Saturday, July 06, 2013

Settling The VoIP Debate...Hosted vs On Premise Solutions

Thinking about installing a VoIP phone system for your business? Make sure you know all about both hosted VoIP and VoIP PBX before you make your decision. This latest guide from CBP Research gives you a clear tool to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both types. This free guide arranges the details of both systems so that you can purchase the solution that will most benefit your organization.

Their complimentary guide answers:

* Which system is easier to implement?

* Which gives you more control over features?

* How do initial costs compare with long term costs?

* Pros and Cons of VoIP PBX vs. Hosted VoIP

* Key differences between the two solutions

* Personal purchasing considerations for your business & more!

Let us help you make your VoIP purchase with confidence and knowledge. Download this helpful guide today!

You can download the free guide here ....

Hosted VoIP vs VoIP PBX

Once you've digested all the knowledge in the free can request free quotes for the exact solution that fits your needs here ....

Business VoIP Solution

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