Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CES and Voice over Internet Nostalgia from January 2005

A bit of Voice over Internet nostalgia ... can you guess who authored this email on Wed, 12 Jan 2005 10:00:48 -0500? What memories does it bring back to you who were involved in VoIP before it went mainstream? Now, because of this very important person in the history of voice over Internet and the progress of thousands of developers, manufacturers, thought-leaders and distributors ... it has benefited from or may be labeled ... rich communications, IP communications, broadband communications, unified communications and/or session initiation protocol. (Note that the 2013 CES show is this week from January 8 - 11 in Las Vegas.)

Straight copy: "After spending last week at CES, my take away was that VoIP has gone mainstream. This was evident on both the CES show floor and by those who joined us at our first Consumer VoIP Summit. My experience at CES only increases my excitement for Spring 2005 VON taking place March 7-10th in San Jose, which is shaping up to be our biggest VON ever.

It was a year ago at Spring 2004 VON where the industry's momentum first became evident and a year later things just seem to be growing even stronger. Every communications provider appears set on rolling out VoIP services this year in a big way. The momentum for VoIP continues to grow daily and 2005 will be the year for IP communications!

The Regulatory landscape for VoIP continues to get shaped and, while the FCC began to provide clear direction in 2004 as to the jurisdiction and regulatory treatment of IP communication services, the early part of this year has seen 3 states challenge the recent Vonage ruling.  (At least everyone seems to have recognized the value of, and the futility of challenging, the pulver Order enabling computer-to-computer communications). And Congressmen Stearns and Boucher have reintroduced legislation that could have
dramatic consequences on the legal and regulatory treatment of IP communications. We can expect increased activity in Congress, in the Courts, in the States, at the FCC, and in many countries throughout the world.

Regulators, legislators and other policymakers will be abound at Spring 2005 VON. Our unique mix of speakers is a reflection of how pervasive VoIP is these days and collectively they will be sharing their unique perspectives on how the marketplace is evolving and what one should expect to see during the course of 2005.

Our Spring 2005 VON exhibit hall will have over 220 exhibitors, making it our largest exhibit hall in the  nine year history of our VON events. There is not another event you could visit where you will be able to see so many vendors focused on VoIP under one roof.

Our early bird pricing ends January 21st and if saving $500 on a
conference registration is meaningful to you, please consider registering today

Oh, and by the way if you don't already have your travel plans confirmed, now would be a great time to book your hotel room before you get shut out of having a place to stay in downtown San Jose. (Details are available at the website.)

I'm looking forward to producing Spring 2005 VON and hope to see you there."

I thank Broadband Nation blog for enabling me, Suzanne Bowen, co-founder of Super Technologies, DIDX, and Elegant Group Inc. and TMCNET monetizing IP communications blogger, to be a part of his blogger team!

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