Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reliability Of 911 Service Via Wireless Carriers (Including VoIP)

Service for 911 is available from VOIP providers and IF the records are accurate and the service hasn't been moved, it should be as reliable as analog (regular) phone service.

There are several other things to consider though....

Cellular service is not accurate enough to trust in an emergency and you will have to tell the operator your address.

What if the cellphone battery is dead?

Analog lines were the only thing WORKING during Sandy.

If the internet goes out, you won't have 911 with VOIP. It is not uncommon to lose internet service and keep analog service (because it's battery powered). If the lines go down, yes, you're hosed either way of course.

In a real emergency 911 via a cell phone is not a good idea. You have to tell the operator your location, and be lucid and calm enough to do that. If the emergency is weather related is highly likely that the cell phone service will be down anyway...rendering that method of 911 contact unavailable.

Here's a link to an article about this exact question....

Are Landline Phones Fading Away?

911 service is available on VoIP phones, but you, not the VoIP provider, are responsible for activating 911 service by registering the address where you will be using the ITP service. If you move the location of where you use it, you have to activate 911 service again. If you don't register your new location, the 911 feature won't work properly, and you'll risk not getting any emergency service.

Also, if you dial 911 at an unregistered address, you might end up having to pay a $75 fee.

If you lose power, you lose phone service, so your 911 service will be disabled. This will also happen if you lose your internet connection.

Generally VoIP phones do have 911 service, but it's your responsibility to register your address so that it works properly.

If you're interested, you can use the following resource tool to search and compare available VoIP phone providers, research their 911 capability, and also get free price quotes....

Search And Compare VoIP Phones

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Android vs i-Phone Features

Comparing Android vs iPhone devices ... the two phones can be distinguished by the application it offers to the users. Android phones use android applications while i-phones uses applications by the Apple company.

In order for you to really understand, a deeper explanation is in here...

iPhone vs Android vs Window Phones

For the most part they have the same features camera, phone, contacts, web browsing, apps and so on. The difference is in how those features look/work/function and what you can do with them if you have the technical knowledge/skillsets. Apple is more restrictive on the apps it allows into it's App Store compared to Google Play (fka Android Market) as well as restricting access to the iOS whereas Android users have access to the OS files.

If the question is geared more towards just visual appearance then it is pretty simple. If it's an iPhone it's iOS and only Apple approved apps. For Android, it varies as there are several models of Android phones that can have customized versions of the Android OS.

If the question is more along the lines of "which is better" there is no "right" answer as it is a personal preference. I have a lot of experience with both and I think it is toss up with maybe a slight lean towards Apple/iOS. That being said, it really is a matter of preference based on what you want from your phone.

To add/clarify to the above comments .... iphone is a closed system (all Apple) and Droid is open. Both have advantages and challenges.

If you are rolling out a program for employees, you'll want to evaluate what mobile management tools are available for each. You want to be able to have remote access in the event they are lost in the field.

From a marketing perspective, see if there is data on your audience, to what extent they use smart phones and which type they use.

If you are developing applications for these devices you have to decide if you are going native route or HTML5, again both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you're can compare providers (cost, features, etc.) here including free quotes on phones for both iPhone and Android:

Comparing Smart Phones

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Reliable Is Ethernet Over Copper?

The main question is how reliable is the service? Also, how mature and hassle-free is EoC technology compared to other enterprise internet solutions?

EoC is a commercial grade technology... dedicated, symmetrical, full duplex, etc. Thus as reliable as T1s VS. DSL/Cable broadband, which is consumer grade... shared, asymmetrical, no SLA, etc.

Also like T1, the bandwidth you're quoted is what you'll receive (minus a bit for overhead, e.g. 10 megs will be more like 9.5-9.75). Compared to DSL/Cable speeds, which are considered 'best effort' -not dedicated. For example their 10 meg service might actually turn out as 6, 7, 8 on any given day or time of day.

To put it very simply...

EoC is very matured and reliable.

