Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lightpath....Perfect Communication Solution For Metro New York Businesses

Lightpath, a division of Cablevision Systems Corporation, is an industry leader in providing advanced Ethernet-based data, Internet, voice, video transport solutions and managed services to businesses across the New York metropolitan area.

What You Should Know About Lightpath

Lightpath formerly known as Optimum Lightpath has been around for over 20 years. Heavily focused in the New York market, Lightpath has invested more than 1 billion dollars into their metro Ethernet network. Their Metro Ethernet offering enables customers to increase bandwidth dynamically without requiring customers to purchase or install new equipment.

Their 100% fully fiber-optic network, offers true network diversity, physically independent of traditional carriers to ensure your business communications remain up and running no matter what. Here are a few more reasons why Lightpath will make a great choice for you:

* Over 5,000 Lit Buildings
* Over 4,700 Route Miles
* Over 208,000 Fiber Miles
* Network was created with a self-healing ring topology
* Simple and predictable flat-rate pricing
* Simple and predictable billing
* Fiber access rings that feed directly into a network node at the customer's location
* True, physical network diversity from traditional providers
* 24/7/365 live monitoring from Network Operations Center

Lightpath Products Include....
* Enterprise Internet
* Metro Ethernet
* Enterprise Voice
* Hosted Voice
* Managed Services
* Video Transport
* Toll Free
* Simplify Billing
* Optical Transport

Lightpath Videos....

We've put together the following videos with more information about the Lightpath product set.

Watch as the the Lightpath team shares their excitement about our new brand and their contributions to every customer experience.

Hear the experts from Lightpath introduce the Lightpath brand as well as train you on their products, offerings, and network.

To get more information on what Lightpath can do for your New York business....including taking advantage of free quotes and support...simply request more information here:

Lightpath Network

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