Data
* Structured Cabling
* Business Security
* Wireless Voice and Data

To get more information and take advantage of what Granite can do for your business simply request a free quote here....

Communications Solutions

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