Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fixed Wireless Service

Airband Communications (now part of USNi since 2013) is the largest fixed wireless provider serving businesses in the United States. Airband delivers a comprehensive portfolio of high-bandwidth Internet access, point-to-point private line services and managed solutions over one of the industry's most scalable last-mile networks.

What You Should Know About Airband

Airband’s suite of services is based on fixed-wireless technology. Airband offers a wide-range of business-class network services designed to meet bandwidth requirements for companies of all sizes, with up to Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) speeds. The fixed-wireless technology they use is different than Wi-Fi, in that it can provide more bandwidth, across a larger geographic area, with quality of service guarantees.

In each market Airband builds base stations in order to broadcast and receive data through Access Points. The signal is received by another radio – Subscriber Units (SUs) – at the customer’s location. Each base station covers up to a five-mile radius, approximately 78 square miles of coverage.

Airband services run over their own network to bypass the local phone and cable companies, providing customers with faster install times, scalability and complete path redundancy from the traditional wireline infrastructure. Airband's network supports both Layer 3 and Layer 2 traffic.

For customers who require higher bandwidth or dedicated connection between two locations, Airband deploys point-to-point service in both the licensed and the licensed-exempted spectrum. Point-to-point service can reach up to 20 miles with clear line of sight. Unlike wireless broadband services for residences, Airband’s high-speed data and VoIP services travel securely via Airband’s private network, ensuring that Airband customers are receiving true, business-class service that is both safe and secure.

Target Customers....

* Demands rapid installation of services, sense of urgency to meet bandwidth needs

* 3-20 Mbps bandwidth requirement

* Needs to minimize their capital investment while increasing bandwidth

* Requires or desires a scalable solution

* Saving money for multiple bonded T1s

* 10 – 500 Employees

* Vertical markets looking for path diversity and business continuity includes the following

Customer Markets....

* Hospitality
* Commercial Construction
* Residential Construction
* Retail Services
* Professional Services
* Healthcare

Available Markets (so far)....

* Phoenix, AZ
* Ft Lauderdale, FL
* Dallas, TX
* Los Angeles, CA
* Atlanta, GA
* Ft Worth, TX
* Orange County, CA
* Philadelphia, PA
* Houston, TX
* San Diego, CA
* Baltimore, MD
* San Antonio, TX
* Miami, FL
* Austin, TX
* Las Vegas, NV
* Des Moines, IA

For free quotes and advice on how Airband/USNi fixed wireless solutions can help your business meet it's technology needs AND save money, simply ask at the link below. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Fixed Wireless Network Solutions

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