Saturday, December 06, 2014

Cloud Based Analytics For Your Voice And/Or Data Network

The VXSuite modules provide actionable business intelligence on how to define, design, integrate, optimize, and manage the technologies that make up your ecosystem as well as monitor and support each customer’s unique configuration. VXSuite’s modular approach allows customers or partners to address whichever areas are most important to them or have the highest risk, and it allows customers to move toward true live voice management one step at a time or at whatever pace budgets, training, discipline, needs and understanding allow.

What You Should Know About VXSuite

LVM, Inc. is a cloud based analytics company that specializes in solving the challenges of deploying voice technologies on a data network. Our Industry-leading collaboration management software and service delivery platform is branded and bundled as VXSuite. The platform provides the industry’s best voice network optimization experience at an exceptional ROI.

Reasons why should you add VXSuite to your portfolio:

* Quickly and cost effectively add reporting for any phone system. VXSuite doesn’t discriminate – we work with dinosaur TDM systems and the latest IP systems – including Microsoft Lync.

* Offer a reliable leading-technology solution – proven by your peers and hundreds of their of customers.

* Our commitment to your success drives every aspect of our company. We know you and your customers are the reason we are in business. We will do everything in our power to keep that trust and make you shine!

* Get up and running quickly. Complement your existing offerings with immediate access to our capability, expertise, and technologies.

* Improve existing customer relationships by providing analytics to your end users. We find if you put the right information in the hands of the right people, they make better decisions. Help your customers make better decisions by providing these analytics.

* Realize new annuity revenue streams. Our approach to service delivery means that clients are in it for the long-haul.

* Reduce sales cycles. Because the VXSuite modules can be sold as a cloud-based solution your customers can be up and running quickly.

VXSuite Videos

We've put together the following videos with more information about the VXSuite channel program and product set.

To take advantage of all the VXSuite can do for your business simply ask for more information here...

Cloud Based Analytics

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