Saturday, September 14, 2013

UNSi....Perfect Choice For Your MPLS Network Solution

UNSi provides a complete and cost-effective MPLS solution for businesses with multiple locations. UNSi provides multiple Internet access methods to accommodate various budgets, speeds and geographic locations all on ONE bill.

What You Should Know About UNSi

UNSi was founded in 2001 as American Broadband. UNSi also known as United Network Services, Inc., are reputable for managing broadband connectivity for companies with 100 locations and above. UNSi has one of the largest broadband aggregation databases in the country. With the recent acquisition of airband, UNSi added fixed wireless to their portfolio as well as VOIP services, and a stronger MPLS presence in the South. Here are a few more reasons why UNSi is a great fit for your business:

* Over 155,000 lit buildings across the country
* Services are backed by 24x7 NOC's
* 29 core POP's and over 150 NNI's
* UNSi does not conform to the traditional LATA boundaries as the older TDM and ILEC based Ethernet networks do. This makes their network extremely scalable and cost effective.
* UNSi has one of the largest broadband footprints – relationships with over 2,000 providers.
* UNSi also offers a total network solution all on one bill, for businesses with multiple locations.

UNSi Products:

* CloudMPLS
* Ethernet
* Unified Communications
* Broadband
* Managed Services
* Hosted Monitoring

To find out more about how UNSi can help your business, simply request more information and a FREE quote here....

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