Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What You Need To Know About Business Ethernet Network Services

Why Use Business Ethernet Services?

Plain and simple, Ethernet services to access the Internet is your most cost effective option for a simple, solid and reliable Internet connection. It is much more cost effective than T1 or bonded T1, yet it maintains the same SLA (Service Level Agreement) that accompanies any T1 or bonded T1 type of circuit from a reputable carrier.

Be aware that not all Ethernet is created equally. There are some second and third tier carriers out there that offer Ethernet which is really not what it is advertised to be, and in one particular case I am aware of, it was disguised and really turned out to be just DSL, with all the inherent unreliability of a DSL connection.

How Is Ethernet Delivered?

Ethernet services can be delivered on either copper or fiber, and much of the decision as to how it is delivered is dependent on your area. If fiber has already been laid in your area to support the information infrastructure, then chances are that it will be delivered on fiber.

Some carriers ONLY provide Ethernet on copper, which as the name implies, is known as EOC or Ethernet Over Copper. Again, this type of service is dependent on how much the carriers have built out their networks in a given area, where such buildouts are more common in the major metro areas. Some carriers can provide 5 MB, 10 MB, even as high as 40 MB EOC or Ethernet Over Copper in those areas where it is available. P> But in other areas, and especially if you need more than about 40 MB or so of bandwidth, Ethernet is delivered on fiber optic cabling.

Are Ethernet Services Cost Effective?

Ethernet services are almost always more cost effective than T1, bonded T1, or fractional or full DS3 offerings of the same bandwidth. Yet, the Ethernet services come with the same SLA that the traditional circuits are provided with. Ethernet can also be combined with MPLS technology with most carriers so that you can have the best of both worlds in terms of Internet access and your own MPLS private network to enable cloud-based connections to the other nodes on your MPLS network.

Where To Get Ethernet Services?

Be careful where you get Ethernet services from. A cable company cannot and does not offer Ethernet service that are dedicated, or at least not dedicated to anywhere other than their over-saturated and over-subscribed network backbones, and such a "dedicated" connection gains you nothing.

Shop from amongst the nation's first tier and top tier carriers that can offer Ethernet services in your area, being assured by our Low Price Guarantee that you cannot go to the carrier directly or another agency representing any of our carriers and get a lower price for the same circuit. It is truly one-stop shopping for reliable and rock-solid carriers that can provide Ethernet services to your company.

To get free support finding the right business ethernet solution for your network .... including free quotes from providers available in your location ... simply ask for more informtion HERE:

Business Ethernet

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Get Free Quotes And Support For Telecommunications Services

How do you search for telecommunications services when you need them?

If you are like most companies, you might go online to see which service providers can service your area, realizing that not all of them present accurate information about your specific location online at their web sites.

If you have multiple offices across the country or even across the world and want to standardize on one carrier, what are your network service provider options?

When you find one, then you play telephone tag with that carrier for several days until you find the right person there that can answer your questions about service, availability and price.

And all this assumes that you already know exactly what you’re looking for … don’t expect them to take the time to ask and fully understand your application or requirements, or in doing so, to suggest a better approach, perhaps even with a less expensive option. Then a few more days pass before you finally get a price from them for something that hopefully, maybe, with any luck, will meet your needs.

Then you repeat the process for the next carrier that can service your location while another week passes, and so on.

So say you found four service providers who could service your location with your requested service. Given about a week to get a price from each one, now a full month has passed since your first phone call to find out if this will fit into your budget. In the meantime, your competition is passing you by and business continues to be prosperous … for your competition, who found a better way of doing this mundane and arduous task. More on that in a minute.

Do you see the fundamental problems here? Let’s outline them:

Problem #1: It’s now a month later and you are still at basically the same place you were a month ago with no circuit on order.

Problem #2: Are you really comfortable that you have contacted ALL the first tier carriers that can service your location? Could there be others?

Problem #3: If you found a “super price” from a second or third tier carrier, are you comfortable they can really provide what you need; comfortable enough to not use a first tier carrier? Yes of course you search for reviews online but is what you find fact, fiction, marketing hype, or even comments from an isolated eternally-disgruntled customer?

