Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nearly 50% Pay $100 Or More for Monthly Wireless

A new study by Harris Interactive (via Telecompetitor) finds that nearly half of wireless consumers pay $100 or more for wireless service each month, while around 13% pay $200 or more. 21% say they pay more for wireless each month than groceries, 33% pay more for wireless than their utilities, 57% pay more for wireless than cable TV, and 71% pay more for wireless than their home Internet service. The Harris survey (which was commissioned by CouponCabin, offers three primary ways users can reduce their monthly wireless bills:

Do a usage audit: In just a few clicks or a quick call, you can figure out your average monthly voice and data usage. If you're paying for a much higher plan than you use on average, consider cutting back.

Cut your insurance: If you opt-in for a mobile phone insurance plan, you may be paying high monthly fees along with hefty deductible. Do the math and eliminate your plan if you aren't coming out ahead in the long run.

Change your habits: If you have free nights and weekends for your voice service, do what you can to only talk during those periods. If you have a limited texting plan, send more emails. Adjust your usage and stay within your limits.

Depending on your household usage (especially data) you may or may not find yourself able to save a little extra money by switching to an AT&T or Verizon shared data plan. In addition to flat device connection fees, those plans wind up charging users more for data than unlimited plans (with $15 per gigabyte overages), but they offer users unlimited voice and SMS options. Heavier data users may find better value sticking with an unlimited data option from T-Mobile or Sprint.

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Cost Of Monthly Wireless Service

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