Monday, February 25, 2013

Android vs i-Phone Features

Comparing Android vs iPhone devices ... the two phones can be distinguished by the application it offers to the users. Android phones use android applications while i-phones uses applications by the Apple company.

In order for you to really understand, a deeper explanation is in here...

iPhone vs Android vs Window Phones

For the most part they have the same features camera, phone, contacts, web browsing, apps and so on. The difference is in how those features look/work/function and what you can do with them if you have the technical knowledge/skillsets. Apple is more restrictive on the apps it allows into it's App Store compared to Google Play (fka Android Market) as well as restricting access to the iOS whereas Android users have access to the OS files.

If the question is geared more towards just visual appearance then it is pretty simple. If it's an iPhone it's iOS and only Apple approved apps. For Android, it varies as there are several models of Android phones that can have customized versions of the Android OS.

If the question is more along the lines of "which is better" there is no "right" answer as it is a personal preference. I have a lot of experience with both and I think it is toss up with maybe a slight lean towards Apple/iOS. That being said, it really is a matter of preference based on what you want from your phone.

To add/clarify to the above comments .... iphone is a closed system (all Apple) and Droid is open. Both have advantages and challenges.

If you are rolling out a program for employees, you'll want to evaluate what mobile management tools are available for each. You want to be able to have remote access in the event they are lost in the field.

From a marketing perspective, see if there is data on your audience, to what extent they use smart phones and which type they use.

If you are developing applications for these devices you have to decide if you are going native route or HTML5, again both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you're can compare providers (cost, features, etc.) here including free quotes on phones for both iPhone and Android:

Comparing Smart Phones

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Anonymous IT Specialist said...

I've had both Android and iPhone, and I just find that the iPhone is more comfortable for me to use. I'd never go back to Android.

4:20 PM  

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