Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Would Smartphones Be Capable of Within the Next 5 Years?

What Would Smartphones Be Capable of Within the Next 5 Years?
By Ross Toorani

What will we do with our cellphones within the next 5 years?

Smart phones have changed the way people conduct business and watch TV. People no longer have to get on a desktop computer to search the Internet. Smart phone users can carry out a variety of tasks, such as writing, scheduling appointments, play games, listen to music, watch videos, participate in online shopping, watch movies and more. This leads people to saying; what will we do with our cellphones within the next 5 years?

Many companies are getting creative and coming out with different technology every year. Smart phone users may have the ability to touch an item through the phone in the near future. If someone is shopping for a shirt, then the shopper can feel the fabric through the screen.

Companies like Apple have people asking; where are smart phones going? Apple comes out with a smartphone about every year and customers are always wondering what they will add next. How smart phones will affect the usage of computers? In the next few years, tablets, netbooks, desktop computers and laptops will become obsolete. The smartphone is going to be able to perform all of the functions of a regular computer.

Many people are still using a laptop or desktop because of the interface. Keyboards are the best method of inputting data and it is hard to perform some activities on a four inch screen. However, future technology will change the method for inputting data. Voice recognition is getting to a point that it can replace the keyboard. There are other options, such as infrared keyboards, muscle-computer interfaces and brain-computer interfaces. These devices in the future could reach a maturity level that they are favored over a conventional keyboard.

What will be the next generation of cellphones? The next generation of cellphones will have hardware advancements. It is a hassle to charge phone through a cigarette lighter or electric socket. Wireless charging will be available in the future and something to look forward to as a cellphone user.

Security is another issue because passwords are inadequate. Cellphone companies are going to find ways to make cellphones more secure to prevent people from stealing information. Smartphones of the future may require a fingerprint or an eyeball to unlock it for use.

Are we going towards the global village via cellphones? Technology is bringing people together in all corners of the world. Smartphones are going to take the Internet and information it brings to the next level. Technology gives people access to information and changing lives.

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