Monday, November 05, 2012

What to Look For In A Business-Class Ethernet Service

When evaluating any access service, it’s important to look at the technologies and design in the provider’s network. A service provider with its own MPLS-based network can deliver the exceptional performance, redundancy, and flexibility necessary to support business-class Ethernet services and VPNs. Because the traffic routing decisions are made within the network, not at the access point, MPLS technology can load-balance the network and route traffic efficiently, for no single point of failure and a high-quality user experience.

To connect all of your sites into a single network, the provider should offer a choice of access types, including traditional T1 and DSL services. When the provider also offers managed solutions for voice, network security, and cloud-based collaboration over the Internet access service, you can meet nearly all of your communications needs in one place.

Equally important is the quality of the provider’s network support and monitoring services. Support should be available 24 / 7 / 365 to help users and resolve problems. And providers that offer advanced, proactive network monitoring can maximize the availability of your wide-area Ethernet connections.

Use this list as a guide for what to look for when evaluating the Business Ethernet offerings from service providers.

Ethernet Service Evaluation Factor

* Offers Ethernet service for all target locations nationwide

* Supports symmetrical speeds up to 45 Mbps

* Initial and monthly recurring costs for Ethernet service

* Automated installation processes to speed deployments

* Multiple options for access circuits where Ethernet is not available

* Other managed services available:

- Voice
- Network Security
- Hosted Collaboration

* Class of Service (CoS) support at the access circuit level for voice

* Nationwide MPLS network with Ethernet available in major cities

For no cost assistance to help you find the best fit for network connectivity ... including a comparison of providers per the recommended factors above ... simply request a free quote here:

Evaluating Business Class Ethernet

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