Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Technology Gone Wild

Hunting For Technology presents Doctor Robert Parqinfarquer, better known as Dr Bob, a noted Technology Infestation Specialist in his first funny video entitled: Technology Gone Wild.

Dr Bob along with his teacher's assistant, Sparky, set off deep into the Sillycon Hills to observe feral tech and try to find proof of his theory...

That all feral Macintosh tech is ga... Well, let's just say they are very friendly to one another.

Dr Bob's surprising theory about social habits of feral Macintosh tech is based on his extensive career that spans 30 years of laboratory and field research.

Dr Bob will educate us on the many causes, effects and consequences of tech infestation in the wild. It is only through study and understanding of the problems we face can we hope to overcome them.

Dr. Bob's thesis has not been independently peer reviewed.

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