Problem #4: How comfortable are you that the prices you were given for the circuit are as aggressive as the carrier is willing to be with them? How do you know if better pricing is possible with a first tier carrier?

Problem #5: If you order the circuit, sure they have 24×7 tech support but who’s going to go to bat for you if the carrier is not resolving the problem or the people in billing don’t understand why your invoice is wrong … again?

Problem #6: You’ve got a business to run, and taking time to deal with the problems above are not allowing you to focus on much more important tasks to make and keep your company as competitive and profitable as possible.

We Have A Solution To These Problems For You...

We are telecom professionals with many years of experience in the world of telecommunications and circuits, and we work with 70+ first tier and top tier carriers every day.

Use us as your telecom go-to people when you need telcom services!

You don’t have to (and should NOT have to) wait weeks to get pricing back from all the first tier carriers that can service your location. With our patented software and technology, we can provide you with that information in a matter of minutes, showing all your reputable carrier options on one page.

And since we have taken the time to talk with you to fully understand your application and requirements, both for today as well as in the future, we can suggest alternate technologies and other possible solutions that could save you money, perhaps approaches that you weren’t even aware of or didn’t realize could be provided in your area.

Price? We have a Low Price Guarantee for you. For any quote we provide you, we guarantee that the pricing shown for each carrier is the lowest price that that carrier will offer, even if you go to that carrier directly. The reason we can do that is because of the volume of business that we provide to our partner carriers every month, which allow them to enable us to give you that lowest price, guaranteed.

Can we also resolve problem #5 above? Again we are there for you. Based on the volume of business that we do with our partner carriers, we have a direct line into senior management at each of those carriers. If you are ever having a problem with your circuit that the carrier is not resolving, please let us know, because we are happy to go to bat for you to make things happen on your behalf for the entire life of your circuit.

Let Us Be Your Telecom Broker....

You are not charged a penny for our services, so use us as your telecom broker. You’re getting the guaranteed lowest price from more than 70 first tier and top tier carriers, and you are getting service after the sale for as long as that circuit is active.

Oh yeah...we also provide FREE independent circuit monitoring with EVERY circuit sourced through us. That's huge just by itself!

It doesn’t get better than that.

To take advantage of what we can do for your business....simply request more information and a FREE quote HERE:

Telecommunication Services

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Get FREE Real Time Quotes For Business Phone And Internet Service

See just how easy it is to get real-time quotes on DSL, T1, Ethernet, PRI, and business phone service.

To learn more .... and to take advantage of this FREE service for your business .... simply request more information and a FREE quote here:

Business Phone & Internet Service

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tw telecom Intelligent Network

tw telecom's Intelligent Network can help businesses address the challenges associated with moving to the cloud by providing world class Ethernet and IP VPN solutions with the added benefits of:

* Visibility - End-to-end and segment-by-segment real time visibility of key performance metrics by location and class of service,

* Flexibility - Dynamic Bandwidth Capacity enables real-time, on the fly bandwidth adjustments to address fluctuating traffic demands, and...

* Control - Application aware networking provides real-time, granular visibility of application traffic and the ability to adjust prioritization by specific application to optimize performance.

This 4-minute video explains how tw telecom's Intelligent Network can help businesses address the challenges associated with moving to the cloud by providing world class Ethernet and IP VPN solutions

To learn more .... and take advantage of what the Tw telecom Intelligent Network can do for you .... simply request more information and a FREE quote here:

Tw telecom Intelligent Network

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

inContact Call Center Solutions

inContact helps call centers around the globe create profitable customer experiences through its powerful portfolio of cloud-based call center call routing, self service and agent optimization solutions. The company’s services and solutions enable call centers to operate more efficiently, optimize the cost and quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

What You Should Know About inContact

inContact’s sophisticated cloud-based technology gives call centers many advantages not available with traditional premise-based systems. Aside from being far more cost effective, inContact allows call centers to create a differentiated and profitable customer experience. inContact enables call centers to understand their customer preferences, touch points and channels; optimize the mix of self-service and agent-managed contacts; and deliver customer-centric business insights. As a complement to the company’s call routing and agent optimization solutions, inContact has built inUnison, a powerful ecosystem of alliances with leading solution providers that are easy for customers to buy and implement. The inUnison is aligned by vertical and customer need and offers an intelligent workflow between the platform and applications.

