Thursday, December 06, 2012

AT&T Highlights Plan To Hang Up On POTS, DSL

AT&T has laid bare their plan with the FCC to hang up on the carrier's landline networks so they can focus on more profitable wireless services. In a recent filing with the FCC (pdf), AT&T outlines their plans to "clear away the regulatory underbrush" governing the company's older landline and DSL networks. Companies like Verizon and AT&T are hanging up on DSL and landline customers, happily letting them leave for cable so that the incumbents can focus their resources on wireless services.

To truly be free of these resource-drains (aka million of customers they don't want) and "regulatory underbrush" (important, hard-earned consumer protections preventing consumers from being screwed) the telcos still need to kill off remaining regulation requiring that they give a damn about these customers. As Bruce Kushnick explores, AT&T's making a power play to free their older lines from any and all rules, especially in states where AT&T has had a harder time buying political support.

Read more about it here ...

Telco Prepares to Gut All Rules Governing Wireline Network

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