The main advantage of Ethernet circuit it is much easier to upgrade. With the traditional bonded T1, an upgrade in circuit speeds can take months as the local phone company has to drop additional loops. With an Ethernet circuit, the port speed can often be increased with a “click of a button”.

Another great advantage is that Ethernet over Copper is delivered over copper pairs of DS0 so EoC does not require expensive fiber build outs. In non technical terms... it runs over plain old copper telephone wires.

Ethernet over Copper pricing is much lower than that of bonded T1 circuits.

It is actually just as reliable, if not more. EoC circuits have a SLA (Service Level Agreement) just like T1 lines most often with the exact same conditions. Also, it runs over multiple pairs of copper. When one pair goes down, the bandwidth available does drop but you don’t loose the whole circuit as you would with a t1.

So I definitely wouldn’t worry about reliability or uptime.

If you'd like to compare available providers at your include getting free quotes .... simply ask here:

EoC Quotes For Business

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Cell Phone Only Households Going Up...35.8% of Households Now Cell Only

The latest data (pdf) from the The Center for Disease Control (via BGR) indicates that 35.8% of American households no longer have any sort of landline telephone in their homes. What's more, the data indicates that a large chunk of those who still have a landline never use it; 17% say they “received all or almost all calls on wireless telephones despite also having a landline telephone." In other words, almost 50% of american households either no longer have a landline phone, or have one but no longer use it. The CDC collects this data in order to more accurately conduct phone-based polls, since wireless only users tend to skew younger.

Although this trend makes sense it todays wireless environment....there are some who still want a POTS line in their home or business. Here are popular reasons why ....

1. Landline works. Cell phone doesn't inside concrete building.

2. Landline, even on long distance calls from the middle of the pacific ocean, usually is free of static, echo, breaking up of the voice. Of course, this is with a CORDED landline. Cordless phones are pieces of crap.

3. Landline is cheaper than cell phone. Plus, it is regulated in many cases by states PUC and thus those on fixed/low incomes are not suddenly hit with huge price increases. Landline has Lifeline for those on really low incomes.

4. Corded landline does not cause neck and head cancer particularly when used for extended conversations (2-3 hours). Plus, landline has no battery to die when having a long conversation.

5. Landline works during power outages.

6. Landline (corded only) insures privacy (not 100% privacy as nothing affords that but a lot more than cordless/cell phones).

7. Landline (corded only) allows one to pay credit card bills much more quickly and easily and more securely than using the internet.

8. Landline corded phone lasts 10-15 years with no repair needed, no worry about losing it, etc.

9. Corded landlines have NO CRAPPY batteries! One of my two landline phones has an excellent speaker phone in it that does not require batteries. The extreme inconvenience of having to very frequently recharge cell phones is a real putoff. I won't put up with that again. I did it with a cordless phone and never again I hope. It was in no way worth being able walk around (which I can do anyway with a long cord) to have to charge the battery frequently, have it go low battery while in the middle of a major conversation, struggling with constant corrosion of the battery contact terminals, etc.

10. 911 works during a power outage.

You can join a discussion on the topic here...

Cell Phone Or POTS?

No matter what your preference (or why) .... you can search and compare providers of both cell phone and landline phones here.

Cell and landline phones

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New WiFi Standard 802.11ac May Not Initially Be Worth It

Network Computing has interviewed execs from both Cisco Systems and Aerohive Networks, both of whom discuss the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard and how it may not initially be worth it for consumers. The release of 802.11ac will come in two waves, with the first not being all that much to write home about. "Out of the gate, the increases in performance over 11n will not be tremendously impressive," says Chris Spain, VP of product marketing at Cisco Systems. "The second wave--which will require a hardware refresh--gets far more interesting." First-generation 802.11ac products will offer up to 1.3 Gbps via three spatial streams and 80-MHz-wide channels -- double the largest 40 MHz channel width currenly seen in 802.11n hardware.

You can read what others have to say about this here...beware, it gets a bit testy.