The inContact platform includes an ACD with skills-based routing, IVR with speech recognition, CTI capabilities, reporting, WFM, eLearning, hiring and customer feedback measurement tools. Together, the inContact platform creates an integrated, all-in-one solution for operations seeking to support call centers, including those with a distributed workforce – either at-home or multi-site.

There is an extremely large number of companies transitioning to cloud call centers, however choosing the right provider is tricky. Not all cloud call center software vendors are created equally.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best cloud contact center for success:

1. Make sure they have experience and a proven track record. You don't want to be their guinea pig.
2. Be sure to ask about their security and reliability. You want a cloud contact center parter that values the protection of data as much as you do.
3. Check out their references. Do they have customer advocates that are overly pleased with their decision?

The results of moving to the cloud are easy to see: Cost Savings, Streamlined IT, and Scalability. inContact is the market leader with over 1,000 implementations and 65K agents using the solution globally, inContact has the experience to efficiently deploy your contact center to the cloud.

To learn more ... and to take advantage of what inContact can do for you .... simply request more information and a FREE quote here:

Contact Center Solutions

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Saturday, February 08, 2014

StartMeeting Audio & Web Conferencing Solutions

StartMeeting is a collaborative communications solution serving a range of businesses, individuals, communities and organizations around the world.

What You Should Know About StartMeeting

StartMeeting's audio and web conferencing services include a suite of professional tools designed for screen sharing and standard conferencing. This service combines desktop sharing with integrated audio conferencing that may be utilized at the same time or individually. StartMeeting is a great opportunity for web conferencing, webinars, online meetings, online presentations, quarterly meetings, and distance learning.

Listed below are a few more details about what StartMeeting can do for you....

StartMeeting Services

To learn more ... and to take advantage of what StartMeeting can do for your business .... simply request more information and a free quote HERE:

StartMeeting Audio & Video Conferencing

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Momentum Cloud Based Solutions

Momentum is a seasoned, partner driven telecommunications provider with a focus primarily on the indirect sales channel. With a decade of experience in the telecom industry, Momentum knows what makes the ultimate solution. Momentum’s advanced cloud-based technologies give your business what they need to deliver and maintain customer-facing excellence.

What You Should Know About Momentum

Momentum offers residential, small business, and enterprise Voice over IP services, broadband monitoring and provisioning and managed support services. They have a simple formula for satisfying their customers across the board. They call it The Momentum Difference. The mantra is built upon their confidence that they will meet and/or exceed their customers’ expectations in all areas of service and support, and if for any reason they are unable to do so, they stand by their Money Back Guarantee.

Here are a few reasons why you should work with Momentum:

* Measurable Voice Quality - This reporting instrument monitors inbound and outbound calls at numerous points throughout the call path. The detailed analytics gathered empower Momentum to quickly troubleshoot and alleviate call quality problems, continually improve service performance and vastly enhance the customer experience.

* Advanced Services - Momentum is a top-rated VoIP provider, offering many advanced features and services that employ the latest technologies. If you want digital PBX phone systems that require little to no equipment and enhance mobility, they have them. And if you want access to a customer portal that lets you adjust and maintain features without ever having to call a customer support representative, they have that too. Their hosted VoIP solutions are the answer to keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s communications.

* Superior Customer Support - The Customer Support team can now be reached via phone, email, online chat and even on social media platforms. No matter the medium, their number one goal with customer support is to maintain a quick response time.

