Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Business Ethernet Is A Smart Cost Effective Choice

Using Business Ethernet is becoming more and more cost effective for businesses that need more bandwidth than a T1 can provide. Although it is not as widely available as a T1 or bonded T1, in areas where it is available, it provides a very cost effective option for customers, where the pricing between 10 MB Ethernet and bonded T1 starts to blur around the 4xT1 neighborhood.

All Ethernet is not created equally and Ethernet is not required to run on fiber, depending on the amount of bandwidth desired. This is a common misconception. Some carriers offer "Ethernet" but what that means from some carriers is that it is simply DSL-like or even cable in nature, and you do NOT have dedicated access but like DSL and cable, the circuit is shared amongst 50-100 or more of neighboring businesses and even residences. It is for this reason that you want to go with a reliable carrier and a reliable telecom broker who can lead you through this increasingly complex maze of possible "gotchas".

For most common business solutions outside the main network interface, 1GbE is generally sufficient and 10GbE for high-traffic applications. The fiber Ethernet option is superior to bonded T1 – multiple pair T1 lines. The new Business Ethernet speeds will rival DS3 speeds – without the expense and virtually certain obsolesce of copper twisted pair wiring. Fiber optics are also lighter and easier to install as a general rule.

Telecommunications is a complex subject and with technology growing at nearly exponential rates, it is prudent to engage a knowledgeable and experienced consultant to determine the exact requirements and anticipated future needs of the company.

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Business Ethernet, DS3 Bandwidth, and More

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