New WiFi Standard

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Broadband Coverage Maps Still Stink....Threatens Funding For Under-Connected States

Despite the FCC's claim that they were going to revolutionize data collection (and shockingly actually use real-world data to inform policy), coverage maps continue to struggle with accuracy thanks to large carriers who'd prefer coverage gaps remain mysterious. Inaccurate maps based on incorrect FCC data could threaten broadband funding in Mississippi (and others), since FCC data insists the state is largely covered in broadband.

"The maps the FCC have are just plain wrong," Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said. "Their maps show that Mississippi is almost completely covered, and that is certainly not the case. Getting this corrected is a top priority so that Mississippi can get its fair share of funding to cover these areas for residents and businesses."

You'll recall that FCC data used to insist that if one address in a zip code had service, the entire zip code was considered served. While the FCC reformed their data collection practices somewhat, a refusal to stand up to carriers meant they didn't collect and analyze price data, which would of course clearly illustrate a lack of competition. There's also clearly nobody truly checking to verify carrier claims of coverage.

Much of the data can be perused at the FCC broadband map they unveiled earlier this year after spending $300 million. Plugging addresses into their website quickly illustrates accuracy issues such as the FCC data making up ISP competitors out of whole cloth.

Here's an interesting article on every internet user should learn more about....the hidden "bigger problem" behind ternet access and quality in the United States.

How ISPs Collude To Offer Poor Service

You can read what others say about this topic here ....

Broadband coverage maps still bad

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

New Cloud Networks = Everything Cloud

New Cloud Networks has quickly become one of our most popular suppliers and a favorite cloud provider. No surprise there...New Cloud Networks is one of the industry's leading suppliers of custom cloud services. Unlike most of our suppliers, New Cloud has an exclusive focus on cloud services, enabling them to customize and build cost-effective solutions.

New Cloud Resources:

Insider's Guide to Selling Cloud

NewCloud Launch

Cloud University Trainings

New Cloud Networks Advantages:

* Massive reductions in infrastructure costs

* Instant flexibility to scale IT resources

* Faster time-to-market for new applications

* Full server hardware redundancy

* Compatibility with existing application code

* Enterprise quality data center

* Scalability, security, redundancy, reliability, virtualization, rapid deployment

* Two redundant power feeds

* Redundant Uninterrupted Power Supply

* Diesel powered generator with separate fuel tank

* Fire Suppression

* Badged access for physical security

* Round the clock video surveillance

* Dual Fiber Based Bandwidth for Redundancy

* Expertise in both Voice and Data

* Best of breed components such as: Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, SuperMicro, and EMC 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

* 24x7x365 technical server support

* Web-based, self-service ticketing

* Phone support with a professional technician or engineer

* Network-based security protection

* Bandwidth monitoring and tracking

* Customer access to knowledge base

To learn more about what New Cloud Networks can do for your business simply request more information and a free quote HERE...

Cloud Services

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Monday, February 04, 2013

MPLS And International WAN From Masergy

We are excited to announce the addition of Masergy, one of the leading providers of advanced MPLS/VPLS and Global Cloud Communications products, to our portfolio of premium suppliers. The new partnership will provide you with advanced WAN solutions for your business.

What You Need to Know about Masergy:

* Seamless Global Coverage: Advanced network and cloud services at every business site, regardless of location

* Economies of Convergence: Improved WAN and Unified communications efficiency while lowering operational costs

* End-to-End QoS: 100% in-sequence packet delivery guaranteed for real-time applications

* Internet Application Management: Suite of network-embedded services from advanced firewall to web-content filtering and individual application control

* Real-Time Control: Ability to modify your bandwidth or network services in real-time with a simple click of a mouse

* Granular Management & Reporting: Detailed view of network traffic performance statistics and reporting

* Engineering Expertise & Consultative Approach: Strategic engineering experts that work with enterprises to evaluate WAN and communications requirements and build a custom solution

* Proactive Network Support: Experience proactive network monitoring and service notification

To take advantage of the services offered by more information and a free quote HERE....

MPLS and International WAN

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