Saturday, July 27, 2013

CIO Playbook....Enterprise Telephony

The big business communications space is moving quickly. Is your business getting the most out of the technology available? Are your employees using these powerful communications features to make their jobs easier? This brand new CIO Playbook: Enterprise Telephony from CBP research gives you their latest advice on everything from enterprise phone systems to addressing BYOD (bring your own device) concerns... and much more.

This complimentary guide covers:

* Changes in the enterprise phone system market

* Collaboration tools

* The rise of BYOD

* And much more

The field of telephony is constantly evolving -- is your business ready for the latest wave of changes? There are two ways to look at these changes and their effect on your company. One is as a series of potential challenges to deal with. The other is as opportunities to improve your employees’ ability to communicate. This newest enterprise telephony white paper honestly deals with both sides of the coin, presenting you with the latest changes and soon-to-be changes to the industry so that you can not only ready your company for the evolutions, but embrace the ever-changing nature of telephony to come.

Get your free copy here...

CIO Playbook

Once you've armed yourself with the insights from the can request free quotes from the avaiable providers in your area here:

Enterprise Telephony

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