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Small Business Solutions: Virtual PBX Phone Systems (Main Benefits For Using Them With Your Company)

Small Business Solutions: Virtual PBX Phone Systems (Main Benefits For Using Them With Your Company)
By Titus Hoskins

Small business is the lifeblood of any healthy economy. Each day around the world countless small companies and home offices are started as entrepreneurs follow their dreams to create better conditions for themselves and their families. This is nothing new, the same scenario has been playing out for centuries and it won't stop any time soon.

However, while the scenario may be the same, there is one little addition which makes all the difference. That addition is the Internet or the World Wide Web.
Small businesses starting today have the whole world at their disposal. Unlike in the not so distant past, your customers do not have to be within walking or driving distance, they can be from anywhere on the globe.

Obviously, this addition brings a whole new dynamic to any business or home office, especially when one considers more and more business is done online these days. However, it is just not sales transactions we are talking about here, the Internet also provides many new services and products which the small business man or woman can take full advantage of as they set up shop.

One perfect example of these new "in the cloud" services is a virtual PBX phone system. Instead of using a traditional "landline" phone system, many new companies are opting for a web based VOIP phone system. Using a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for one's business or home office does have many benefits and these types of online services have been growing swiftly in popularity in recent years.

Here are some of the main benefits of using a PBX phone system:

Almost Instant Installation

For many small companies, virtual PBX offers almost instant installation as everything can be managed through remote servers and your current smartphones. Within seconds, you can have your company phone number(s) setup and running.

Much Cheaper Start-up Costs

Since everything can be managed through the web and your current mobile phones, there is no need for costly installation of landlines and a hard-wired phone system. This can save money, especially at start-up when monies and resources can be tight.

Low Monthly Fee

Usually there is one low monthly fee which will also help keep operating expenses in check. Since this is a web-based phone system, phone calls will be cheaper - especially any long distance calls. These overall savings makes going with a virtual PBX phone system perfect economic sense for small companies and home offices.

Robust Feature Rich Phone System

Virtual systems do offer many extra features which will enhance any office setting. These features include such things as call forwarding, video conferencing, voice mail, online fax, office intercom... and even a virtual secretary. All these extra features will also make doing business much easier since you will be open 24/7 and can be reached from anywhere. All these added features give any business (no matter how small) the professional "feel" of a big company - first impressions do matter.

Total Integration

Perhaps one of the best benefits of using a virtual phone system is the full integration it offers. All your business communications can be fully integrated into your whole computer network or operations. This can make it much easier to file documents, sales transactions, company records... and so on. Take, for example, online fax which is usually a feature of these systems - all your important, timely faxes can be sent to all departments simultaneously so this means everyone will be on the same page. Fully integrating all your phone messages/communications will simply make any company more efficient.

Going Fully Mobile

Lastly, in case you haven't noticed, everything these days have gone "mobile" crazy. We have truly become a totally wireless society, one which is connected around the clock, regardless of where you may be located. Obviously, for anyone running a business, you and your company simply must be plugged into this wireless mobile world if you truly want to compete in today's dog-eat-dog business climate. Using a web-based PBX phone system is a convenient, low-cost way of plugging your company into this virtual world, but like all business decisions, this is your call?

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Blogger Lincoln Madison said...

Choosing the best office phone system that ensures the maximum uptime for your network helps to increase the overall productivity of your office too. If you opt for a Virtual Office Phone System telephone system, it will definitely give you more benefits than a traditional hardware based system. It will reduce your initial expenses and drastically cut your ongoing maintenance cost. All you need to have are a few basic tools that are probably already available at your disposal.

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Blogger Lincoln Madison said...

we have this customer who turned into a Office Phone System provider. One of the things that I was upset is that they have intentionally copied the materials on our website. Not only so, one of the owners has purposefully discuss with me on my business on a veil of being a business consultant and how I did up my website and back-end CRM. Yes, they are friendly people yet I believe that entrepreneurs should be aware of certain virtual office providers who take your idea and run away with it!

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