Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Power Of The Internet And How We All Benefit From It

The Power of the Internet and How We All Benefit From It
By Zack P Bauer

If you think about it, those of us who lived during the 80's and the few years after before 1995 remember quite well how it was like to live without a cell phone, how it felt to write letters to friends and family that took days to reach them and how it felt like to actually traipse happily to the mall to buy stuff. Slow, yes but sometimes, one can't help but wish life today was as simple as it was before.

Or maybe not, considering how much people depend on the internet. It never ceases to amaze how much the internet has changed the way we live and how much easier it has made life as we know it. Yet, despite the obvious benefits of complete flexibility, ease and convenience, there are still some people who live closer to the technological set-up of 1995 than that of 2014. Not many go online 24/7 and there are even those who still stubbornly use typewriters (I know of two friends who refuse to use a PC or laptop ) and who can't even use a cell phone without help.

Still, most of the world hinges their very existence on the Net and can't imagine living life without it. Kids these days, can't imagine having to take down notes by actually writing them down on a notebook rather than using a Mac Book. Global leaders can't imagine having to physically travel halfway around the world just to talk to their peers instead of using Skype or Yahoo Messenger or maybe even just their smart phones. Large corporations can't imagine having to operate their businesses manually, with results being manifested in days rather than minutes.

There isn't anybody in the world that isn't familiar with the internet by now. Even in Africa were the internet and mobile penetration rates are considered the lowest, is now rising meteorically. In places were development and progress couldn't happen are now starting to make their mark, thanks to the ability of broadband internet to bring them closer to civilization. Health care that couldn't extend itself to the remotest parts of the globe is now possible - thanks to online specialists who are able to make remote diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

Education as well, has also made some significant leaps and bounds by being accessible to people who couldn't go to school or college for financial reasons. It is now possible to learn seven languages all at the same time through online courses and even those who can't tell a spatula from a ladle can cook like master chefs after just a few days of online cooking videos.

Granted that there are downsides to using the Internet (as all Hollywood celebrities will tell you), it still has more pros and cons and would still be preferable over manual labor. It has opened up many opportunities for business and employment as seen by the significant rise in the number of work-at-home jobs and online businesses. We are given a new lease on life and as such, we deserve only the best and most reliable connections to continue living and growing.

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