Wednesday, February 12, 2014

inContact Call Center Solutions

inContact helps call centers around the globe create profitable customer experiences through its powerful portfolio of cloud-based call center call routing, self service and agent optimization solutions. The company’s services and solutions enable call centers to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

What You Should Know About inContact

inContact’s sophisticated cloud-based technology gives call centers many advantages not available with traditional premise-based systems. Aside from being far more cost effective, inContact allows call centers to create a differentiated and profitable customer experience. inContact enables call centers to understand their customer preferences, touch points and channels; optimize the mix of self-service and agent-managed contacts; and deliver customer-centric business insights. As a complement to the company’s call routing and agent optimization solutions, inContact has built inUnison, a powerful ecosystem of alliances with leading solution providers that are easy for customers to buy and implement. The inUnison is aligned by vertical and customer need and offers an intelligent workflow between the platform and applications.

The inContact platform includes an ACD with skills-based routing, IVR with speech recognition, CTI capabilities, reporting, WFM, eLearning, hiring and customer feedback measurement tools. Together, the inContact platform creates an integrated, all-in-one solution for operations seeking to support call centers, including those with a distributed workforce – either at-home or multi-site.

There is an extremely large number of companies transitioning to cloud call centers, however choosing the right provider is tricky. Not all cloud call center software vendors are created equally.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best cloud contact center for success:

1. Make sure they have experience and a proven track record. You don't want to be their guinea pig.
2. Be sure to ask about their security and reliability. You want a cloud contact center parter that values the protection of data as much as you do.
3. Check out their references. Do they have customer advocates that are overly pleased with their decision?

The results of moving to the cloud are easy to see: Cost Savings, Streamlined IT, and Scalability. inContact is the market leader with over 1,000 implementations and 65K agents using the solution globally, inContact has the experience to efficiently deploy your contact center to the cloud.

To learn more ... and to take advantage of what inContact can do for you .... simply request more information and a FREE quote here:

Contact Center Solutions

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