* Value Pricing - Their competitive pricing model means you get reliable phone service and quality cloud solutions at a low cost. They are confident your business will be satisfied with their products, so confident they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you wish to discontinue service for any reason, simply call their Customer Support at 888.538.3960 anytime within your trial period to request a refund.

Momentum Products:

* Business VoIP
* SIP Trunking
* Hosted Contact Center
* Audio Conferencing
* Unified Communications
* Broadband Management
* E-Rate Program
* Virtual Fax
* Call Recording
* Video Conferencing
* Web Conferencing
* Call Reporting
* Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Today, your employees work everywhere — from home, on the road and in the office. The list of devices workers are using to do that work grows longer every day, and important calls need to be answered promptly. With budget cuts, many businesses find themselves managing their company's communications with fewer resources.

Unified communications changes everything, making it easier and less expensive for your company to communicate and collaborate. A phone rings on multiple devices at once. Video meetings and web conferencing presentations can take place anywhere there's an Internet connection.

Unified communications offers the flexibility, scalability and cost savings of the cloud. But to be truly successful, businesses need best-in-class VoIP providers. That's Momentum, today's most reliable cloud-based communications provider.

PBX telecom solutions are antiquated and can be a hassle to deal with. And that's not to even mention the cost, whether you're replacing or upgrading hardware or even just adding a new line. Momentum changes all that with their cloud-based hosted VoIP solutions.

Their Enterprise telecom solutions can work for teams anywhere from 10 members to 10,000. Switching from PBX to VoIP is quick and easy, plus there are many featured not offered by traditional solutions. Voicemail to email, directed call pickup, Find Me, and Selective Call Acceptance are all part of Momentum's Enterprise package.

For more information ... and to take advantage of everything Momentum offers your business .... simply request more information AND a FREE quote here:

Momentum Cloud & Business VoIP Solutions

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Telesphere Managed Services And Solutions

Telesphere is the leading provider of best-in-class, cloud-based managed services and solutions to high-end SMEs and enterprise customers nationwide offering business quality, carrier-grade performance and support. Telesphere’s cloud-based UCaaS services allow organizations to utilize cutting edge cloud-based services with minimal out of pocket costs.

What You Should Know About Telesphere

Telesphere, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is solely dedicated to delivering cloud communication services. They have invested in network, backoffice, and personnel to handle large nationwide multi-location opportunities. They also have the largest nationwide MPLS IP network of any US based provider solely focused on delivering hosted communications services to the enterprise/commercial business sector. Their network is private, secure, fully managed 24/7 by their own nationwide Network Operations Centers.

Here are a few reasons why you should work with Telesphere:

* Experience- Cloud Communications has been their sole focus for 12+ years. No provider has the experience of the Cloud team at Telesphere.

* Network- Telesphere has the largest nationwide MPLS IP network of any “Pure Play Cloud Communications provider” in the industry. Private, secure, fully managed 24/7 by thei r own nationwide Network Operations Centers.

* Scalable Systems - Their customers and Partners enjoy the most advanced backoffice systems in the industry. They have unparalleled provisioning systems, monitoring systems, customer portals, and agent portals enabling thousands of seats to be installed and managed monthly.

* Products and Services- Telesphere consistently leads the path in new product development. They offer a full suite of UC voice services, Internet, Private WAN, Web Collaboration, Video, Private Trunking, Microsoft Lync integration, and Mobile integration.

* Customer Loyalty - The consistently average less than 1% churn which translates to over an 8 year customer lifetime which translates to very large residual commissions.

* Nationwide Multi-Location Focus - They are the experts in the industry and have invested like no other in network, back office, and personnel to best handle large nationwide multi-location opportunities. And they have the customer references to prove it!

Telesphere Products:

* Cloud Communications
* MPLS Networks
* Mobility
* Private SIP Trunking
* Call Center
* Hosted Call Recording
* Managed Firewall
* Web Collaboration
* Audio Conferencing
* Call Accounting
* Voice Recognition/Transcription

To learn more .... and take advantage of all Telesphere can do for your business ... simply request more information and a free quote HERE:

Teleshpere information & FREE Quote

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