Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What You Need To Know About Business Ethernet Network Services

Why Use Business Ethernet Services?

Plain and simple, Ethernet services to access the Internet is your most cost effective option for a simple, solid and reliable Internet connection. It is much more cost effective than T1 or bonded T1, yet it maintains the same SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accompanies any T1 or bonded T1 type of circuit from a reputable carrier.

Be aware that not all Ethernet is created equally. There are some second and third tier carriers out there that offer Ethernet which is really not what it is advertised to be, and in one particular case I am aware of, it was disguised and really turned out to be just DSL, with all the inherent unreliability of a DSL connection.

How Is Ethernet Delivered?

Ethernet services can be delivered on either copper or fiber, and much of the decision as to how it is delivered is dependent on your area. If fiber has already been laid in your area to support the information infrastructure, then chances are that it will be delivered on fiber.

Some carriers ONLY provide Ethernet on copper, which as the name implies, is known as EOC or Ethernet Over Copper. Again, this type of service is dependent on how much the carriers have built out their networks in a given area, where such buildouts are more common in the major metro areas.

Some carriers can provide 5 MB, 10 MB, even as high as 40 MB EOC or Ethernet Over Copper in those areas where it is available. P> But in other areas, and especially if you need more than about 40 MB or so of bandwidth, Ethernet is delivered on fiber optic cabling.

Are Ethernet Services Cost Effective?

Ethernet services are almost always more cost effective than T1, bonded T1, or fractional or full DS3 offerings of the same bandwidth. Yet, the Ethernet services come with the same SLA that the traditional circuits are provided with. Ethernet can also be combined with MPLS technology with most carriers so that you can have the best of both worlds in terms of Internet access and your own MPLS private network to enable cloud-based connections to the other nodes on your MPLS network.

Where To Get Ethernet Services?

Be careful where you get Ethernet services from. A cable company cannot and does not offer Ethernet service that are dedicated, or at least not dedicated to anywhere other than their over-saturated and over-subscribed network backbones, and such a "dedicated" connection gains you nothing.

Shop from amongst the nation's first tier and top tier carriers that can offer Ethernet services in your area, being assured by our Low Price Guarantee that you cannot go to the carrier directly or another agency representing any of our carriers and get a lower price for the same circuit. It is truly one-stop shopping for reliable and rock-solid carriers that can provide Ethernet services to your company.

To get free support finding the right business ethernet solution for your network .... including free quotes from providers available in your location ... simply ask for more information HERE:

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