Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apple's Really Awful iOS 6 Maps Ruin iPhone 5 Party

Though a parade of gushing, uncritical reviews have proclaimed the iPhone 5 a device created by gods that was perfectly hewn from the metal of the ancients, back on planet earth all is not well within the church of Apple. While some have noticed that the device is easily scratched, the biggest issue is that Apple's mapping software may currently be the worst in the business. With iOS6 Apple decided to ditch Google maps entirely, instead relying on TomTom for help on their own mapping software.

As this Tumblr created for the spectacular fail attests, the result has bordered on high comedy, with the software insisting gas stations exist on top of skyscrapers, in addition to distorting or otherwise misplacing numerous locations, towns and cities entirely. TomTom tells The New York Times they "stand by the quality of our maps," with Apple issuing a statement promising things will get better:

Read more about this here ...

Apple Promises Heavily Criticized Maps Will Get Better

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